Maan fell asleep thinking about Geet.




Maan woke up with a heavy head, his head was paining, Maan moved towards his cupboard pulled out his dress and gone for bath, after sometimes he came out dressed in baby pink shirt and blue jeans looking dashing in casuals, for a change he wore casual today. Maan got ready and walked downstairs towards dining hall.


Dadi is already waiting for his dear grand son at the breakfast, Maan came and greeted her


Maan: Good Morning dadi ma

Dadi ma: Good Morning Maan betay, kya baat hai aaj aap ka chehra itna dull kyun lag raha hai.

Maan: pata nahi dadi ma jab sai utha hun sar bohat dard kar raha hai.

Dadi ma: kyun Maan betay raat ko neend nahi aai kya { dadi said while having a teasing smile on her face}

Maan: {uf yeh dadi bhi na ab unkay chehray pai yeh teasing smile kyun hai} nahi dadi ma aisi baat nahi hai neend to achi aai thi, chorain sahi hojai ga.

Dadi ma: hmmm aik kam karea breakfast kar kai tablet lai lijea.

Maan: dadi ma aap ko pata hai mujhay yeh tablets nahi pasand, breakfast kar laita hun tablet nahi plz dadi ma

Dadi ma: theekh hai beta, aap sai hum jeet saktay hain kya.

Maan: dadi ma, aisi baat mat kahain na, acha agar mujhay laga tablet ki zaroorat hai mai office mai lai loon ga.

Dadi ma: {said softly} office mai to lai hi lain gai aap hamain pata hai.

Maan: ji dadi kuch kaha

Dadi ma: nahi nahi beta aap breakfast kijea

Maan: hmmm


after having breakfast Maan said bye to dadi and left for office, dadi think “Maan aj aap ko hum office akay surprise dain gai, ham bhi to dekhna chahtay hain yeh Geet hain kon”




Maan reached office, and everyone notice that he is looking little dull unlike MAAN SINGH KHURANA. Maan went to his cabin but he was unable to concentrate on his work as his head is still paining badly, Maan rested his head backwards and closed his eyes, when he heard a knock.


Maan: come in.

Geet came inside with a cup of coffee.

Geet: sir aap ki coffee.

Maan: hmm rakh do.

Geet: kya baat hai sir aap itnay dull kyun lag rahay hain.

Maan: kuch nahi Geet bas sar dard kar raha hai jab sai utha hun.

Geet: sir aap nai tablet li.

Maan: nahi Geet mai tablets nahi laita mujhay nahi pasand.

Geet: okay sir jaisi aap ki marzi.


Geet left Maan’s cabin and get busy in her work, everyone was busy in their work, Maan was in office only as he do not have any meeting today so the day was bit relaxed for him, it’s almost lunch time everyone went to have their lunch, Geet looked towards Maan’s cabin his blinds were open she saw him resting his head backwards and his eyes are closed, Geet stood and walked towards her side cabinet, searched for first aid box and took tablet from it and moved towards Maan’s cabin. Geet knocked the door.


Maan: come in {still in same position with closed eyes}

Geet: {took glass from his table and moved towards him} sir tablet

Maan: Geet tumhay pata haina mujhay tablets nahi pasand

Geet: ji sir mai janti hun but abhi aap ko is ki zaroorat hai, lai lijea subha sai aap ka sar dard kar raha hai, aap ka chehra itna dull horaha hai, please lai lijea.

Maan: okay lai laita hun .


Maan take tablet from Geet’s hand put in his mouth and took the sip of water and gulp it.


Geet: sir ab aap thori dair rest kar lijea mai kisi ko aap kai cabin mai nahi anay dun gi na hi koi call’s transfer karun gi.

Maan: hmm ok


Geet walked outside Maan’s cabin and moved towards Pinky.


Geet: Pinky koi bhi call Maan sir ko transfer nahi karna aur jo bhi unsai milnai aai unhai wait karnai ko kehna ya mujhay bata na Maan sir ko disturb mat karna.

Pinky: theekh hai Geet magar aisa kyun.

Geet: woh Maan sir ko subha sai sar dard horaha hai mai nai abhi unhay tablet di hai to woh rest kar rahay hain.


Mean while dadi ma walked in Khurana Constructions. Pinky saw her.


Pinky: namastay dadi ma aap yahan.

Dadi ma: khush raho beta han woh mujhay Maan sai kam tha.

Pinky: woh dadi ma Maan sir rest kar rahay hain to unhay disturb karnay sai mana kiya hai.

Geet: Pinky tu bhi na mai nai clients kai liye mana  kiya tha sir ki dadi kai liye nahi. Mam aap jaiye sir cabin mai hi hain abhi tablet lai kai rest kar rahay hain.

Dadi ma: {aray wah betay aap nai tablet lai li subha to mana kar rahay thai} betay aap ko pehlay kabhi nahi dehka yahan aap?

Geet: ji mai GEET hun, Maan sir ki secretary.

dadi ma: {ohhhh to yeh hain Geet maan gaye betay aap ki pasand ko} khush rahye beta aap bohat sunder hain

Geet: thanks dadi ma.





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