Geet nodded and both went down, Geet helped in kitchen, while Maan and Vicky looked after the decoration, rest of the day went busy, after having dinner they all drifted off to sleep.




everyone gathered in dining hall, Geet walked in she looked around but couldn’t find Maan, Vicky noticed her restlessness he spoke.


Vicky: bhabhi aap jisai dhoond rahi hain woh yahan nahi hain, meray khayal sai to woh uthay hi nahi hain abhi tak, warna bhai to unthnay kai baad neechay ajatay hain.

Geet: abhi tak nahi uthay, magar woh to jaldi uthtay hain.

dadi ma: Geet betay ham bhi yehi soch rahay hain keh woh abhi tak aai kyun nahi, aaj aap ki haldi bhi hai. aap jaiye ja kai dehkain unhay.

Geet: ji dadi.




Geet slowly open the bedroom door, she saw Maan still sleeping she walked towards him and sat beside him, she put her hand on his forehead, his skin was burning due to fever, she got worried and ran downstairs.




Geet came running Vicky saw her first he stood up.

Vicky: kya hua bhabhi.

Geet: catch her breath, woh Maan.

dadi ma: kya hua Maan ko.

Geet: dadi ma Maan ko bohat taiz bukhar horaha hai.

dadi ma: Geet pareshaan nahi hua beta, aik kam karo unkay maathay pai thanday pani ki pati rakho, or Vicky aap doctor ko phone karo.

Geet: ji dadi ma.


Geet went to kitchen, she picked required things and rushed back to Maan’s room.




Geet walked towards Maan and sat beside him, she took the cloth and dip it in cold water, she carefully placed it on Maan’s forehead, she did this several times, Maan slowly hold Geet’s hand and softly called.


Maan: GEET.

Geet {hold his hand firmly}: han Maan mai yaheen hun aap kai pass, aankhain kholain na apni.


Maan slowly open his eyes.


Maan: Geet.

Geet: hmmmm

Maan: mai theekh hoon Geet pareshaan mat ho.

Geet: mai pareshaan nahi hun Maan.

Maan: acha to phir yeh aansu.

Geet: woh to.


just then Vicky walked in with doctor, Geet was about to get up but Maan hold his hand, doctor examined Maan and told them not to worry it’s just viral, he prescribed some medicines then left, dadi sat beside him and caressed his hairs.


dadi ma: aaj aap ki haldi hai aur aap ki tabeeyat.

Maan: nahi dadi ma, shadi ki rasmian jis din final hue thi usi din hoon gi, haldi aaj thi aaj hi hogi.

Geet: magar Maan aap ki tabeeyat.

Maan: Geet mai theekh hun, haldi sham mai haina, mai tab tak promise rest karloon ga, magar functions cancle nahi karo aap loog please.

Vicky: dadi, bhabhi, meray khayal sai bhai theekh keh raahay hain, functions cancle nahi kartay, magar bhai rest matlub rest no work.

Maan: yes boss.


Geet and dadi giggled while Vicky make an annoyed face.


Vicky: or han bhai taiyarioon ki fikar na karain woh mai dekh loon ga, mai hoon Adi bhai han or baqe office staff ham karlain gai.


Maan gesture Vicky to sit beside him, he sat beisde him, Maan put his hand on Vicky’s shoulder.


Maan: mai janta hoon Vicky tumharay hotay hue mujhay kisi bhi cheez ki fikar karnai ki zaroorat nahi hai, mai hoon ya na hoon tum sab sambhal lo gai.

Vicky: bhai aap bhi na, kaisai baatain kar rahay ho, ab chalo aram karo aap.

dadi ma: chalo ab bohat batain hogai Maan aap aram karo, Geet betay aap yaheen ruko magar time pai taiyar hojana.

Geet: ji dadi ma.


dadi and Vicky left closing the door behind, Maan spread his arm, Geet rested her head on his shoulder and hugged him, he circled his arm and softly caressed her back.


Maan: kya baat hai Geet.

Geet: Maan aap nai aisa kyun kaha keh aap hoon ya na hoon, Maan please aisi baatain nahi kiya kijea mai aap kai bina nahi rehsakti.

Maan: acha mishti ab nahi karoon ga, mai tumhay chor kai kaheen nahi jarahi, meri zindagi tumhary bina adhori hai, Maan Singh Khurana Geet kai bina kuch nahi hai.

Geet: I Love You Maan.

Maan: I Love You Too Geet, aisai pareshaan nahi hoa karo.

Geet: nahi horahi, ab so jaiye.


Maan fall asleep having Geet in his arms, day passed its evening Geet got ready in her room, when she heard a knock on her window, she walked towards the window and opened it, she got shocked and surprised to see Maan on the other side, Maan jumped inside, he looked at her and lost in her beauty, she wore yellow dress while Maan wore white kurta shalwar,he shook her.


Maan: kya hua kahan kho gaeen.

Geet: Maan aap yahan kya kar rahay ho, Pinky ya dadi agaeen to, jao na yahan sai, waisai bhi aap ki tabeeyat theekh nahi hai aur aap yeh harkatain kar rahay ho.

Maan: Geet itna sab aik saath kasai bol laiti hoo tum.


Maan picked little haldi on his hand and rubbed it on her cheeks.

Maan: mai yahan apni mishti ko haldi laganai aya tha, ab bhala mujh sai pehlay koi kaisai laga sakta tha. tum pai pehla haq to mera hai.


Geet smiled, she took haldi and rubbed it on Maan’s cheeks.

Geet: aap pai bhi pehla haq mera hi hai Mr.Maan Singh Khurana.

Maan: mujh pai to sirf aap ka hi haq hai Mrs.Maan Singh Khurana.


Geet smiled and hugged Maan, just then somebody knocked at the door, both moved away and she asked him to go, after he left she opened the door dadi and Pinky came to take her down, first they applied haldi on Geet and after wards on Maan, Maan first gets annoyed then he agreed, after the haldi ceremony dadi aked Geet to take bath with milk, after having bath she came down, whole family including office staff ate their dinner, after having dinner they all went to their room while office staff left to their home, Geet walked in Maan’s room she gave him medicines after saying Good Night she went to her room, they selpt thinking about each other.





  1. Thank God, u finally updated!! It’s been sooo long! Anyway, the update was really good. n i love the way u use picture n stils from the serial to support ur text!!

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