Geet feel uncomfortable she moved ahead, as she moved Sasha put her feet on the pallu of Geet’s sari and with the help of heels she tore her pallu, Geet shocked at what actually happened

Geet bend down to hold her pallu but in vain as it is already torn, Geet straighten herself and cover herself with her one hand and hold her remaining sari with another hand, whole crowd was looking at her, Adi and Pinky stood rooted on their place due to shock, suddenly all lights gets off and only one spot light was on,that was focusing on her, Geet sobbing silently, tears continuously flowing down her cheeks, she bend her head down.

Maan who went outside because Sasha send him by telling him lie, came inside and get the biggest shock of his life, Geet under spot light, sobbing, trying to cover herself, and her sari was torn off, Maan pull of his coat and ran towards her covered her with his coat and pull her in a hug, to hide her from all evil and lust eyes, Geet hugged him back, Maan pull her more closely. Maan get over from the hug and hold her hand, Maan asked Adi to takeover the party on his behalf, he said sorry to Mr.Agarwal and began to move, Geet was about to fall Maan hold her by her waist and made her stand, she walked couple of steps but she was having difficulty in walking, Maan bend and hold her in his arms, Maan walked towards reception, he made Geet sit on a bench and walked towards reception.


Receptionist: can i help you sir.

Maan: yes i need to book 1 room for tonight, and can you please call your manager i need to talk to him.

Receptionist: sure sir, you name please


Receptionist: oh sorry Mr.Khurana mai nai aap ko pehchana nahi, yeh lijea room ki keys mai abhi manager ko bulata hun.

Maan: hmmm

Receptionist called the manager, Maan looked towards Geet, she was sitting resting her head on a pillar, clutching his coat. Manager came and greeted Maan

Manager: hello Mr.Khurana

Maan: hello

Manager: kehiye Mr.Khurana kaisai madat kar saktay hain aap ki

Maan: abhi jo launch party horahi hai mujhay uski CCTV footage ki copy chahea, and i don’t want any excuses

Manager: sure sir, mai aap ko courier kardoon ga

Maan: theekh hai aap mujhay Khurana Constructions kai address pai courier kardijea ga

Manager: sure sir i’ll

Maan: hmm


Maan left from their, he went towards Geet, tap her shoulder, Geet jerk and looked towards Maan, Maan gave her his hand

Maan: chalain

Geet stood she was about to take a step, Maan bend down and again hold her in his arms, Maan moved towards lift and get inside, their room is on the 10th floor, when the lift stopped Maan came out and walked towards the room, Maan made Geet stand and open the door.


Maan hold Geet to give her support both went inside, Maan closed the door behind, Maan helped Geet to walk towards the bed and made her sit over there, tears still flowing down her cheeks, Maan called Vicky to inform him that he and Geet are not coming home tonight, he tell a lie that party may be stretched till late night so they will be staying in hotel only, after finishing the call Maan came towards Geet and kneel in front of her.

Maan: Geet meri taraf dehko

Geet still looking down, tears flowing down her cheeks. Maan hold her chin and lifted her face.

Maan: kuch nahi hua hai Geet, mai hoon na, ghalti meri hi thi mujhay tumhay akelay nahi choor kai jana chahea tha, pata nai kis nai mazak kia tha, bahar koi nahi tha, please ro nahi

Maan wiped Geet tears

Geet: Maan aap is party ka kitnay din sai intezar kar rahay thai, sab meri wajha sai hua hai, aap ki party bhi kharab hue aur aap ki izat bhi

Maan: kuch bhi nahi hua hai, meri izat Geet meri izat ko kuch nahi hua hai samjhi tum, wahan sab ki nazrain tum pai thi aur tum meri izat ki baat kar rahi ho

Geet: magar Maan

Maan: Geet jo bhi hua bhool jao, aur yeh jis nai bhi kia hai is ka pata to mai laga kar rahoon ga, mai us shaqs ko itni aasani sai nahi chooron ga jis nai tumharay saath yeh kia hai.

Geet: Maan

Geet again started crying, Maan wiped her tears and pull her in a hug, Geet hugged him back and cried, Maan hugged her more closely as if he is taking all her pains, Maan spoke while hugging her

Maan: Geet aaj raat ham yaheen rukain gai, mai tumhay is halat mai ghar nahi lai jasakta, aur is waqt shops bhi nahi khuli hoon gi, mai subha tumharay liye kuch lai aaon ga, phir ghar chalain gai hmm.

Geet came out of a hug and nodded her head

Maan: ab so jao

Geet lie down, Maan covered her with quilt, he was about to move Geet hold his hand

Geet: Maan yaheen ruk jaiye na mujhay aap par pora bharosa hai, please mujhay akela nahi chorain

Maan smiled: thanks Geet mai kaheen nahi jaraha

Maan lay down beside her, Geet get closer to Maan almost in a hug, Maan hold her and put his arms securely around her, Geet fell asleep feeling secure in the castle of his arms, Maan slept after sometime thinking about the person who played with Geet’s reputation.




  1. Wow lovely FF.. enjoyed the updates…. wonder wht would maan do when he gets to knw tht the person is Sasha.. am really luving mnaeet.. plzz continue soon

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