they finished their lunch Geet cleaned the table and both continued their work. Day was really busy as launch party is scheduled to held tomorrow evening, everyone was busy in their respective work, it’s almost 7 office was empty as everyone left, Maan and Geet still busy in their work, Maan looked towards the time and asked Geet to pack so that they can leave, Geet pack her things and both left the office, their was a complete silence in car, when Maan looked towards Geet he saw that she was fast asleep, Maan smiled looking at her, they reached Khurana Mansion.


Maan parked his car , he walked towards Geet’s side open her door and picked her up in his arms without disturbing her sleep, Maan walked inside the Mansion, fortunately no one is present in hall, Maan climbed the stairs and came in front of his room he kicked the door so that he can walk in, Maan walked towards his bed and kept her down slowly and covered her with quilt, he walked towards his cupboard pulled out his casual wear and moved towards washroom to take a shower, Maan came out after a while and saw Geet is still sleeping, he looked at the time it’s still 8:30 there is time in dinner so he decided not to disturb her, Maan walked out closing the door, he decend the stairs and saw dadi and  Vicky sitting in lounge reading magazine. Vicky saw Maan.


Vicky: aray bhai aap kab aai?

dadi ma: Maan betay aap dono agai, kab aai hamain to pata hi nahi chala

Maan: dadi ma half hour pehlay aai thai

dadi ma: Geet beta kahan hain

Maan: dadi ma woh car mai hi so gai thi mai nai uthaya nahi, dinner time pai utha doon ga

Vicky {while giving naughty smile to Maan}: bhai agar Geet car mai hi so gai thi to andar kaisai aain han

Maan: shut up Vicky, dadi ma isay dehkain na

dadi ma: Vicky betay kyun pareshan kar rahay ho Maan ko abhi to woh aain hain aur aap shuru hogai.

Vicky: okay nahi kar raha bas


it’s almost 9 Geet open her eyes she she looked around and smile, she looked towards the clock and jerk out of the bed and ran towards bathroom to freshen up, she came out drying her hairs she combed her hairs and let them loose, she decend the stairs and saw trio sitting Maan busy in business magazine and other two chatting.


dadi ma: aaiye Geet beta, kaisi hain aap

Geet: mai theekh hun dadi ma aap kaisai ho, aur Vicky aap kaisai ho

Dadi ma: ham theekh hain betay

Vicky: mai as usual theekh hun

Nakul came and said that dinner is ready, Geet about to move Maan hold her hand.

Maan: Geet tumhari tabeeyat to theekh hai na

Geet: ji Maan mai theekh hun, woh sorry car mai meri aankh lag gai thi

Maan: koi baat nai Geet, tum aisai odd time pai so gai thi na is liye thora ajeeb laga keh tum theekh hona

Geet: ji Maan mai theekh hun ab chalain dinner kar laina.

Maaneet went dadi and Vicky already present on their seats Maaneet sat and they had their dinner quietly, everyone left Geet told Maan that she will sleep in her room, she will be fine, Maan agreed after taking promise from her, they went to their room and slept peacefully.


Maan woke up had his shower and got ready mean while Geet also get ready, both came down had their breakfast and left for office, they reached office, everyone was busy in the final preparations of the party, day was really busy for each and everyone associated with Khurana Constructions, time flied it’s almost 5 when everyone left so that they can reach the venue on time.


Maaneet reached mansion its almost 6 Maan asked Geet to get ready fast as the party is scheduled to held at 7:30, both went to their respective room, Maan dressed up in black shirt, black dress pant, black waist coat and white coat, looking really handsome, Geet wore beautiful white sari and simple jewellary, she put light makeup and left her hair open, Maan already waiting for her downstairs, Geet came down Maan mesmerized by her beauty, she came and stood beside Maan, dadi put kajal behind her and Maan’s ear to protect them from all evil eyes, Maaneet left together to the venue



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