Maan and Geet both came out of their dreamland when Maan’s phone rang, Maan asked Geet to have a set and he attended the phone call.


Maan: hello.

Vicky: hey bhai kaisai ho aap, dadi kaisi hain.

Maan: mai theekh hun Vicky, dadi bhi theekh hain, tum kaisai ho, kab arahay ho wapas.

Vicky: mai theekh hun bhai, bhai mai nai yehi batanay kai liye phone kiya tha mai 2 days baad araha hun waapas aur ab aap loogon ko choor kai kahen nahi jaon ga.

Maan: that’s really good mai dadi ma ko bata dun ga woh bohat khush hoon gi, acha vicky mai baad mai baat karta hun aik kam hai. bye take care

Vicky: theekh hai bhai aap kam karain, bye and you also take care.


Maan: ahem woh..

Geet: no problem sir it’s oki.

Maan: hmm can i see your file.

Geet handed over the file.


Maan going through the file, he is going through from each and every minute details, suddenly Maan got stuck on one point when he read GEET HANDA, he recall in his mind GEET, he lifted his face and saw an angelic face looking down and playing with her dupatta, Maan understood that she is nervous, he further look in her file, after he completed checking her file he saw that she is still nervous, to make her feel better he started interacting with her.


Maan: hmmm so Geet aj sai pehlay kabhi job ki hai.

Geet: no sir, mai nai aj sai pehlay kabhi job nahi ki, this is my first interview.

Maan: Geet iam impressed by your bio-data your qualification, are you sure you can handle a job of my secretary as working in Khurana Constructions is not easy.

Geet: yes sir iam sure i can handle this job, and as far as difficulty is concern so every new work is difficult in initial days but after sometime that difficult work becomes easy.

Maan: Geet i really like your positivity and its my pleasure to give you this job, congratualtion you are selected.

Geet: thank you so much sir. Sir from when can I join.

Maan: its up to you Geet, if you want to join immediately you can join now otherwise tomorrow 9am sharp.

Geet: sir i’ll join from now only.

Maan: that’s fine so welcome to Khurana Contructions, i’ll tell Adi to show you your cabin.

Geet: yes sir.


Geet left Maan’s cabin and before leaving she turned back to give one last look to Maan, who was again busy in blue prints so he dosen’t know that Geet was looking at him.


Maan: hello Adi.

Adi: ji sir.

Maan: Adi, Geet ko uska cabin dikha do. i approved her for this job.

Adi: really sir that’s great, ji mai usai uska cabin dikha daita hun, aap kai cabin kai bara bar wala na?

Maan: hmmm

Adi: ok sir.


Geet walked towards Adi and Pinky with broad smile on her face, as soon as she saw Pinky she hugged her, Adi and Pinky congratulates Geet and Adi asked her to come with him he will show her cabin, as she walked inside her cabin she got amaized by its beauty interior was beautiful, while looking at her cabin she notice that her and Maan’s cabin was divided with a transparent glass but she can not see Maan as he has his blinds on, Geet thanked Adi for his support and for always being by her side. Adi smiled and patted her head and wished her good luck, Geet took her seat and thanked her babaji for this job, as Maan had not yet given her any work so she decided to learn about the working techniques of Khurana Constructions.




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