dadi distributed work among them, they got busy in their respective work. the day passed quickly and everyone retired to bed as they were tired.



after having breakfast everyone settled in lounge. Vicky and dadi was busy finalizing invitation cards, Maan and Geet stealing glances, dadi noticed it.


dadi ma: Maan betay Geet ko kyun chup chup kai kyun dekh rahay ho, abhi to woh aap kai saath hi jarahi hain aram sai dekhna.

Maan: woh mai dadi ma.

dadi ma: kya woh mai han, aur Geet betay aap bhi.

Geet: nahi dadi ma mai woh


Geet felt shy she ran from their, Maan stood and was about to move when Vicky hold his hand.


Vicky: bhai aap kahan chalay yaheen bethiye na.


Maan glared at Vicky.


Maan: haath choro Vicky har waqt mazak acha nahi hota hai.

Vicky: bhai nazar kyun hotay ho, bhabhi theekh hain.


dadi looked towards Maan.


dadi ma: han Maan betay Vicky theekh keh rahay hain Geet theekh hain, woh sharma gai thi is liye aisai chali gai, aap pareshaan na ho.

Maan: dadi ma mai abhi aya

dadi ma: jaiye beta, Vicky janay do apnay bhai ko.


Vicky left his hand, he walked towards Geet’s room, he knocked and walked inside.



Maan walked towards Geet and placed his hand on her shoulder.


Maan: Geet tum theekh hona.


Geet turned towards Maan and hold his hand.


Geet: ji Maan mai bilkul theekh hoon aap pareshaan mat ho.

Maan: pakka na Geet.


Geet placed her hand on Maan’s cheek.


Geet: sach Maan mai theekh hoon.


Maan hugged Geet, she hold him tight.


Geet: kya baat hai Maan kuch hua hai kya.

Maan: nahi Geet kuch nahi hua hai, aisai hi tumhari fikar horahi thi.

Geet: mai theekh hun, aur jab tak aap meray saath ho mujhay kya hoga.


Maan broke the hug, he cupped her face and kissed her forehead.


Maan: Geet shopping kai liye chalain.


Geet nodded, both went downstairs, Maan picked up his car keys, and left after taking dadi’s blessings.



Maan: Geet shaadi pai kya pehno gi.

Geet: Maan jo aap pasand karain gai woh pehnon gi.

Maan: magar Geet.

Geet: nahi Maan mai chahti hun jo aap pasand karo mai woh pehnon.

Maan: jis mai tumhari khushi mai woh karoon ga, mai bas tumhay khush dekhna chahta hoon.


Geet smiled and rest her head on his shoulder, they reached the mall, he parked his car and he guided her towards the designer shop.



shop owner welcomed Maan and Geet.


Shop owner: welcome Mr and would be Mrs.Khurana. Mr.Khurana jaisa keh aap nai kaha tha aaj yeh shop sirf aap dono kai liye book hai.


Geet looked towards Maan he smiled.


Maan: thanks aap nai itnay short notice pai yeh kia.

Shop owner: Mr.Khurana is mai thanks ki kya baat hai, aap ko yahan kon nahi janta kya ham aap kai liye itna bhi nahi kar saktay.


Maan smiled.


Shop keeper: Mr. and would be Mrs.Khurana aaiye mai aap ko room dikha dai ta aap dono aram sai select karlain dresses.


Maan nodded and they moved towards the special room, Maan and Geet walked inside and shop owner left from there.


Geet: Maan yeh kya aap nai puri shop hi book kar wa di.


Maan walked towards Geet and spoke near her ear.

Maan: Geet mai chahta tha keh jab tum apni zindagi kai sab sai khobsoorat lamhay kai liye kuch lo to koi tumharay aas pass na ho siwai meray.

Geet: Maan itna pyar kahan sai latay ho aap, mujhay dar lagta hai kabhi kabhi.


Maan pulled her towards him, she circled her arms around his neck.

Maan: Geet meray hotay hue tumhay darnay ki zaroorat nahi hai, tum ho hi itni pyari kai tum sai pyar hogaya mujhay.


Geet blushed and hugged Maan, he hugged her back.


Maan: Geet chalo tumharay liye shaadi ka jora dekhtay hain.


Geet nodded both looked around, after looking many dresses Maan selected red sharara with golden work.


Maan: Geet isai pehn kai dikhao na

Geet: Maan abhi yahan

Maan: please Geet

Geet: Maan aap ko please kehnay ki zaroorat nahi hai, mai abhi aai.


Geet walked towards the trial room, Maan was waiting impatiently for her outside, after some time she came out wearing her wedding dress, perfectly fitting on her. Maan moved towards her and covered her head with dupatta, he cupped her face and kissed her forehead, he slowly moved towards her eyes, he kissed her both eyes, she closed her eyes, she started breathing heavily, Maan moved little downwards and kissed her both cheeks, he inched closer, closing the distance¬† between their lips, she felt his breath falling on her, she softly called “MAAN”, Maan looked towards her, he cupped her face and kissed her forehead again, she hugged him as tight as she could.


Geet: I Love You Maan.

Maan: I Love You Too Geet.





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