She walked towards Maan’s private place, she saw Maan and truly mesmerized by the view in front of her. Maan doing TAI CHI practice , shirtless body covered with sweat, she looked him in awe, his swift moved grabbed her attention, the way he was kicking in air, his punches, the way he was turning his body, all these things was just mesmerizing for her, she continued admiring him, Maan did not notice her, he walked towards the tables that has ice bar placed on it, he walked in front of first table and broke the ice bar with the force of his bare hand, he got a cut on his hand due to the sharp end of broken ice , Geet came back to scenes when she heard the bang but she was unable to figure out the actual cause of that bang, Maan moved towards the second table and did the same, he again broke the ice bar with his bare hands and his cut got deepen blood ooze out from it,  this time Geet noticed what actually happened, she saw blood dropping from Maan’s hand, he was about to do work out when she screamed


Maan shocked to hear her voice, he looked towards her, he saw tears flowing down her cheeks, she came running towards him without noticing ice pieces that were all around him.

Maan: Geet ruk jao yahan nahi aao tumhay chot lag jai gi

Geet did not listen to him, she was running towards him but stopped in middle only as her feet got injure due to ice, she held her feet and sat down Maan rushed towards her and sat in front of her, keeping his hand on her feet.

Maan: mai nai khaha tha na yahan nahi aao, suna nahi na tum nai, dehko khoon nikal raha hai.

Geet: Maan mai theekh hun, apna haath dikhaiye mujhay.

Maan left her feet and stood up he turned to that his back is facing her.

Maan: haath kyun Geet kuch bhi to nahi hua hai, tum chalo mai medicine laga daita hun.

Geet stood up and walked in-front of Maan.

Geet: Maan apna haath dikhaiye mujhay.

Maan moved his wounded hand on his back, Geet hold his hand and bought it in front, she looked at his bleeding hands, her eyes becomes cloudy as tears gather in her eyes, she tore her duppatta and tied on his hand to stop bleeding, Maan looked at her, he lift his another hand and wiped her tears, Geet moved away from him. Maan was taken a back from her reaction.

Maan: Geet

Geet: aap baat mat karo mujh sai, aisay koi karta hai kya, sab ka gussa apnay aap pai nikalna, yeh bhi nahi socha dosroon ka kya hoga, dadi ka kya hoga jab woh aap kai haath pai bandage dehkain gi, woh waisai hi pareeshan thi aap ko gussay mai dekh kai aur ab yeh.

Maan: Geet mai theekh hun kuch nahi hua.

Geet {while sobbing}: aap ko sab ki fikar hai bas apni fikar nahi hai, gussay mai itna bhi dehan nahi dia keh aap jo kar rahay hain usai aap ko bhi choot aa sakti hai, aur choot lagnay kai baad wapas wohi kia, aap aisai kyun ho Maan. Sasha ka gussa apnay upar kyun nikala Maan.

Maan {wiped her tears}: Geet Sasha nai jo kia uski saza usai mill gai, han mai nai gussa apnay upar nikala, magar mujhay gussa us pai nahi tha, mujhay gussa is baat pai araha tha keh mai tumhay usdin protect nahi kar paya, tumhara saath choor kai gaya, mujhay gussa is baat pai tha keh jab woh sab tumharay saath hua mai wahan nahi tha.

Geet looked at Maan, tears again threaten to escape from her eyes, she hugged him, he hugged her back.

Geet: Maan aap itnai achay kyun ho, kyun aap meri itni fikar kartay ho, kyun meray liye puri dunya sai lartay ho.

Maan: Geet waqt anay pai tumhay bataon ga abhi nahi.

Geet looked up at Maan.

Geet: mai us waqt ka intezaar karun gi, magar abhi aap mujh sai aik wada karain keh ab aap aisi koi harkat nahi karain gai

Maan: Geet mai wada karta hai ab apnay aap ko chot nahi pohchaon ga.

Both again hugged each other.




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