Maan and Geet remain in hug for some time.


Maan: Geet jao fresh hojao, aur ab aur nahi rona.

Geet: Maan aap kaheen mat jana

Maan: Geet mai yaheen hun kaheen nahi jaon ga tum jao.


Geet leave him and walked towards washroom, before entering she looked back at him, he smiled at her and she walked in, Maan called Adi and informed him that he is not coming back so he have to look after the work and meetings, Geet came out after sometime, and saw Maan sitting on bed changed in his casual wear, she walked towards him and sat beside him, she kept her head on his shoulder. he looked towards her.


Maan: kya hua Geet

Geet: kuch nahi Maan aisai hi

Maan: Geet abhi bhi pareshaan ho, bhool jao na, kyun apnay aap ko dukhi kar rahi ho, mai yaheen hun tumharay pass dehko office bhi nahi jaraha, chalo neechay chaltay hain, utho.


Maan stood up and gave her his hand she hold it firmly, they both decend the stairs, dadi and Vicky siting in hall and waiting for them, they saw them and stood up.




dadi ma: agai aap dono, behto yahan.


dadi and Vicky sat together and Geet sat with Maan still holding his hand, not leaving him, due to her fare.


Vicky: Geet ap theekh hain na, hua kya tha.


Geet look lost she did not reply, Maan looked at her, slowly bend her towards her ears and softly called her, she looked at him, he smiled at her and tell her that Vicky is asking something.


Geet: sorry Vicky mai nai suna nahi kya keh rahay thai aap

Vicky: koi baat nahi Geet, mai yeh pooch raha tha aap theekh hain na, kya hua tha.

Geet: mai theekh hun woh

Dadi ma: Vicky betay mat pareshaan karo Geet ko, Geet betay yahan aaiye hamaray pass.


Geet looked at Maan and tightened her hold on his hand, he looked at her and spoke softly


Maan: jao Geet mai yaheen hun, kaheen nahi jaraha.


Geet nodded in negative, he again tried to convince her but in vain, dadi noticed the silent talk between them


Dadi ma: kya baat hai Maan betay aap hi hamain bata dain, Geet itna kis baat sai dari hain


Maan narrated her dream to dadi, she looked towards Geet, her eyes were moist and some tears finds their way down her cheeks, dadi stood up and sat beside her, she hold her face and wiped her tears and pull her in a hug.


Dadi ma: nahi Geet betay roye mat, Maan ko kuch nahi hoga ham sab hain na unkay saath, sab sai bari baat aap unkay saath hain, aap kay hotay hue unhay kuch nahi hoga.

Geet {between her sobs}: magar dadi ma subha ka sapna to

Dadi ma: nahi betay zaroori nahi hai keh har sapna sach ho, buray sapnay sach nahi hotay, buray sapnay bhool janay kai liye hotay hain, bhool jao betay us sapnay ko, hamaray Maan hamain aur aap ko choor kai kaheen nahi jain gai.


Vicky asked Nakul to bring water, he took the glass, walked towards Geet kneel infront of her and handed over the glass to her, she refused to drink it, Maan hold the glass and made her drink it.


Vicky: Geet aap roye mat, meray hotay hue mai bhai ko kuch nahi honay doon ga, jab tak mai hoon bhai ko koi kuch nahi karsakta, yeh aik wada hai aik bhai ka apni behn sai, aap meri bari behn ki tarhan ho, aur mai aap ko khush dekhna chahta hun, bhai ko kuch nahi hoga.


Geet nodded, she feel slightly better, dadi asked Nakul to arrange lunch, they had their lunch in silence, Geet still not leaving Maan’s side, after having lunch they sat in lounge.


Dadi ma: Maan betay aik kam karain Geet kai saath kaheen bahar ho aiye usai acha lagay ga.

Maan: dadi ma mai

Dadi ma: han ham jantay hain aap ko nahi pasand but Maan abhi zaroori hai chlain jaiye Geet ko kaheen laikay unhay acha lagay ga.

Maan: ji dadi ma.


Maan asked Geet to change, meanwhile he also changed, both walked towards the parking area of Mansion hand in hand and left the mansion.





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