Maan came to his room and fell asleep thinking about Geet.


Maan and Geet walking holding hands together, enjoying the cloudy weather, he hold her more closely, cool wind start blowing, she get more closer to him, he moved away from her and covered her with his jacket, he again hold her, Geet saw a tea stall near the corner, she asked Maan that she want’s tea, he refused first then agreed, he walked towards the stall and purchased for her, he was coming back when they heard a sound of fire, she got scared due to the sound, before she realized what had happened, she saw Maan fall on the ground, she got scared and ran towards him, she hold him and took him in his lap, he looked at her with lot of pain in his eyes, she saw blood oozing out near his heart, that sound of fire was basically an attack on Maan, she looked every where for help but no one was ready to help her, he took her hand in his and asked her to promise him that she will move forward in her life, she will be happy, she was crying bitterly, he hold her hand more firmly and asked her to promise, she promise him between her sobs, he moved her hand and placed it on his heart, saying i love you, she replied him back, he slowly closed his eyes to never open again.


she woke up with a jerk, she was looking scared, she pull her dupatta and ran towards Maan’s room, she banged in and found his room empty, she ran down the stairs almost fall from the stairs, she was sobbing, she saw Vicky sitting,reading newspaper, she ran towards him, he saw her and stood up.


Vicky: Geet kya hua aap itni dari hue kyun ho.

Geet {while sobbing}: Maan kahan hain Vicky please batao.

Vicky: Geet kya baat hai, kya hua hai.

Geet {she hold Vicky’s collar}: bolo na Vicky Maan kahan hai.

Vicky {hold Geet from her shoulder}: Geet bhai office gai hain, kya baat hai.

Geet: Vicky Maan ko bulao please unhain bulao

Dadi comes and saw Geet in terrible state, Vicky holding her and she was sobbing, she walked towards them and put her hand on Geet’s shoulder, she turned and hugged dadi.

Dadi ma: kya hua Geet betay.

Geet: dadi ma Maan ko bula dain, mujhay Maan chahea please.

Dadi ma: Geet betay hamain bataiye kya baat hai

Geet: Maan

dadi asked Vicky to call Maan. he called him and informed about Geet’s condition, he got scared and rushed towards mansion, he parked his car and ran towards the entrance, he stepped in and saw Geet crying bitterly, she saw him and ran towards him, her duppata fall form her shoulder while she was running, she ran and hugged Maan , Maan got confused and hugged her back, he hold her tightly,  she was crying with a smile on her face, she came out of the hug and hold his face,  he still looked confused, he moved his hands and wiped her tears , he hold her from her shoulder, both walk inside, he picked her duppata and covered her with it, dadi asked him to take her upstairs, he walked towards his room.



both walk in Maan closed the door behind, he came towards Geet, she turned and hugged him holding him as tight as she could, he hugged her back, patting her head.



Maan: kya hua Geet, itni dari hue kyun ho.

Geet: Maan aap theekh hona

Maan: han mai theekh hun baat kya hai.


Maan tried to come out of the hug but she tightened her grip. she narrated her dream, after listening her dream Maan hold her more closely.


Maan: mai theekh hun Geet, kuch nahi hua hai mujhay, tumharay pass hun, tumharay saath hun, dehko mujhay.


Geet looked at Maan, he wiped her tears.



Geet: Maan agar aap ko kuch hua to mai


Maan did not let her complete her sentence.


Maan: mujhay kuch nahi hoga, woh aik bura sapna tha, bhool jao usai Geet, buray sapnay kabhi sach nahi hotay.

Geet: magar Maan.

Maan: shu bas.


Maan and Geet remain in hug for some time.





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