Maan asked Geet to change, meanwhile he also changed, both walked towards the parking area of Mansion hand in hand and left the mansion. their was complete silence in car, Maan broke the silence.





Maan: kya baat hai Geet itni chup kyun ho.

Geet: kuch nahi Maan

Maan: acha yeh batao kahan jana hai.

Geet: kaheen bhi

Maan: shopping chalain.

Geet: jaisi aap ki marzi.

Maan: theekh hai shopping chaltay hain.

Maan drove towards the mall, he parked the car, both came out and walked towards the mall.



Maan: Geet ab to batao kya lo gi.

Geet: kuch samhaj nahi araha Maan.

Maan: chalo us shop mai chaltay hain.

Maan pointed towards sari shop.

Geet: Maan wahan to sari’s hain

Maan: han Geet pata hai mujhay, mai nai tumhay kaha tha na tum sari mai zyada achi lagti ho, chalo.

Geet: ji

Maan and Geet entered the store, salesman recognized Maan.

salesman: Mr. Khurana aap, aaiye kya dekhna chahain gai aap.

Maan: kuch net sari’s aur kuch simple.

salesman: aaiye sir mai dikhata hun.

Maan: chalo Geet.

Maan and Geet settled themselves, salesman start showing some sari’s to them, Maan asked Geet to select, she looked at sari’s, she found every sari beautiful, she looked towards Maan.

Maan: kya hua Geet.

Geet: Maan yeh to sab sari’s bohat pyari hain mujhay kuch samhaj nahi araha, aap help karain na please.

Maan: Geet mai.

Geet: please Maan.

Maan: theekh hai.

Maan selected 8 beautiful sari’s, he asked Geet for her approval, she loved the sari’s.





Geet: Maan itni sari sari’s ki kya zaroorat hai

Maan: bas tumhay pasand hai na kafi hai. ab chalain

Geet: ji Maan.

Maan moved towards the counter and paid using his credit card,  they left the shop, Geet looked towards traditional dresses shop.

Geet: Maan waahan chalain na please mujhay Indian dresses lainai hain.

Maan: theekh hai chalo.

Geet: Maan payment mai karoon gi un dresses ki.

Maan: theekh hai tum kardaina khush

Geet smiled, both waled towards the shop, she saw some beautiful dresses, in which she got attracted towards two beautiful dresses one blue and second one white, she asked Maan about the dresses, he also loved it, she paid for the dresses and left, Maan asked her whether she want’s to buy anything else, she refused.




Geet: Maan aap nai meray liye to itnay dresses lai liye apnay liye kuch nahi liya.

Maan: Geet meray pass bohat dresses hain.

Geet: nahi Maan aap bhi lo na apnay liye kuch, mujhay acha nahi lagay ga.

Maan: theekh hai chalo.

Maan and Geet walked towards men shop, Maan selected few casual shirts, office wear, ties, jeans and dress pants, with the help of Geet, he paid and they left from their.

Maan: Geet shopping to hogai chalo tumhay aik jagha lai kai chalta hun.

Geet: kahan Maan

Maan: surprise hai.

Maan and Geet left from the mall, Maan put the bags on the back seat and settled himself on the driving seat, he drove the car.



Maan saw Geet looking outside.

Maan: kya dekh rahi ho Geet.

Geet: kuch nahi Maan aj kai din ko khatam hotay hue dekh rahi hun.

Maan: Geet aj ka din khatam hoga tabhi to dosra din aai ga na, aj ka suraj dhalay ga tabhi to aik nai subha ka agaz hoga.

Geet: yeh bhi hai, acha Maan ham kahan ja raahay hain

Maan: bas thori dair or abhi pata chal jai ga.

Geet nodded, rest of the drive was completely in silence, after sometime.




Maan’s car slide in huge iron gates, passing through the drive ways covered with trees, Geet did not notice the name board that was placed on the door addressing KHURANA’S he parked the car, both came out of the car and Maan guide her towards their destiny, when they reaced she got mesmerized by the view in front of her eyes.

Geet: Maan yeh ham kahan aai hain, itna pyara mazar mai nai kabhi nahi dehka.

Maan: Geet yeh koi or dekh bhi nahi sakta.

Geet: kyun Maan.

Maan: wo isliye kyun keh yeh KHURANA’S ka PRIVATE BEACH hai

Geet: really, Maan bohat khobsoorat hai.

Maan: chalo pani kai pass chaltay hain.

Maan and Geet walked to the main area of beach, they walked at the coast of beach, water touching their feets, they spend their whole evening at the beach, it’s almost 8 when one servant came.

Servant: Maan sir, woh guard nai hamain batay keh aap aai hue hain, to khana ready hai lagwa doon.

Maan: han yaheen bahar lagwado.

Servant: ji sir abhi lagwa daita hun.

Servants arrange the table near tree, where they can eat and enjoy the view. they came and informed Maan that dinner is ready, Maan and Geet walked towards the table, he pulled out the seat for Geet, she sat and Maan sat in front of her, both have their dinner in silent,enjoying each other company and the view, after having dinner.



Maan: kya soch rahi ho Geet.

Geet: thank you Maan.

Maan: thanks kis baat kai liye.

Geet: mai nai kabhi socha bhi nahi tha mai aik din yeh sab dehkoon gi, aur itna enjoy karun gi, thanks Maan aaj ka din sab sai memorable tha.

Maan: Geet thanks ki koi zaroorat nahi hai, aur mai wada karta hun tumhari zindagi mai aik or din aisa aai ga jo is sai bhi yaad gar hoga.

Geet smiled

Maan: Geet ghar chalain.

Geet: ji.

Maan and Geet left the beach, he drove back to mansion.





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