Maaneet left together to the venue, they reached the venue Maan parked his car, stepped out and walked towards Geet side, open her door and gave her his hand, Geet hold his hand and came out Maan locked his car both walked towards the entrance but Geet stopped Maan by pulling his hand towards her, Maan looked at Geet.

Maan: kya baat hai Geet, kuch kehna hai

Geet: Maan mujhay dar lag raha hai

Maan: dar kyun Geet kis baat ka dar

Geet: Maan mai nai aaj sai pehlay aisi parties attend nahi ki, na hi organize ki hai mujhay is baat ka dar hai agar kuch ghalat hua to aap ki izaat

Maan cuped her face between his palms

Maan: Geet tum nai arrange kia hai to acha hoga, aur dar kyun rahi ho mai hoon na tumharay saath, mai tumhay akela nahi chorron ga hmm

Geet nodded her hand Maan again hold her hand and both walked inside, when they reached the venue, Adi recieved them, Maan looked around and lost in the beauty the way everything is organized in sober white theme, Maan looked towards Geet and smiled nodding her head in positive, Geet smiled back, Adi come where Maan and Geet are standing

Adi: Maan sir woh MR.Agarwal agai hain.

Maan: hmmm chalo, chalain Geet

Maan and Geet walked towards Mr. Agarwal, Maan shook hands with him

Mr. Agarwal; hello Mr.Khurana, kaisai hain aap

Maan: hello Mr.Agarwal mai theekh hun aap kaisai hain,

Mr.Agarwal: Mr.Khurana yeh kon hain introduce nahi karwain gai

Maan: oh ya, yeh Geet hain

Mr.Agarwal: pleasure to meet you

Geet: same here sir

Mr.Agarwal: Mr.Khurana if you feel ok to kya project launch kar kai party start kardaina sab guest agai hain.

Maan: sure chalain.

Maaneet and Mr.Agarwal walked towards the stage, Geet left Maan’s hand and told him to go up, Maan looked at her and she assure him that she is okay with it, Maan and Mr.Agarwal launched the project, everyone present in hall clapped, Mr.Agarwal told everyone to moved towards the dance floor, Maan came down and asked Geet to be his partner for tonight Geet hold Maan’s hand and both moved towards the dance floor, the song started.

Maan put Geet’s hands on his shoulder and hold her by her waist

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye jab koi mushkil pad jaaye

Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye jab koi mushkil pad jaaye

Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

Maan and Geet moved slowly living every moment and saving them in their memories

Na koi hai na koi tha zindage mein tumhaare siva

Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

Maan and Geet looked towards each other, Maan has a slight smile on his face Maan hold Geet’s hand in his hand

Ho chaandni jab tak raat deta hai har koi saath

Tum magar andheron mein na chhodna mera haath

Ho chaandni jab tak raat deta hai har koi saath

Tum magar andheron mein na chhodna mera haath

Geet put her hand behind Maan’s neck

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye jab koi mushkil pad jaaye

Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

Na koi hai na koi tha zindage mein tumhaare siva

Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

Maan hold Geet hand and turned her so that her back touched him Maan hugged her from behind

Wafadaari ki vo rasmein nibhayenge hum tum kasmein

Ek bhi saans zindagi ki jab tak ho apne bas mein

Wafadaari ki vo rasmein nibhayenge hum tum kasmein

Ek bhi saans zindagi ki jab tak ho apne bas mein

Geet rested her head backward on Maan

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye jab koi mushkil pad jaaye

Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

Na koi hai na koi tha zindage mein tumhaare siva

Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

Geet turned around to face Maan and hugged him

Dil ko mere hua yakeen hum pehle bhi mile kahin

Silsila ye sadiyon ka koi aaj ki baat nahin

Dil ko mere hua yakeen hum pehle bhi mile kahin

Silsila ye sadiyon ka koi aaj ki baat nahin

Maan closed his eyes and hugged her back, both lost in the moment with there eyes close

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye jab koi mushkil pad jaaye

Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye jab koi mushkil pad jaaye

Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

Na koi hai na koi tha zindage mein tumhaare siva

Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

Tum dena saath mera o humnawaaz

Maan and Geet came out of their thoughts when they heard the claps, they realized that they were alone dancing, everyone left the floor when they saw the divine couple lost in each other, Sasha was burning in anger seeing them, Mr,Agarwal came and praise them. Maaneet were standing when Sasha came,

Sasha: Maan sir aap sai koi millnay aya hai, woh aap ko bahar bula rahay hain

Maan: bahar hmm

Maan looked towards Geet she nodded her head and squezed his hand to assure him that she is fine, Maan left, as Sasha saw Maan leaving the hall, she turned towards Geet.

Sasaha: Geet bohat khush hona aaj tum, itni achi party plan ki, Maan sir kai saath dance kia.

Geet feel uncomfortable she moved ahead, as she moved Sasha put her feet on the pallu of Geet’s sari and with the help of heels she tore her pallu, Geet shocked at what actually happened:



they finished their lunch Geet cleaned the table and both continued their work. Day was really busy as launch party is scheduled to held tomorrow evening, everyone was busy in their respective work, it’s almost 7 office was empty as everyone left, Maan and Geet still busy in their work, Maan looked towards the time and asked Geet to pack so that they can leave, Geet pack her things and both left the office, their was a complete silence in car, when Maan looked towards Geet he saw that she was fast asleep, Maan smiled looking at her, they reached Khurana Mansion.


Maan parked his car , he walked towards Geet’s side open her door and picked her up in his arms without disturbing her sleep, Maan walked inside the Mansion, fortunately no one is present in hall, Maan climbed the stairs and came in front of his room he kicked the door so that he can walk in, Maan walked towards his bed and kept her down slowly and covered her with quilt, he walked towards his cupboard pulled out his casual wear and moved towards washroom to take a shower, Maan came out after a while and saw Geet is still sleeping, he looked at the time it’s still 8:30 there is time in dinner so he decided not to disturb her, Maan walked out closing the door, he decend the stairs and saw dadi and  Vicky sitting in lounge reading magazine. Vicky saw Maan.


Vicky: aray bhai aap kab aai?

dadi ma: Maan betay aap dono agai, kab aai hamain to pata hi nahi chala

Maan: dadi ma half hour pehlay aai thai

dadi ma: Geet beta kahan hain

Maan: dadi ma woh car mai hi so gai thi mai nai uthaya nahi, dinner time pai utha doon ga

Vicky {while giving naughty smile to Maan}: bhai agar Geet car mai hi so gai thi to andar kaisai aain han

Maan: shut up Vicky, dadi ma isay dehkain na

dadi ma: Vicky betay kyun pareshan kar rahay ho Maan ko abhi to woh aain hain aur aap shuru hogai.

Vicky: okay nahi kar raha bas


it’s almost 9 Geet open her eyes she she looked around and smile, she looked towards the clock and jerk out of the bed and ran towards bathroom to freshen up, she came out drying her hairs she combed her hairs and let them loose, she decend the stairs and saw trio sitting Maan busy in business magazine and other two chatting.


dadi ma: aaiye Geet beta, kaisi hain aap

Geet: mai theekh hun dadi ma aap kaisai ho, aur Vicky aap kaisai ho

Dadi ma: ham theekh hain betay

Vicky: mai as usual theekh hun

Nakul came and said that dinner is ready, Geet about to move Maan hold her hand.

Maan: Geet tumhari tabeeyat to theekh hai na

Geet: ji Maan mai theekh hun, woh sorry car mai meri aankh lag gai thi

Maan: koi baat nai Geet, tum aisai odd time pai so gai thi na is liye thora ajeeb laga keh tum theekh hona

Geet: ji Maan mai theekh hun ab chalain dinner kar laina.

Maaneet went dadi and Vicky already present on their seats Maaneet sat and they had their dinner quietly, everyone left Geet told Maan that she will sleep in her room, she will be fine, Maan agreed after taking promise from her, they went to their room and slept peacefully.


Maan woke up had his shower and got ready mean while Geet also get ready, both came down had their breakfast and left for office, they reached office, everyone was busy in the final preparations of the party, day was really busy for each and everyone associated with Khurana Constructions, time flied it’s almost 5 when everyone left so that they can reach the venue on time.


Maaneet reached mansion its almost 6 Maan asked Geet to get ready fast as the party is scheduled to held at 7:30, both went to their respective room, Maan dressed up in black shirt, black dress pant, black waist coat and white coat, looking really handsome, Geet wore beautiful white sari and simple jewellary, she put light makeup and left her hair open, Maan already waiting for her downstairs, Geet came down Maan mesmerized by her beauty, she came and stood beside Maan, dadi put kajal behind her and Maan’s ear to protect them from all evil eyes, Maaneet left together to the venue



Geet left from their, went to her cabin and bring all her files to Maan’s cabin and worked from there.  Maaneet was busy in their work when they heard a knock.

Maan: come in

Sasha walked in, she saw Geet sitting in front of Maan, she looked towards her with anger in her eyes, Maan noticed that she is looking towards Geet

Maan: Sasha yahan kharay rehnay kai liye aai ho kya, kya kam hai bolo gi

Sasha: wo Maan sir aap ki aaj jo 4 bajay wali meeting thi woh 2 bajay hogai hai abhi clients ka phone aya tha

Maan: Sasha meri aaj ki meetings cancle kardo, 2 din baad ki appointment rakh lo

Sasha: but Maan sir

Maan {almost shout}: SASHA aik or shabd nahi

Geet: Maan

Maan looked towards Geet, she nodded her head in negative

Maan: you can leave now, aur jo kaha hai woh karo

Sasha nodded and left all confuse


Sasha: yeh Geet Maan sir ko sirf Maan kyun keh rahi thi yeh chal kya raha hai, Maan sir kai cabin mai apna kam kar rahi hai aur sirf Maan bula rahi hai

Tasha: Sasha mam ab ap kya karain gi

Sasha: just wait and watch Tasha

Tasha nodded her head and both left to do their work, its lunch time every one went to have their lunch MAANEET busy in their work in Maan’s cabin, Nakul came to office , dadi sent him to give lunch to them


Nakul: woh Pinky madam Maan sir kahan hain

Pinky: Nakul bhaiya Maan sir apnai cabin mai hain aap jain

Nakul went to Maan cabin and knocked


Maan; come  in

Nakul walked in, Maan looked up

Maan: Nakul tum yahan

Nakul: ji Maan sir wo dadi ma nai lunch bhijwaya hai, subha aap nai bhi breakfast nahi kia tha aur Geet madam nai bhi nahi kia hai, to dadi ma nai kaha mai aap dono kai liye khana lai jaon.

Maan: theekh hai Nakul table pai rakh do

Nakul: ji sir, sir mai chalta hoon aap dono kha laina

Maan: hmm

Nakul left closing the dooe behind, Maan stood from his seat, walked towards Geet and kneel in front of her.

Maan: Geet meri taraf dehko

Geet looked towards Maan

Maan: Geet tum nai breakfast kyun nahi kia tha

Geet: Maan mera mann nahi kar raha tha

Maan: Geet aisa kaisai chalay ga, tum kyun apna khayal nahi rakh rahi ho, chalo utho ab

Maan stood up and hold Geet’s hand and walked towards the table, both sat on sofa, Geet opened the lunch box and set the plates for two. Geet gave the plate to Maan, Maan took a small piece of roti and dipped it in curry and feed Geet, Geet did the same thing and feed Maan, she asked him to have his lunch but Maan ignore her and feed her, after feeding her Maan had his lunch, after they finished their lunch Geet cleaned the table and both continued their work.



Sasha: sorry sir aenda aisa nahi hoga.


Sasha left the cabin


Maan got really disturbed from what he heard, he thought how can anybody speak so low about Geet, what does Sasha think of herself that she spoke such words about Geet, what will happen if Geet came to know about it, no i’ll not let this happen, no one can hurt Geet when i am with her. Maan thought disturbed when he heard a knock.


Maan: come in.


Adi walked in carrying some files and blue prints of Mr.Agarwal project


Adi: Maan sir yeh files aur blue prints aap nai raat ko kaha tha na.

Maan: han Adi thanks behto.

Adi: ji sir, sir woh

Maan: kya baat hai Adi bolo

Adi: sir woh Geet kaisi hai, usnai sambhala apnay aap ko.

Maan: woh kaisi hosakti hai Adi, bohat mushkil sai mai nai usai sambhala tha, subha jab mai aya to so rahi thi, dont worry Adi mai hoon na uskay pass.

Adi: ji sir mai janta hoon aap hain, aap kai hotay hue usay kuch nahi hosakta, thank you sir usdin Geet ko gundoon sai bachanay kai liye.

Maan: Adi is mai thanks ki kya baat hai

Adi: nahi sir woh aap ko bhi chot aai na

Maan: Adi meray samnai Geet ko koi haath lagai yeh mai bardasht nahi kar sakta, ab kam karain Adi ji

Adi: j j ji sir.



it’s 11am Geet woke up, she stretched herself and paryed, she looked towards the clock and shocked to see it’s 11am


Geet “hey babaji 11 baj gaye dadi ma kya soochain gi mai kitni dair tak soti hun”


Geet stood up, took her cloths and went to take bath, Geet came out dried her hairs she left them open and went down. dadi ma and Vicky sitting in lounge, Vicky noticed Geet


Vicky: Geet aap neechay kyun aain, mujhay ya Nakul ko bula lia hota

Geet: nahi Vicky mera mann nahi tha room mai rehnay ka. dadi ma mujhay aap sai aik baat kehni hai

Dadi ma: Geet betay boliye kya baat hai

Geet: dadi ma mai janti hun Maan nai office anay sai mana kia hai but mai office jana chahti hun, kam mai mann laga loon gi, please dadi mujhay janay dain

Dadi ma: Geet ham janay to dain magar Maan

Geet: dadi ma unhya mai samjha doon gi please

Dadi ma: theekh hai betay jaiye, aray Geet betay aap nai nashta nahi kia kuch kha lain

Geet: dadi mann nahi hai

Dadi ma: acha theekh hai lunch kar lijea ga

Geet: ji dadi ma

Dadi ma: Vicky jain Geet ko office drop karain

Vicky: ji dadi ma, chalain Geet, mai car nikalta hoon aap ajaian


Geet nodded and left to take her purse, she came and both left for office.




Sasha: yeh Geet samhajti kya hai apnay aap ko, is ki wajha sai aaj mujhay itni baatain sunnai ko milli, mai Geet ko nahi choron gi aisa sabak sikhaon gi keh yaad rakhay gi.

Tasha: mam aap kya karnai wali hain

Sasha: abhi nahi launch party mai sab kai samnay karun gi, Maan sir ko bohat maan hia na Geet pai, Geet hi Maan sir ka maan toray gi, sab kai samnai Geet ki insult hogi jis ki choot Maan sir ko bhi pohchay gi.


mean while Geet arrived KC, Pinky saw her she came forward and hugged Geet.


Pinky: Geet tum yahan, kaisi ho

Geet: theekh hun Pinky han woh ghar mai mann nahi lag raha tha is liye


Adi saw Geet he came towards her, Geet saw him and hugged him, Adi patted her head


Adi: Geet tum yahan, Maan sir nai to kaha aj nahi aao gi, kaisi ho

Geet; ji jiju mai theekh hun, Pinky Maan sir kahan hain

Pinky: Geet woh apnay cabin mai hi hain, jao

Geet: hmm


Geet left from there, she came in front of Maan’s cabin and knocked the door



Maan: come in


Geet walked in Maan saw her and stood from his seat and walked towards her


Maan: Geet tum yahan mai nai mana kia tha na

Geer: ji Maan woh ghar mai mann nahi lag raha tha

Maan: kaisi ho ab

Geet: mai theekh hoon Maan, Maan ab mai chalti hun kafi kam pending hai


Geet turned to leave Maan hold her hand to stop her


Maan: Geet aaj yaheen sai kam karlo mai tumhay akelay nahi choorna chah raha

Geet: magar Maan

Maan: Geet please meray liye

Geet: theekh hai Maan.


Geet left from their, went to her cabin and bring all her files to Maan’s cabin and worked from there.





Maan and Geet standing near fountain Geet facing her back towards Maan. Maan hugged Geet side ways, Geet rested her head on his shoulder while sobbing.


bebasi dard kaa aalam, tum mujhe de do apne ghum,khaamoshiyaan bhi do, tanhaaiyaan bhi do,bechaniyaa bhi de do naa.


Maan hold Geet from her shoulder and make her look at him, he slowly wipe her tears and  walked with her towards the swing, he made her sit and sat beside her, Geet looked at Maan, Maan hold her hand


Maan: Geet mai janta hoon tum nai jo khoya hai us ka gham bhulana bohat mushkil hai, mai chota hi tha jab mai nai apnay parents ko car accident mai khoya tha, aaj bhi unki kami mehsoos hoti hai, har qadam pai hoti hai, magar ham jeena to nahi choor daitay na, aur tumhay pata hai woh hamain upar sai agar is haal mai dehkain gai na to unhay bhi dukh hoga, kya tum chahti ho tumhari family tumhay is haal mai dekh kai dukhi ho.

Geet: nahi Maan

Maan: phir tum agar aisai toot jao gi, kuch khao gi nahi, aisai roti raho gi to unhay dukh hoga na, sambhalo apnay aap ko Geet, mai hun Vicky hai dadi ma hain, ham sab hain na tumharay saath kabhi apnay aap ko akela nahi samhajna, koi bhi baat ho meray ya dadi ma kai pass ajana, ab chalo rona band karo aur kuch kha lo 8 baj rahay hain.

Geet: Maan ap nai apni dawai li.

Maan: Geet tum bhi na, nahi mai nai nahi li ab utho chalo dinner karlai tay hain.

Geet: ji.


Maan help her in standing, hold her hand and both walked towards the mansion. dadi and Vicky are sitting in lounge, Vicky told dadi ma what happened and how Maan ran behind her.




Dadi ma: Vicky aap bhi na yeh kya kia aap nai, soch kai to boltay.

Vicky: sorry dadi ma, mujhay bilkul andaza nahi tha Geet hurt hojai gi.

Dadi ma: Maan nai kya kaha.

Vicky: bhai nai kaha woh dekh lain gai, dadi ma bhai aur Geet agai.


Maan and Geet came in, Maan still holding Geet’s hand. Maan leave Geet’s hand when they came near them.


Vicky: iam so sorry Geet mera matlub aap ko aur dukhi karna nahi tha, mai to bas aap ko khush karna chah raha tha.

Geet: koi baat nahi Vicky, aap ko maafi maangnai ki zaroorat nahi hai.

Dadi ma: chalo sab dinner karlo Maan, Geet aap dono nai lunch bhi nahi kia hai. aur Maan aap nai apni dawai bhi miss ki hai.


Geet looked at Maan, tears come in her eyes Maan nodded his head in negative asking her not to cry.


Maan: dadi ma please ab mai theekh hun dawai nai loon ga ab mai.

Dadi ma: magar betay

Maan: please dadi ma

Dadi ma: acha theekh hai dinner to kar lain.


whole family walked towards dining hall, Maan sat on the head of the family seat, Geet sat next to him, dadi in front of Geet and Vicky beside Geet, they have their dinner in silent, after having dinner dadi and Vicky left, Nakul and other servants clear the table, Maan asked Geet to go in his room, he’ll come as he have to make a call to Adi. Maan walked towards his room after briefing Adi about work.




when Maan came in his room he saw Geet standing near window and looking at the moon Maan came near her and put his hand on her shoulder, Geet turned and looked at Maan.


Maan: Geet aaj tum yaheen so jao mai sofay pai so jaon ga, mai janta hum agar tum akelay so gi to puri raat roti raho gi, aur han subha aram sai uthna kal tum office nahi ja rahi ho.

Geet: but Maan office mai kitna kam hai.

Maan: Geet ham sab hain kar lain gai tum tension nahi lo, ab jao change karlo aur so jao.

Geet; theekh hai Maan.


Geet took her cloths and went  to change, Maan take his pillow and put it on sofa, Geet came out she saw Maan sitting on sofa looking in some files.


Geet: Maan mai apnay room mai so jaon gi aap bed pai aaram sai so jain.


Maan kept his file aside and walked towards Geet.


Maan: Geet mai theekh hun, mai wahan so jaon ga tum yaheen so gi samjhi.


Geet nodded, Maan tugged her in blanket hold her hand said good night and moved towards sofa, he kept his files on its place and closed the lights, Geet fell asleep as soon as she hit the bed, Maan fall asleep while thinking about Geet.




Maan woke up he saw Geet sleeping peacefully, he tip toed towards his cupboard, pull out his outfit and moved towards washroom, he came out all ready to leave for office, he saw Geet is still sleeping, he walked towards her patted her head lightly and walked out, Maan came down dadi and Vicky was waiting for him and Geet for breakfast, when dadi saw Maan alone she asked him about Geet, Maan said that she is still sleeping, they had their breakfast quietly, Maan left for office after bidding good bye.



it’s 10am everyone busy in their work, Sasha came to meet Pinky at reception Adi was also present their, as both Adi and Pinky were talking about Geet.


Sasha: Adi sir, yeh Geet apnay aap ko samhajti kya hai kal office nahi aai, aaj 1 hour late hai, 2 din pehlay usai yeh job milli hai aur itni laparwahi

Adi: Sasha tumhay pata bhi hai uskay saath kya hua hai jo tum bolay chali ja rahi ho, Maan sir ko pata hai Geet aaj bhi nahi aai gi.

Sasha; great to Geet madam aaj bhi nahi aain gi, aisa bhi kya hogaya jo woh office nahi aasakti, aur Maan sir nai usai permission bhi dai di, Maan sir ko zaroor apni baaton mai phasaya ho…


before Sasha could complete her sentence she heard a voice.


Maan SASHA { Maan roared on top of his voice}


Sasha: Maan sir woh mai

Maan: shut up just shut your mouth and come to my cabin now and i mean it now


Sasha get scare with sudden out burst of Maan


Sasha: ji sir.


Maan walked in his cabin and bangged the door behind him, Sasha got really scare she walked towards his cabin, after knocking she came in.



Sasha; Maan sir woh

Maan: Sasha tum nai suna nahi mai nai kya kaha just shut up don’t you dare speak a word, mai nai aik aik lafz sun liya hai jo tum adi sai keh rahi thi, tumhari himat kaisai hue Geet kai baray mai aisi baat kehnay kai liye, is office ki boss tum ho ya mai, yahan mai decide karun ga keh kis ko leave daini hai aur kaisai fire karna hai

Sasha: Maan sir wo….

Maan: meri baat abhi khatam nahi hue hai, yeh tum nai dosri baar meray kam mai interfare kia hai, aik or chance dai raha hoon agar 4th time koi ghalti ki na to sidha Khurana Constructions ka exit door dikhaon ga kuch bolon ga nahi, ab jao yahan sai aur apna kam karo, dosroon kai kam mai interfare nahi karo.

Sasha: sorry sir aenda aisa nahi hoga.




Maan looked at her and closed his eyes. After an hour or two dadi came in and saw both are sleeping peacefully dadi closed the door and left from there, Maan woke up it’s almost 6 in evening, Geet still holding Maan’s hand and sleeping, Maan slowly removed his hand and moved towards his cupboard took out black shirt and black jeans and went to take a bath, when Maan came out of washroom he saw Geet sitting on the bed and lost in her thoughts, Maan came near Geet and sat beside her.

Maan: Geet ab kaisa feel kar rahi jao fresh hojao tum nai lunch bhi nahi kiya hai, neechay chaltain hain kuch kha lo.

Geet: Maan please mera mann nahi kar raha, mai yaheen hun please.

Maan: acha neechay nahi aao but fresh to hojao, tumhara bag meray cupboard kai pass rakha hai tum change karlo.

Geet: ji Maan.

Maan: mai neechay ja raha hun, agar mann ho to neechay ajana.

Geet: hmmm

Maan left the room and closed the door before leaving.



Maan came down dadi and Vicky sitting in lounge Maan joined them.

Dadi ma: Maan betay Geet kaisi hai, uthi ya so rahi hai.

Maan: dadi ma ji abhi uthi hai, gumsum hai, mai nai neechay anay ko kaha to keh rahi hai mann nahi hai, dadi aisai to uski tabeeyat kharab hojai gi, agar woh aisai hi ghut ghut kai rahay gi.

Vicky: dadi ma meray khayal sai bhai theekh keh rahay hain agar Geet aisai hi akeeli sab sai tanha rahay gi to woh khud bhi bimar hojai gi.

Dadi ma: aap dono sahi keh rahay hain, hamain kuch karna chahea magar ham kya karain.

Maan: dadi ma karain gai to tab na jab woh neechay aai, woh to neechay hi nahi aarahi hai,

Vicky: bhai mai laikay aaon unhay neechay.

Maan: nahi Vicky woh khud aai gi neechay koi nahi jai ga usky pass.

Dadi ma: magar Maan

Maan: dadi ma mai janta hun woh khud aai gi neechay aap dekhna.

Vicky: theekh hai bhai dekhtay hain, chalain jab tak soochtay hain kya karna hai.

Maan and Vicky deciding what can they do so that Geet can feel better, after sometime dadi saw Geet decending the stairs, she is looking sad, smile vanished from her face.

Dadi ma: aray wah Maan betay maan gai aap ko.

Maan looking towards dadi with confused expressions

Vicky: kya hua dadi ma

Dadi ma: Vicky peechay mur kai dehkain.

Vicky turned his face and saw Geet coming towards them.

Vicky: wow bhai not bad han, waqea maan gai aap ko.

Dadi ma: aaiye Geet beta.

Maan looked towards Geet, Geet sat with dadi.

Vicky: Geet ab kaisa feel kar rahay ho aap.

Geet: theekh hun Vicky.

Dadi ma asked Nakul to bring water for Geet. Geet drank water.

Dadi ma: Geet aap in dono kai saath behtiye hamain thora kam hai ham chaltay hain.

Geet: ji dadi ma.

Dadi kissed Geet on her forehead and leave from there.

Vicky stood from his place and sat near Geet.

Vicky: Geet ab aap yaheen raho gai na to chalain mai aap ko is ghar kai loogon kai baray mai bata hun, kuch bachpan ki baatain.

Vicky start telling her about KHURANA FAMILY then he told her about MAAN SINGH KHURANA, when he start telling her about Maan and his childhood, their fun and all things Geet remember about her brother, sister and her childhood, Geet stood and ran towards the garden.

Maan: Geet ruko Geet. Vicky yeh kya kia tum nai usai mana rahay thai ya udaas kar rahay thai tum na.

Vicky: sorry bhai woh to mai bas unka mood theekh kar raha, mujhay nahi pata tha woh or udaas hojain gi.

Maan: koi baat nahi mai dekhta hoon.


Maan ran towards garden he saw Geet standing near swing, Maan walked towards her.

Maan: Geet

Geet: Maan please mujhay thori dair kai liye akelay choor dain plz.

Maan stepped back little away from her and started singing.

bebasi dard kaa aalam, tum mujhe de do apne ghum, khaamoshiyaan bhi do, tanhaaiyaan bhi do, bechaaniyaa bhi de do, de do naa.

Geet looked towards Maan with moist eyes, Maan stepped closer and wiped her tears.

bhigi palkon se churaa lungaa nami, rehane dungaa naa, khahin koi kami, tumko daaman naa bhigone dungaa, ab kabhi tumko naa rone dungaa.

Geet moved little away Maan hold her hand to stop her

uljhane ghum ki parchhaiye, de do mujhe apni tanhaaiyaan, gumnamiyaan bhi do, naakaamiyaan bhi do, viraaniyaan bhi de do, de do naa.


Geet was about to say something Maan put his finger on her lips not letting her to say.

tere hotho pe sajaa dungaa hansi, teri raahon mein bhichhaa dungaa khushi, tum mujhe apnaa maanti ho agar, yu khafaa hoke naa jhukaao nazar.

Maan hold Geet hand and take her towards the fountain.

mushkile apni majburi, ho de do mujhe sari benuri, pareshaaniyaaa bhi do, hairaaniyaa bhi do, nhigebaaniyaa bhi de do, de do naa.

Maan and Geet standing near fountain Geet facing her back towards Maan. Maan covered her with shawl and hugged her side ways, Geet rested her head on his shoulder while sobbing.

bebasi dard kaa aalam, tum mujhe de do apne ghum, khaamoshiyaan bhi do, tanhaaiyaan bhi do, bechaniyaa bhi de do naa.



Maan came out of his room he looked down and saw Geet lying on floor unconscious and broken glass pieces near her, Maan ran down the stairs and hold Geet in his arms.


Maan: Geet aankhian kholo Geet. Vicky doctor ko call karo jaldi

Vicky: ji bhai.


Vciky called doctor, Dadi came out hearing Maan scream. when she came out she saw Maan carrying unconscious  Geet and rushing towards his room and Vicky busy on phone, dadi walked towards Vicky by the time she reached Vicky ended the call.


Dadi ma: Vicky kya hua Geet ko aur yeh kaanch kai tukray.

Vicky: dadi ma abhi jo plane crash hua hai usmai Geet ki pori family thi koi nahi bacha, Geet yeh bardasht nahi karpai, phone usaky haath sai table pai gira aur sheesha toot gaya aur Geet behosh hogai.


Dadi ma couldn’t believe her ears what she heard, she sank on sofa, Vicky sat down and conscole her




Maan carefully put Geet on his bed and sat beside her


Maan {while patting her cheeks}: Geet aankhain kholo, please Geet aankhain kholo mujh sai baat karo yun chup na raho please Geet, meray liye apni aankhain kholo. GEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT


Vicky and Dadi came to Maan’s room and saw Maan holding Geet’s hand and asking her to open her eyes. Dadi walked towards Maan and put her hand on his shoulder, Maan turned and took dadi’s hand in his


Maan: dadi ma Geet ko dehkain na aankhain nahi khol rahi please dadi ma us sai kahain na apni aankhain kholay.

Dadi ma: Maan betay apnay aap ko sambhalo aap aisai toot jao gai to Geet ko kon sambhalay ga usai aap ki zaroorat hai.

Vicky: han bhai dadi ma theekh keh rahi hain, is waqt Geet ko sirf aap ki zaroorat hai please sambhalain apnay aap ko Geet ko kuch nahi hoga.

Maan: dadi ma Vicky, Geet ko achanak hua kya hai.


Vicky told Maan whole incident, Maan looked towards Geet with tears in his eyes.


Maan: dadi ma Geet

Dadi ma: Maan ab aap hi hain inkay, ab sai Geet aap ki zimedari hai, ab aap hi sambhalain gai inhain, himat sai kam laina hoga aap ko, mai janti hun aap kai liye bhi yeh baat sehna aasan nahi hai, aap kai dil ka hal ham sai nahi chupa, aap aj kal kya mehsoos kartay hain ham jantay hain, Geet ka dehan rakhain beta.

Maan: dadi ma jab Geet ko hosh aai ga to mai mujh sai nahi hoga dadi ma.

Dadi ma: Maan aap ko hi karna hai yeh


Nakul came with doctor dadi and Vicky left room followed with Nakul. doctor check Geet and bandage her wounds. doctor saw that Maan looked completely broken and looking at Geet so he just walked out from the room leaving behind them. he met with dadi and Vicky and told them nothing to worry about Geet fainted due to shock she is fine. Dadi and Vicky decide to leave Maan and Geet alone and instructed everyone not to disturb them.




Maan sitting beside Geet holding her hand when he felt some moment in her hand, Maan hold her hand more firmly and said


Maan: Geet aankhain kholo.

Geet: Maan Maan Maan

Maan: han Geet mai yaheen hun tumharay pass, aankhain kholo please.


Geet open her eyes and saw Maan is sitting beside her holding her hand, Geet saw tears in Maan’s eyes, Geet’s eyes become moist and she hugged him, Maan hold her more closely, Geet start sobbing,


Geet: Maan babaji nai meray saath aisa kyun kiya, kyun mujh sai mera pariwar cheen liya, kyun mujhay akela choor dia, mai nai kya gunha kiya jo babaji nai meray apno ko mujh sai juda kar kai itni bari saza di, kyun Maan kyun.

Maan: Geet babaji jo kartay hain achay kai liye hi kartay hain, unhoon nai tunharay liye kuch soocha hoga tabhi unhoon nai yeh kia, Geet rahi baat tum ab akeli ho, to yeh ghalat hai tum akeli nahi ho mai hoon tumharay saath, har pal, har lamha, har qadam, har halat mai tumharay saath mai hoon, apnay aap ko akela nahi kaho, babaji agar kuch cheen tay hain to kuch daitay bhi hain, sambhalo apnay aap ko Geet.

Geet {hugged Maan more closely still sobbing}: Maan meray ma, papa, bhai behn ko kyun cheena mujh sai kyun Maan.

Maan: ro lo Geet mai tumhay nahi rokoon ga, beh janay do yeh aansu.

Geet: Maan aap to mujhay choor kai nahi jao gai na, sab mujhay chor kai chalay gaye

Maan: nahi Geet mai tumhay choor kai kabhi nahi jaoon ga, hamesha tumharay pass rahoon ga.


after saying this Maan wiped her tears and aked Geet to sleep for a while, Geet hold Maan’s hand not letting him move, Maan sat beside her, and patted her head untill she falls asleep, Maan looked at her and closed his eyes.




Geet woke up with sudden noice and saw Maan all ready to depart for office.

Geet: Maan yeh aap kya kar rahay hain, aap ko doctor nai rest karnay kai liye kaha tha aur aap office kai liye ready kharay hain, aap office nahi ja rahay.

Maan: Geet tumhay pata hai na office mai kitna kam hai aisa kaisai ho sakta hai mai office na jaon

Geet: Maan mai nai kaha na nahi to nahi

Maan: Geet please

mean while dadi entered and Vicky follow her.

Dadi ma; aray yeh kya Maan betay aap office ja rahay hain, bilkul nahi aap aaj ghar pai rahain gai.

Maan: dadi ma aap bhi, Geet dadi ma please na mujhay office jana hai.

Vicky: han dadi ma aur Geet bhai ko janay dain warna Khurana Constructions band na hojai

Maan shoot angry glare at Vicky

Vicky: kya bhai sahi to keh rahi hain dadi ma aur Geet agar aap aik din nahi jain gai to kuch nahi hoga, ruk jaiye na.

Maan: theekh hai nahi ja raha sab khush ab.

dadi ma: han betay.

Nakul came in

Nakul: dadi ma, Adi sir aai hain Geet madam ka samaan lai kai.

Dadi ma: theekh hai ham dekhtay hain, aap aik kam karain Maan kai room kai bara bar wala room saaf kar wa dain, aur Geet ka samaan wahan shift kar dain.

Nakul: ji dadi ma.

Dadi ma and Nakul left.

Vicky: bhai aap change kar lain, Geet aap bhi fresh hojain, breakfast pai milltay hain.

Maan: hmmm

Geet left the room, before leaving she looked back at Maan and left, Vicky also left after her.


Adi: namastay dadi ma.

Dadi ma: khush rahiye beta, thank you Geet ka samaan lanay kai liye.

Adi: dadi ma thanks ki kya baat hai, Geet yahan rahay gi mai bohat khush hoon.

Dadi ma: ham bhi bohat khush hain.

Adi: acha dadi ma mai chalta hoon office, is sai pehlay Maan sir office pohchain mai jata hoon.

Dadi ma: aaj Maan office nahi arahay hain woh ghar pai hi hain.

Adi: oh theekh hai dadi ma.

Adi left mean while Maan descend from stairs and moved towards his dadi.

Dadi ma: aray Maan betay aap neechay kyun aai, aap ka nashta upar hi bhijwa daiti.

Maan: dadi ma please mai thak gaya rest kartay kartay.

Dadi ma smile and said chailain Geet ati hogi Vicky already dining hall mai hain.


Vicky: bhai aap nechay agai upar hi karlaitay na breakfast.

Maan: nahi mai yaheen karoon ga.

Vicky: Geet kahan hai.

Dadi ma: Geet aap kai pechay hai Vicky, aaiye Geet beta.

whole family sat and have their breakfast, after having breakfast Geet gave Maan his tablets and dadi told Maan to take rest, Maan and Vicky left, Dadi and Geet moved towards kitchen, Geet asked dadi to go and take rest and she take over the kitchen, Vicky in his room watching news, breaking news flashed, AIR CRASH, AIR INDIA FILGHT PROCEEDING TOWARDS DELHI CRASHED NO ONE SURVIVED. Vicky immediately moved towards dadi’s room.


Vicky: dadi ma hamaray koi relative to Delhi nahi araaha tha na, ya koi office kai kam sai kaheen gaya ho aur wapas araha tha.

Dadi ma: nahi betay kyun kya hua.

Vicky: woh air India ka plane crash hua hai.

Dadi ma: ohh


phone rang Nakul picked up.

Nakul: hello Khurana Mansion.

Pinky: Nakul, Geet ko phone do mai Pinky bol rahi hun.

Pinky: ji madam.

Nakul called Geet.

Nakul: Geet madam, Pinky madam ka phone hai.

Geet: theekh hai Nakul.

Nakul left.

Geet: hello Pinky bol kya hua.

Pinky: Geet wo wo

Geet: kya baat hai Pinky bol na

Pinky: Geet teri chachi ka phone aya tha, tumhari ma, papaji, aur tumharay behn bhai Delhi aarahai thai. magar

Geet: magar kya bol na Pinky.

Pinky: woh Air India ki flight sai aarahi thai aur woh crash kar gai and no survival

Geet got a big shock of her life, phone droped from her hand as it landed on a glass table, glass broke with a bang Nakul and Vicky rushed out to see what happend, when they reach they saw Geet down on her knees and due to broken glass her hand got cut, Vicky rushed towards Geet and shook her

Vicky: Geet kya hua.

Geet pointed towards phone and faint in front of Vicky. Vicky took the phone and talked with Pinky. seeing Geet’s condition Vicky scream Maan’s name.

Vicky: bahi aap kahan ho jaldi neechay aain bhai.

Maan came out of his room he looked down and saw Geet lying on floor unconscious and broken glass pieces near her, Maan ran down the stairs and hold Geet in his arms.



Geet: theekh hai dadi ma jaisi aap ki marzi.


Dadi smiled and kissed Geet’s forehead.


Dadi ma: thank you betay khush rehiye.


Dadi left from there to call Pinky, mean while Nakul enter with dinner.


Vicky: bhai aap khana khain mai chalta hoon, apna khayal rakhiye ga, Geet to hain yahan magar aap khud bhi apna khyal rakhna, yeh waisai hi bohat pareeshan hain.

Maan: kitna boltay ho tum thaktay nahi ho, tum nai bhi khana nahi khaya hoga, khana kha laina aur dadi ma ko bhi khila daina warna woh nahi khaeen gi mai janta hun unhay.

Vicky: ji bhai mai khila doon ga aap fikar na karain. Good night bhai, Good night Geet.

Maan: Good night

Geet: Good night Vicky.


Vicky left the room




Dadi ma: hello Pinky betay

Pinky: namastay dadi ma.

Dadi ma: khush rehye beta, acha beta ham nai aik kam sai phone kia hai.

Pinky: ji dadi ma kehye.

Dadi ma: woh Geet…

Pinky: dadi ma Geet pata nahi kahan reh gaye abhi tak aai nahi hai.

Dadi ma: Pinky betay ham yehi keh rahay hain, aap Geet ki fikar na karain woh yahan Khurana Mansion mai hain.

Pinky: kya Geet wahan hai

Dadi ma: han Pinky betay Geet yahan hai, ab aap hamara aik kam karain Geet ka sara saman subha yahan pohcha jain ab Geet yaheen rahay gi.

Pinky {almost shout}: kya Geet DD kai ghar, mera matlub hai aap loogon kai saath rehay gi

Dadi ma: han betay hamain Geet bohat pasand hai is liye woh ab hamaray saath rehay gi

Pinky: theekh hai dadi ma, mai Adi sai kahoon gi woh subha office anay sai pehlay Mansion aajain gai.

Dadi ma: theekh hai beta, ab mai rakhti hun, bye

Pinky: bye dadi ma




Geet took the plates and arrange dinner for Maan and took the tray towards the bed.


Maan: Geet waheen rehnay do mai waheen ajata hun.

Geet: bilkul nahi Maan aap jahan hain waheen rahain apni jagha sai hilain gai bhi nahi, mai waheen la rahi hoon.

Maan: okay baba nahi hil raha yahan sai bas.

Geet smile and bring food for Maan.

Maan: tum nahi kha rahin.

Geet: nahi Maan mann nahi kar raha aap khain.

Maan: mai tumhari aik nahi sun raha chup chap khana khao, chalo {Maan feed Geet 1st bite}

Geet: bas ab aap khao, mai kha loon gi.

Maan: but.

Geet: please Maan aap ko medicine bhi laini hai.

Maan: hmmm

Maan ate his dinner, Geet gave him medicine.

Maan: Geet ab to mai nai khana bhi kha liya, medicine bhi kha li ab to kha loo.

Geet: Maan aap so jao mai kha loon gi.

Maan: nahi Geet mai nahi soo raha jab tak tum nahi khao gi.

Geet: Maan aap kitni zid kartay ho

Geet ate her dinner.

Geet: khush ab to kha liya ab so jain aap.


Maan said Good Night to Geet and fall asleep within no time due to medicine. Geet looked at Maan sleeping peacefuly, Geet moved towards sofa and fall asleep on sofa only.




Maan woke up and saw Geet was sleeping peacefuly, he stood and walked towards his cupboard and pulled out his clothes and gone to take a bath, he came out Geet was still sleeping, he moved towards his dreeser to comb his hair but brush falls from his hand, Geet woke up with sudden noice and saw Maan all ready to depart for office.





Maan gave hug to dadi.


Dadi ma: Maan aap khush haina.

Maan: han dadi ma mai khush hun, {Maan said with a smile}

dadi ma: aap khush hain hamaray liye yehi kafi hai.


mean while Vicky came in


Vicky: bhai yeh Geet ko kya hua, ro kyun rahi thi aur bhagti hue garden mai kyun gai.

Maan: kya woh phir ro rahi hai, dadi ma mai abhi aya.

Dadi ma: aap kahen nahi ja rahay ham dekhtay hain, Vicky aap nai doctor ko bulaya.

Vicky: ji dadi ma mai nai phone kar dia hai woh arahay hain.

Dadi ma: Vicky aap Maan ko dehkain keh woh yeh pura Milk khatam karain yeh nahi piyeen gai hamain pata hai, aur Geet bhi bahar chali gaye hain warna woh hi dekhti.

Vicky: ahan bhai Geet hmm kya baat hai, mai nai kuch miss kiya kya.

Maan: shut up vicky

Dadi ma: Vicky badmashi nahi, apnay bhai ka dehan rakho mai Geet ko dekhti hun.

Vicky: ji dadi ma


Dadi left from there.


Vicky: so bhai, han Geet, yeh kab hua batain na.

Maan; aisa kuch nahi hai Vicky, tum bohat badmash ho.

Vicky; okay bhai chalain ab haldi wala milk pee lain warna Geet ops mera matlub hai dadi ma ko bula loon ga.

Maan: Vicky mai samhaj gaya tumhara matlub, tumhay mai nahi choroon ga.




Geet standing near fountain and sobbing dadi came there and put her hand on Geet’s shoulder. Geet hugged dadi and cried.


Dadi ma: Geet betay kya baat hai, aap ro kyun rahi hain.

Geet: dadi ma iam so sorry mai kal hi aai hun aur aj is ghar kai baray betay ka yeh hal aur woh bhi meri wajha sai, sorry dadi ma.

Dadi ma: Geet betay aap ki wajha sai kuch nahi hua, aap ko andaza hai Maan kitna naraz hoon gai agar unhoon nai aap ko yeh kehtay hue suna, aap ki wajha sai kuch nahi hua hai, aur Maan theekh hain bas zara si choot hai woh theekh hojain gai.

Geet: ji dadi ma.

Dadi ma: chalye ab aansu pochiye aur aik pyari si smile dain hamain.


Dadi wipe Geet’s tears, Geet smile and hug dadi.


Dadi ma: Geet andar chalain.

Geet: ji dadi.


Geet and Dadi walked towards mansion on the way they meet doctor, dadi, Geet and doctor moved towards Maan’s room




Maan was lying on bed after having milk, when Geet walked in with dadi Maan looked towards Geet and saw her red moist eyes, Geet nod her head to assure him that she is fine. Doctor came in and asked everyone to leave, Vicky left the room, Geet was about to go when dadi stopped her, she asked Geet to stay with Maan and dadi left the room leaving behing Geet, Maan and doctor, doctor check Maan, dressed his hand wound and gave  him pain killer and anti septic injection which has little effect of sleep.


Doctor: head pai to itni gehri chot nahi hai, but haath ka zakham gehra hai, Maan ko 1 day complete rest ki zaroorat hai, no stress on left hand.

Geet: ji doctor.

Doctor: yeh ointment hai agar itching ho to inkay zakham pai laga dijea ga.

Geet; ji doctor.


doctor left them alone, and went outside, dadi and Vicky asked him about Maan’s condition and walked in his room.


Dadi ma: Maan betay aap kuch khaian gai, mai nakul sai keh kai aap kai liye khana yaheen mangwati hun.

Maan: ji dadi.

Vicky: Geet aap ko late horaha hoga na dadi mai inhay ghar choor ata hun.

Maan: Geet tum nai Adi aur Pinky ko bataya woh pareeshan horahay hoon gai

Geet: mai bhool gai thi abhi bata ti hun

Dadi ma: Adi aur Pinky ko kyun.

Geet: woh dadi ma mai Delhi mai unkay saath rehti hun is liye.

dadi ma; oh Geet to aap rehnay dain ham khud Pinky ko phone ka kai kehtay hain keh aap ka sara saman yahan lai aain.

Geet: kya matlub dadi ma.

Dadi ma: aaj sai aap hamaray saath hi rahain gi ham aap ko kaheen nahi janay dai rahay.

Vicky: woww dadi ma great idea, han Geet aap yaheen rahain na hamaray saath bhai to bohat boring hain mujhay bhi company mill jai gi.


Maan and Geet looked at each other both confused, Maan nodded her head in yes.


Geet: theekh hai dadi ma jaisi aap ki marzi.