Maan looked at her and closed his eyes. After an hour or two dadi came in and saw both are sleeping peacefully dadi closed the door and left from there, Maan woke up it’s almost 6 in evening, Geet still holding Maan’s hand and sleeping, Maan slowly removed his hand and moved towards his cupboard took out black shirt and black jeans and went to take a bath, when Maan came out of washroom he saw Geet sitting on the bed and lost in her thoughts, Maan came near Geet and sat beside her.

Maan: Geet ab kaisa feel kar rahi jao fresh hojao tum nai lunch bhi nahi kiya hai, neechay chaltain hain kuch kha lo.

Geet: Maan please mera mann nahi kar raha, mai yaheen hun please.

Maan: acha neechay nahi aao but fresh to hojao, tumhara bag meray cupboard kai pass rakha hai tum change karlo.

Geet: ji Maan.

Maan: mai neechay ja raha hun, agar mann ho to neechay ajana.

Geet: hmmm

Maan left the room and closed the door before leaving.



Maan came down dadi and Vicky sitting in lounge Maan joined them.

Dadi ma: Maan betay Geet kaisi hai, uthi ya so rahi hai.

Maan: dadi ma ji abhi uthi hai, gumsum hai, mai nai neechay anay ko kaha to keh rahi hai mann nahi hai, dadi aisai to uski tabeeyat kharab hojai gi, agar woh aisai hi ghut ghut kai rahay gi.

Vicky: dadi ma meray khayal sai bhai theekh keh rahay hain agar Geet aisai hi akeeli sab sai tanha rahay gi to woh khud bhi bimar hojai gi.

Dadi ma: aap dono sahi keh rahay hain, hamain kuch karna chahea magar ham kya karain.

Maan: dadi ma karain gai to tab na jab woh neechay aai, woh to neechay hi nahi aarahi hai,

Vicky: bhai mai laikay aaon unhay neechay.

Maan: nahi Vicky woh khud aai gi neechay koi nahi jai ga usky pass.

Dadi ma: magar Maan

Maan: dadi ma mai janta hun woh khud aai gi neechay aap dekhna.

Vicky: theekh hai bhai dekhtay hain, chalain jab tak soochtay hain kya karna hai.

Maan and Vicky deciding what can they do so that Geet can feel better, after sometime dadi saw Geet decending the stairs, she is looking sad, smile vanished from her face.

Dadi ma: aray wah Maan betay maan gai aap ko.

Maan looking towards dadi with confused expressions

Vicky: kya hua dadi ma

Dadi ma: Vicky peechay mur kai dehkain.

Vicky turned his face and saw Geet coming towards them.

Vicky: wow bhai not bad han, waqea maan gai aap ko.

Dadi ma: aaiye Geet beta.

Maan looked towards Geet, Geet sat with dadi.

Vicky: Geet ab kaisa feel kar rahay ho aap.

Geet: theekh hun Vicky.

Dadi ma asked Nakul to bring water for Geet. Geet drank water.

Dadi ma: Geet aap in dono kai saath behtiye hamain thora kam hai ham chaltay hain.

Geet: ji dadi ma.

Dadi kissed Geet on her forehead and leave from there.

Vicky stood from his place and sat near Geet.

Vicky: Geet ab aap yaheen raho gai na to chalain mai aap ko is ghar kai loogon kai baray mai bata hun, kuch bachpan ki baatain.

Vicky start telling her about KHURANA FAMILY then he told her about MAAN SINGH KHURANA, when he start telling her about Maan and his childhood, their fun and all things Geet remember about her brother, sister and her childhood, Geet stood and ran towards the garden.

Maan: Geet ruko Geet. Vicky yeh kya kia tum nai usai mana rahay thai ya udaas kar rahay thai tum na.

Vicky: sorry bhai woh to mai bas unka mood theekh kar raha, mujhay nahi pata tha woh or udaas hojain gi.

Maan: koi baat nahi mai dekhta hoon.


Maan ran towards garden he saw Geet standing near swing, Maan walked towards her.

Maan: Geet

Geet: Maan please mujhay thori dair kai liye akelay choor dain plz.

Maan stepped back little away from her and started singing.

bebasi dard kaa aalam, tum mujhe de do apne ghum, khaamoshiyaan bhi do, tanhaaiyaan bhi do, bechaaniyaa bhi de do, de do naa.

Geet looked towards Maan with moist eyes, Maan stepped closer and wiped her tears.

bhigi palkon se churaa lungaa nami, rehane dungaa naa, khahin koi kami, tumko daaman naa bhigone dungaa, ab kabhi tumko naa rone dungaa.

Geet moved little away Maan hold her hand to stop her

uljhane ghum ki parchhaiye, de do mujhe apni tanhaaiyaan, gumnamiyaan bhi do, naakaamiyaan bhi do, viraaniyaan bhi de do, de do naa.


Geet was about to say something Maan put his finger on her lips not letting her to say.

tere hotho pe sajaa dungaa hansi, teri raahon mein bhichhaa dungaa khushi, tum mujhe apnaa maanti ho agar, yu khafaa hoke naa jhukaao nazar.

Maan hold Geet hand and take her towards the fountain.

mushkile apni majburi, ho de do mujhe sari benuri, pareshaaniyaaa bhi do, hairaaniyaa bhi do, nhigebaaniyaa bhi de do, de do naa.

Maan and Geet standing near fountain Geet facing her back towards Maan. Maan covered her with shawl and hugged her side ways, Geet rested her head on his shoulder while sobbing.

bebasi dard kaa aalam, tum mujhe de do apne ghum, khaamoshiyaan bhi do, tanhaaiyaan bhi do, bechaniyaa bhi de do naa.



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