Maan: han Adi thori dair mai bheej daina

Adi: je siir.


Adi walked out of Maan cabin and went straight where Pinky and Geet were standing

Pinky: kya hua Adi, Maan sir nai kya kaha, woh Geet ka interview lain gai na.

Adi: han Pinky, Maan sir nai kaha hai Geet ko thori dair mai bhej doon.

Geet: jiju mujhay bohat dar lag raha hai.

Adi: Geet tum kyun dar rahi ho, kuch nahi hoga.

Geet: hmmm jiju aap sahi keh rahay ho mai bilawajay gharbra rahi hoon.

Pinky: oye Geet to kyun dar rahi hai hamaray Maan sir to DD hain, woh kuch nahi kartay.

Geet: DD?

Pinky: han na yar DD matlub DHAK DHAK hayee.

Geet: Dhak Dhak mujhay to DD matlub DUSHT DHANAV lagay, dehka nahi un kai atay hi sab kaisai khamosh hoagai thai aur apnay kam mai lag gai thai.

Pinky: Geet tu bhi na, woh bahar sai thoray gussay walay lagtay hain magar andar sai woh bohat achay hain, haina Adi.

Adi: han Geet, Pinky sahi keh rahi hai woh jaisai dikhtay hain waisai hain nahi, woh bohat achay hain.

Geet: aap loog kehtay hain to maan laiti hun.


Maan called Adi on Adi’s direct number.


Maan: hello Adi

Adi: ji Maan sir.

Maan: Adi us candidate ko meray cabin mai bhej do.

Adi: ji sir abhi bhej ta hun

Maan: hmm oki

Adi: Geet jao Maan sir bula rahay hain, woh raha unka cabin.

Pinky: All the Best Geet, darna mat kuch nahi hoga.

Adi: All the Best Geet.

Geet: thanks Pinky and jiju.


Geet walked towards Maan’s cabin little bit scared, nervous at the same time, finally she reached in front of his cabin, before knocking the door she took a deep breath and knocked the door. She heard a very sweet yet attitude filled voice from Inside


Maan: come in.


Geet took a deep breath and quickly prayed silently, she opened the door slowly and walked inside elegantly, as soon as Geet walked in Maan looked up and saw an angelic face and gorgeous girl walking towards his desk, wearing sliverish white and gold anarkali, with open hairs falling below her waist, as soon he saw her he lost in her beauty, he feels like an angel that came directly from heaven walking towards him, it became impossible for Maan to remove his eyes from her.


on the other hand as soon as Geet entered in cabin she saw a handsome man busy in his files, she feels like she is dreamy, how can someone look so handsome, his face, his eyes, his posture, the way he is completely lost in his, all her scare got vanish when he saw him, she kept admiring him.


Maan and Geet both came out of their dreamland when Maan’s phone rang, Maan asked Geet to have a set and he attended the phone call.




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