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Maan smiled and sat beside dadi ma keeping his head on her shoulder and stealing glances of Geet who was looking down trying to hide her blush.

Part 9:

Maan smiled and sat beside dadi ma keeping his head on her shoulder and stealing glances of Geet who was looking down trying to hide her blush.

Dadi ma: Geet betay aap dinner hamaray saath karea ga phir Maan betay aap ko ghar chor dain gai.

Geet: Dadi ma mai yahan kaisia ruk sakti hun.

Vicky: Kyun nahi ruk sakti aap yahan haq hai apka yahan ruknai ka please ruk jao na.

Geet: Woh toh theekh hai Vicky, lakin mom dad. Dadi ma unhay kya bolon.

Dadi ma: Agar hum apsai kahain keh hum already apkai parents sai baat kar chukai hain aur aap hamaray saath dinner pai ruk sakti hain tab toh rukain gi na.

Maan who was sitting on floor hiding his lap in dadi’s lap looked towards her with wide smile.

Maan: Sach dadi ma apnai Geet kai parents sai baat karli woh yahan ruk sakti hai.

Dadi ruffled Maan’s hairs then held his hairs.

Dadi ma: No badmashi Maan beta, han apki Geet yahan ruk sakti hain but dinner kai baad usai jaldi drop kardaina zyada dair nahi karna.

Maan: Ji dadi ma mai jaldi drop kardun ga and no badmashi pakka, ab toh meray kaan chorain na dard horaha hai.

Maan said while making baby face.

Vicky: dadi ma nahi chorna, bhai itna golden chance wapas nahi millai ga, Major Maan Singh Khurana sitting on floor while his ears being held by dadi ma. Yeh toh capture karun ga mai.

Maan: shut up Vicky, dare not do like that. Dadi ma chorain na.

Vicky quickly captured the capture while dadi giggled & Geet looking towards Khurana brothers in disbelief.

Maan: dadi ma chorain na please.

Dadi finally felt mercy on her beloved grand son and left his ears. As he got freehe stood up to catch Vicky who already ran from there to safe himself after sensing Maan’s move. Maan finally caught Vicky and hold his hand in which he is holding cell.

Maan: chotay cell do mujhay ya pic delete karo khud.

Vicky: acha haath toh choro karta hun delete

Maan: pehlay delete karo

Vicky: bhai ap haath choro gai toh delete karun ga na, choro na plz.

Maan left Vicky hand, as he got his hand free he ran from there screaming

Vicky: mai nahi delete kar raha.

Maan: Vicky ruko.

Dadi & Geet burst in laughter seeing Maan’s face

Maan: ap dono ko buhat hassi arahi hai han (Maan said while glaring at them) dadi ma dehkain na usai.

Dadi ma: yahan aain humaray pass

Maan went & sit near dadi keeping his head on her shoulder. Dadi softly moved her fingers in his hairs.

Maan: dehkain na dadi ma kitna pareshan karta hai, ab pic ko laikai tease karai ga.

Dadi ma: nahi karay ga mai mana kardun gi.

Maan smiled and kissed her forhead, Geet smiled seeing the bonding of Khurana’s. Dadi asked Nakul to call Vicky as its dinner time, while Geet help other servants in setting table. Vicky came and teased Maan in return got angry glares from him. They had dinner in light atmosphere while teasing & pulling love birds leg. After dinner dadi asked Maan to show Geet their garden and backyard so that they can spend some time together and stopped Vicky from doing further mischief. Maan placed his hand in front of Geet she softly held it seeing this sweet gesture Vicky whistled Maan softly slapped his head and walked with Geet towards garden holding hands

Khurana Mansion Garden:

Maan made Geet sit on swing and gracefully sat on floor keeping his head on her lap and closing his eyes while Geet softly ruffling his hairs.

Geet: kya hua Maan.

Maan: kuch nahi Geet pareshan nahi ho bas soch raha hun upar walai ka kaisai shukar ada karun keh usnai mujhay meri zindagi sai milwa dia wapas.

Geet: iam sorry Maan.

Maan looked towards Geet balanced himself on his knees & softly cupped her face.

Maan: sorry kyun mishti

Geet: meri stupidity ki wajha sai ap kitna pareshan hue ho Maan. Ap kitna injure thai mai nai yeh bhi nahi Socha bas apnai mann ki ki yeh bhi nahi socha apko physical pain kai saath emotionally hurt kar rahi hun bas sab kuch qismat pai chornai ka faisla kardia jab apko meri zaroorat thi apko pal pal tarap nai kai liye chor dia. Iam really sorry Maan ab mujhay realize horaha hai mai kitni ghalat thi.

Maan: Geet yeh tum kaisi baatein kar rahi ho. Tumhari koi ghalti nahi hai.

Geet: nahi Maan meri hi ghalti thi ap nai toh usi waqt dadi ma sai baat karnai walai thai mai nai apko mana kia tha aur sab qismat pai chora tha.

Maan:  Mai nai kaha na tumhari koi ghalti nahi hai. Maana mai tarpa hoon tumharay bina har pal tumhari yaad ati thi lakin tum bhi toh tarpi ho na tum nai bhi to mujhay miss kia hai.

Geet: Nahi Maan aisa hi hai mai keh rahi hun na mujhay us waqt andaza nahi tha mai kya karnai ja rahi hun…

before Geet could complete her sentence Maan put his finger on his her lips to stop her from saying further.

Maan: Chup bilkul chup, tum nai suna nahi mai nai kya kaha, tumhari koi ghalti nahi hai kab sai khud ko blame kiye jarahi ho ab agar aik aur shabd bola na mujh sai bura koi nahi hoga bhoolo mat mai Major Maan Singh Khurana hun mujhay gussa nahi dilana.

Geet looked at Maan in disbelief.

Geet: hawww  Maan ap mujhay indirectly dhamki dai rahay ho.

Maan: meri itni jurat kahan mishti keh mai tumhay dhamki dun na baba sari zindagi tumharay saath rehna hai ab sherni kai saath rehna hai toh usai panga thori lai saktai hain.

Geet: Maan ap na.

Maan: Mai na kya Geet.

Geet: Maan

Maan: Haan ji

Geet smiled and hugged Maan, Maan smiled and hugged her back. After some time both mutually break the hug.

Maan: Geet dair horahi hai chalo tumhay ghar chor daita hoon.

Geet stood and grabbed Maan’s arms both walked gracefully towards car, he held door for her after setlling her in her seat Maan moved towards his side and drove off towards Geet’s house.

Outside Geet House:

Geet: Maan ap chalo na andar.

Maan: Nahi Geet abhi dair hogai hai tum jao mai kal dadi aur Vicky kai saath aaon ga na is waqt acha nahi lagai ga mai pehlay kabhi nahi mila hoon tumhari family sai yeh sahi time nahi hai.

Geet: Jaisa apko theekh lagai Maan.

Maan smiled and kissed her forehead.

Maan: Good Night Geet.

Geet: Good night Maan.

Both smiled unexpectedly Geet surprised Maan by planting soft kiss on his cheeks he smiled looking at her shy face. Geet opened door and slide outside before closing door she looked at Maan.

Geet: Maan

Maan: Han Geet

Geet: Jaldi ana mai inteezar karun gi.

Maan: tum kaho toh mai jata hi nahi. { winked at her }

Geet: uff Maan ap bhi na har waqt masti kai mood mai hotai ho.

Maan: Acha baba jaldi aaon ga pakka ab khush.

Geet smiled and waved Maan return her wave and drove off towards Khurana Mansion. That night both slept peacefully dreaming of their beautiful future.



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Dadi ma: Vicky Maan bahu ko khara hi rakhna hai ya bithana bhi hai.


Maan smiled and all settled in lounge. Dadi made Geet sit with her Maan sat in front of Geet and Vicky with Dadi and Geet.


Vicky:  sab itnai chup kyun ho, bhai aap to kuch bol hi nahi chalo mai hi poch laita hoon, poochon.

Maan: kya poochna hai.


Vicky looked towards Maan and smirked.


Maan: What

Vicky: yehi keh bhabhi kahan milli aap ko bataya nahi aap nai.

Dadi ma: haan betay batain na kahan milli aap ko hamari ghar ki bahu.


Maan took a deep sigh and tell them everything that happened in Goa.


Dadi blessed Geet by putting her hand on her head.


Dadi ma: Maan ham nai aap sai kaha tha na jo cheez aap ki qismat hoti hai usai aapsai koi nahi cheen sakta aik na aik din who aap ko mill hi jati hai. Milwadia na aap ki qismat nai aap ko aapki zindagi sai wapas.


Maan walked towards dadi and sat in front of her by keeping his head on her lap, dadi caressed his head Geet looked towards Maan and kept her head on dadi’s shoulder dadi caressed her cheeks by her another hand.


Dadi: Geet betay ab yeh nahi karna wapas apni qismat sai mat khelna bar bar qismat itna acha moqa nahi daiti ab apnai Maan ko apnai sai dur mat karna woh jee nahi pai ga tumharay bina.


Geet looked towards Maan with tears in her eyes.


Geet: kabhi nahi karoon gi aisa dadi ma, mai bhi Maan kai bina nahi reh sakti.


Maan looked towards Geet with a smile on his face, dadi pulled him up and hugged both together.


Dadi ma: Geet betay hamain aap kai ghar ka phone number dain ab ham or dair nahi karna chahtay, jab tak ham bahu kai ghar baat kartay hain Maan aap hamari bahu rani ko unka ghar dikha dain.

Vicky: wow dadi kya idea hai chalain bhabhi aapko aapka ghar dikhatay hain.


Maan glared at Vicky while Dadi twisted his ears.


Dadi ma: No badmashi aap kaheen nahi jarahay hain yaheen behto hamaray pass, Maan betay dikhain gai bahu ko unka ghar samjhay aap.


Vicky looked towards Maan with funny angry face while Maan smirked looking at his brother. Maan forward his hand Geet hold his hand and both moved from there.


Maan: chalo Geet tumhay hamara yeh ashiyana dikhata hoon.


Geet quickly gave dadi her landline number and left with Maan. Maan showed Geet every corner of their mansion except one room.


Maan: Geet tum nai hamara pora ashiyana to dekh lia, magar ab jo jagha mai tumhay dikhaon ga woh is ghar ki sab sai khobsoorat jagha hogi ab sai.

Geet: ab sai kya matlab, pehlay nahi thi kya Maan.

Maan: pehlay bhi thi magar ab usmai meri pari rahay gi to or khobsoorat hogi na woh jagha.

Geet: Maan aap kya keh rahay ho mujhay kuch samhaj nahi araha or kon si jagha ki baat kar rahay ho aap. {Geet said while making baby confused face}.


Maan giggled and pulled Geet cheeks.


Maan: Mishti tumhay pata hai tum kitni cute lag rahi ho. Tum nai pura ghar to dekh lia lakin sab sai eham jagha to dehki hi nahi, woh jagha jahan meri pari rahay gi, hamara karma Shona.


Geet blushed and looked down to avoid eye contact Maan smiled and picked her in his arms Geet looked towards him shocked at his action but soon started blushing seeing his intense gaze on her, Geet looked down while blushing, Maan started walking keeping his eyes on his Shona.




Vicky: Kya hua dadi ma kya kaha bhabhi kai ghar walon nai. Hum kab jarahay hain unkay yahan shagun laikai.

Dadima: Betay ham kal sham mai jain gai shagun laikai, woh log bohat khush hain, Geet ki ma keh rahi thi ab samhaj mai aya unhay Geet ki khamoshi ki wajha.

Vicky: matlab ham kal bhabhi kai yahan jain gai, yani woh bohat jald hamaray yahan aain gi hamesha kai liye.

Dadi ma: Haan betay


Vicky smiled and hugged Dadi ma.


Dadi ma: ab chalo badmashi bilkul nahi karna kal ki taiyarai kartay hain.


Vicky nodded his head and left with dadi.




Maan carefully placed Geet on his bed and moved towards his cupboard, he came back carring a small box in his hand. Geet looked towards Maan, he kneeled in front of her and opened the box.


Maan: Geet yeh meri maa kai kangan hain mai chota hi tha jab maa mujhay chor kai chali gai, mujhay abhi bhi yaad hai maa nai mujhay yeh kangan diye thai or kaha tha kai yeh mai us larki ko dun jo meri zindagi mai meri khushi ban kai aai gi, jo hamesha meray saath rahay gi har qadam pai mera saath dai gi, jo meri mohabbat hogi. Geet sai yeh kangan tumharay hain jo itnai salon sai meray pass tumhari amanat thai, ab in pai tumhara haq hai, Mishti mai tumhay yeh kangan pehna dun.


Maan looked towards Geet with loved filled eyes having tears in it, she slowly wiped his tears and forward her hands, Maan slowly hold her hand and slide the kangan in her hand, Maan kissed her both hands and pull her in a hug Geet hugged him back, both came out of hug after sometime. Geet cupped Maan’s face.


Geet: Maan aap maa sai bohat pyar kartay ho na mai wada karti hun aap sai mai in kangan ko kabhi apni kalai sai nahi utaroon gi, hamesha aap ko khush rakhon gi aansu ki aik bund aap ki aankhon mai nahi anai dun gi, aap kai saath hamesha rahon gi jaisa maa nai kaha tha har qadam pai aap ka saath dun gi aap ka haath kabhi apnai haathon sai chotnai nahi dun gi, mai aap sai bohat pyar karti hun Maan, aap meri mohabbat ho Maan meray jeenai ki wajha ab mai kabhi aap ko apnai aap sai dur nai karon gi meri dharkan tham jai gi.


Maan covered Geet’s mouth with his hand.


Maan: phir kabhi aisa mat kehna mishti, pal pal mara hun mai tum sai juda hokai, tumharay bina mai aapni zindagi soch bhi nahi sakta yeh Maan kuch nahi hai tumharay bina, tum meray jinay ki wajha ho shona, meri dharkan ho, agar tumhay kuch hogaya to tumhara yeh Maan bhi nahi ji pai ga, tumhay meri qasam hai phir kabhi aisa mat kehna.


Geet nodded her head. She looked around the room and smiled.


Maan: kaisa laga meri pari ko uska yeh chota sa paristan.

Geet: Maan aap ka room bohat pyara hai.

Maan: aap ka nahi Mishti yeh hamara room hai. Agar kuch changes chahea to batao mai tumharay anai sai pehlay renuwate karwadun ga.

Geet: Maan kuch changes nahi chahea perfect hai aap ka meray matlab hai hamara room.


Maan smiled, they chatted for a while then joined dadi and Vicky.




Maan: dadi baat hue Geet kai ghar walon sai kya kaha unhon nai, koi problem to nahi hai na, who Maan gai na, aap kuch bol kyun nahi rahi.

Vicky: woho Bhai aap chup hoon gai to ham bolain gai na, itnai saray sawal aik saath, saans to lain aap.


Maan glared at Vicky.


Geet: Aisa kya dekh rahay hain Maan aap us becharay ko sahi to keh raha hai woh itnai saray sawal aik saath poch rahay hain dadi ko bolnai ka moqa to dain aap.


Maan looked towards dadi making baby face dadi giggled.


Dadi ma: bas or mat satao meray betay ko, han betay baat hogai hai ham kal jain gai apni bahu ka shagun laikai phir waheen engagement date decide kar lain gai. Ab khush.


Maan smiled and walked towards dadi.


Maan: bohat khush dadi ma, thank you, I love you dadi ma.

Dadi ma: love you to beta aur thanks ki koi zaroorat nahi hai bas aap khush raho hamain or kuch nahi chahea.


Maan smiled and sat beside dadi ma keeping his head on her shoulder and stealing glances of Geet who was looking down trying to hide her blush.




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SS: Kaisai Mujhay Tum Mill Gaye – Part 7-

Maan and Geet spend rest of the evening together, after having dinner both went to Geet’s hotel collect her luggage and drove towards cottage of Khurana’s in Goa, they both spend some more time together and went to sleep in different rooms.


Maan woke up with a smile on his face remembering his and his angel’s confession. He lazily came out of his and was about to move towards his closet when his cell rang, he saw the caller id and picked up.

Maan: Namastay Dadi ma kaisi hain aap aur Vicky kaisa hai.

Dadi Ma: Khush rehiye beta ham theekh hain, Vicky bhi theekh hai. Aap kaisai hoo?

Maan: Mai bilkul theekh hun dadi ma.

Dadi Ma: Kya baat hai Maan betay aap bohat khush lag rahay hain.

Maan: Dadi ma baat hi aisi mai akay bata ta hun aap kai liye aik surprise hai.

Dadi Ma: Aaray wah ham intezaar karain gai, waisai kab arahay hain aap.

Maan: Dadi bas thori dair mai flight hai sham tak ajaon ga

Dadi Ma: Theekh hai beta hamain aap ka intezaar rahay ga Have a Safe journey beta.

Maan: Thanks Dadi Ma, apna khayal rakhna sham mai milta hoon.

After dadi’s call Maan made some more calls and booked tickets for Geet also, he quickly went to freshen up, after getting dressed he slowly walked towards the door that was connected with Geet’s room, he slowly open it and peeped inside only to find his angel still sleeping peacefully, he slowly walked towards her and softly sat beside her without disturbing her, he saw some hairs on her face that was disturbing her beauty sleep, Maan lifted her hand and removed her hairs and tugged them behind her ears, Geet smiled in her sleep, hold his hand and placed it beneath her cheeks. Maan chuckled looking at her sweet gesture, he slowly rubbed her cheeks with his free hand.

Maan: utho na Mishti aur kitna soo gi.

Geet turned in her sleep still holding Maan’s hand.

Geet: sonai do na please.

Maan: Mishti hamain Delhi wapas bhi jana hai na, utho na.

Geet: Mujhay yaheen rehna hai apnai Maan kai saath.

Maan: Aap ka Maan aap kai saath hi rahay ga Mishti hamesha kai liye tumhay apna bana nai kai liye Delhi to jana paray ga na.

Geet sat on bed looking at Maan making baby sleepy face.

Geet: Aisa kya Maan but mujhay to aap kai saath hi rehna hai na.

Maan giggled and pull her cheeks.

Maan: Ji Geet Singhania aisa hi hai, aur ham dono saath hi rahain gai, Delhi jatay hi mai tumhay dadi ma sai milwaon ga or jald sai jald tumharay ghar akay tumhara haath mangoon ga.

Geet blushed and hide her face in Maan’s chest hugging him tightly, Maan smiled and hugged her back. After few minutes she realized something and came out of hug, Maan looked at her with confuse expressions.

Maan: Kya hua Shona.

Geet: Maan mujhay achi tarhan yaad hai mai raat ko door lock kar kai soi thi to aap andar kaisai aai?

Maan smiled looking at his angels confuse reaction, he pointed towards the connecting door.

Maan: Mai wahan sai aya apni Mishti ko uthanai.

Geet: Iska matlab woh connecting door hai meray aur aapkai room ka.

Maan nodded his head making cute faces.

Geet: Maan aap bhi na pata nahi kya kya kartay rehtay ho.

Maan: Mishti mai nai kahan kuch kia, acha chalo tum jaldi ready hojao mai breakfast banata hun phir ham chaltay hain flight bhi catch karni hai na.

Geet: Maan aap ruko mai akay bana ti hun breakfast,

Maan: Nahi aaj mai apni Mishti kai liye banaon ga ab jaldi jakay jaldi aao tum.

Geet smiled and left to freshen up, Maan quickly went down and started preparing breakfast for both. Meanwhile after getting  ready Geet came down and joined Maan helping him making breakfast, after finishing breakfast both look at the final packing and left for airport. Soon their flight announced and they boarded the flight, Geet sat near window and Maan sat beside her, as flight was about to take off Geet clutched Maan’s hand firmly and closed her eyes. Maan looked towards her and caressed her cheeks.

Maan: Kya baat hai Geet, kya hua.

Geet: Maan mujhay dar lagta hai jab flight take off and land karti hai to.

Maan: Geet meri taraf dehko mai hoon na tumharay pass.

Maan pulled her in hug.

Maan: jab tak tum Maan ki bahoon mai ho tumhay kisi cheez sai darnai ki zaroorat nahi hai, tumhara Maan tum pai aik aanch bhi nahi anai dai ga.

Geet snuggle close to Maan, after some time Geet got relaxed but still not freeing herself for Maan’s castle. Airhostess came to give them refreshers Geet straighten herself, soon they reached Delhi flight was about to land when Maan again pulled her near him, she hide herself in his chest. After landing Maan lifted her face and kissed his forhead.

Maan: Mishti tum theekh hona.

Geet: Ji Maan mai theekh hun.

Maan again lissed her forhead and they moved out, they waited for sometime to collect their luggage after collecting them they went out. Maan’s driver was already waiting for Maan’s arrival, he took keys from him, ask the driver to take off for the rest of the day, kept luggage inside and they left for Khurana Mansion. On the way Geet spoke.

Geet: Maan yahan aik dargah hai na please mujhay wahan lai chalo na.

Maan: Dargah Geet abhi.

Geet: Please na Maan.

Maan: Geet tumhay please kehnai ki zaroorat nahi hai ham chaltay hain.

Geet smile, Maan call dadi and informed her about his arrival and told her that he’ll be late. They went Dargah Maan parked his car.

Arziyan saari main,
Chehre pe likh ke laaya hu,
Tum se kya maangu main,
Tum khud hi samajh lo,
Ya maula.. maula maula..
Mere maula..maula…
Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Darare darare hain maathe pe maula,
Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula,
Mere maula..
Tere darr pe jhuka hu, mita hu bana hu,
Tere darr pe jhuka hu, mita hu bana hu,
Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula,
Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula..

Maan went towards Geet’s side her opened the door and gave his hand to Geet, she hold his hand and both walked towards Dargah’s entrance, before entering Maan covered her head with duppata and tied his hankie on his head.

Jo bhi tere darr aaya, jhukne jo sar aaya,
Mastiyaan piye sab ko,jhoomta nazar aaya
Pyaas leke aaya tha dariyaa wo bhar laaya,
Noor ki baarish mein bheegta sa tarr aaya,
Noor ki baarish mein ohhoooo,
Noor ki baarish mein bheegta sa tarr aaya,

Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Darare darare hain maathe pe maula,
Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula,
Mere maula..
[Jo bhi tere darr aaya, jhukne jo sar aaya,
Mastiyaan piye sab ko,jhoomta nazar aaya]

Maan went inside near the maghbara where as Geet waited outside praying for Maan’s safety and their relation. Maan placed chadar and bowed his head, he prayed for a while and went outside.

Hooo ek khushbu aati thi,
Main bhatakta jaata tha,
Reshmi si maaya thi,
Aur main taktaa jaata tha,
Jab teri gali aaya, sach tabhi nazar aaya – 2 times
Mujh mein hi woh khushbu thi,
Jisse tune milwaya,
Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Darare darare hain maathe pe maula,
Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula,
Mere maula..

Toot ke bikharna mujhko zarur aata hai,
Hoooo toot ke bikharna mujhko zarur aata hai,
Warna ibaadat wala shahur aata hai,
Sajde mein rehne do, ab kahin naa jaunga,
Sajde mein rehne do, ab kahin naa jaunga,
Ab jo tumne thukraya to sawar naa paaunga,
Maula maula maula mere maula
Maula maula maula maula
Maula maula maula maula
Darare darare hain maathe pe maula,
Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula,
Mere maula..

Maan joined Geet outside and they both went to tie the thread after praying for each other, Maan looked towards Geet and smiled.

Sar utha ke maine to kitni khwahishein ki thi,
Kitne khwab dekhe the, kitni koshishein ki thi,
Jab tu rubaroo aaya, aaaa,
Jab tu rubaroo aaya, nazre naa mila paaya,
Sar jhuka ke ek pal mein, hooo
Sar jhuka ke ek pal mein maine kya nahi paaya,
[Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Maula maula maula maula
Mere maula..mere maula…

[Mora piya ghar aaya, mora piya ghar aaya,
Mora piya ghar aaya, mora piya ghar aaya



Geet looked towards Maan and closed her eyes again praying to God for returning Maan in her life. Maan cupped her face and kissed her eyes sipping the tears that was about to fall, she open her eyes with smile, one per was passing by he saw the divine couple and blessed them that may this couple live forever together, Geet blushed and Maan Smiled.

Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula mere maula,
Maula maula maula maula,
Mere maula maula maula maula,
Mere maula maula maula maula,
Mere maula…

They left the dargah and soon reached Khurana Mansion, Geet looked at the beauty of the Mansion and gets mesmerized by the view in front of her. Maan parked the car and came out and asked Geet to come by giving her his hand, she hold his hand firmly and both walked towards the main entance, before entering Geet asked Maan to move ahead as she is getting nervous. Maan hold her hand firmly and both step inside the mansion putting their right feet together, Maan saw dadi sitting in lounge along with Vicky Geet saw them and hide behind Maan holding his shoulder. Vicky saw Maan and shouts in excitement.

Vicky: Bhai dadi ma bhai agai.

Dadi smiled and both walked towards Maan, but looking at hand on Maan’s shoulder both stop.

Dadi ma: Maan betay yeh aap kai pechay kon hai?

Geet got afraid and hold Maan more firmly. Maan looked towards Geet and assured her that everything will be fine, he hold her hand firmly and bring her in beside him. Vicky looked towards Geet with wide smile while dadi looked shocked and surprised.

Dadi Ma: Geet betay aap, hamian to yaqeen nahi horaha. Maan to finally aap nai hamari bahu ko dhoond hi lia han.

Geet blushed hearing the word bahu.

Maan: Kya dadi ma abhi to aain hain aur aap hamain tease kar rahay ho.

Dadi smile and Vicky hugged Maan.

Vicky: Finally bhai aap meri bhabhi, apni aur is ghar ki khushi ko lai hi aai ghar.

Maan smiled and patted his cheeks.

Dadi ma: Vicky Maan bahu ko khara hi rakhna hai ya bithana bhi hai.

Maan smiled and all settled in lounge.