Maan and Geet left the office and moved towards parking area.


Geet: bye sir

Maan: bye Geet but jao gi kaisay yahan to koi bhi cab nazar nahi arahi.

Geet: han sir pata nahi kyun aaj koi cab nahi hai, don’t worry mai walk kar kai chali jaon gi 15mins ka hi to distance hai.

Maan: nahi Geet is waqt tum akelay nahi jao gi, mai tumhay akaelay nahi janay doon ga samjhi tum.

Geet: sir plz aap pareshan na hoon mai chali jaon gi.


Maan hold Geet’s hand and dragged her towards the car.


Maan: mai nai kaha na mai tumhay akelay nahi janay doon ga tum nai suna nahi.

Geet: plz sir aap kyun pareshan horahay hain, mai chali jaon gi.


Maan get annoyed.


Maan: jao

Geet: sir aap naraz hogai.

Maan: mai nai kaha na jao.


Geet left from there Maan banged his hand on the roof of car, Geet moved little further 3 boys came on bike and intercepted her. Geet get scared and moved further, but the boys got off from bike and follow her,  and came in front of her and hold her hand.


Geet: haath choro mera, janay do mujhay.

1st person: nahi choor raha raat ko akelay kaahan ja rahi ho.




Maan who was still standing there heard her shout and ran towards her.


2nd person: chilao jitna chillana hai chilao koi nahi aai ga.




Maan came running there and grabbed 3rd person from back and beat him up untill he fell dizzy and loss his sences, Geet saw Maan.


Geet: Maan plz bachaiye mujhay.

Maan: daro nahi mai hoon na.


Maan to 1st person.


Maan: haath choor uska.

1st person: nahi choor raha kya karay ga.

Maan: dehko aram sai keh raha hun haath choro uska warna bohat bura hoga.


mean while 2nd person came and hit Maan on his head.





Maan looked towards Geet and assured her that he is fine, but Geet saw little blood oozed out from his head, the same person again tried to hit Maan but he dogged him and beat him in return, now only single person left who is still holding Geet.


Maan: tumhari samhaj mai nahi aya mai nai kya kaha, choro usai.

1st person: nahi choor raha mai bhi to dehkoon kai kya karo gai tum.


Maan walked towards him and gave a hard punch on his face, he fall on the floor, GEET CAME AND HUGGED MAAN, MAAN HUGGED HER BACK, both came out of hug mutually.


Geet: Maan aap theekh to hain na {she didn’t realized that she is addressing him by his name}

Maan: han Geet mai theekh hun ab chalo meray saath.


Maan and Geet started walking towards Maan’s car, the 1st person stood and took out knife from his pocket and came near Maan and stabbed him on his left shoulder from back, Maan winced in pain, Geet looked at Maan with horrifying expressions, Maan pull Geet aside and beat him again, finally he fell unconscious, Maan hold Geet’s hand and both ran towards the car, as soon as they reached GEET HUGGED HIM AGAIN AND STARTED CRYING, MAAN HUGGED HER BACK AND PATTED HER HEAD, but Geet is still sobbing.


Geet: yeh sab meri ghalti, agar mai aap ki baat maanti to aisa nahi hota, meri wajha sai aap ko yeh chot aai.

Maan: Geet tumhari wajha sai kuch nahi hua samjhi tum, meray samnay koi tumhay haath lagaye yeh mai bardasht nahi karsakta.

Geet: Maan aap ko itni choot aai phir bhi aap aisa keh rahay ho.

Maan: MAAN?

Geet: woh sorry sir.

Maan: Geet tum mujhay Maan bula sakti ho, ab chalain mai tumhay ghar choor daita hun.

Geet: nahi Maan ham aap kai ghar jain gai, aap ko is waqt medication ki zaroorat hai.

Maan: but Geet Adi aur Pinky pareeshan hoon gai tumharay liye.

Geet: Maan mai unhain bata doon gi ab chalain aap kai haath sai kafi khoon beh raha hai.

Maan: chalo.


Maan opened the door for Geet, Geet sat and Maan moved towards driving seat, Maan proceed towards Khurana Mansion, during the drive none of them spoke a word but both stealing glances without notice.




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