Geet looked towards Maan and hugged him tightly, he hugged her back. Both came out of hug mutually after sometime, both went near the swing Geet sat on the sing Maan sat on the floor in front of her resting his head on her lap, she stroked his hairs lovingly, they sat there for some time and then went to their room after saying good night and kiss to eachother.


The morning is really pleasant no sign of scorching sunrays, cool breeze blowing, birds chirping happily, flowers blooming looking fresh, everything seems to be happy as finally the day came when most eligible bachelor of Delhi MAAN SINGH KHURANA is getting married.

Maan woke up with a smile on his face, he went to freshen up, after coming back he went to his private area for his daily morning exercise, meanwhile Geet woke up today she feel like seeing Maan’s face first in the morning, she slowly came out of bed and walked towards Maan’s room.


Geet knocked the door and found it open, she slowly went inside to find room empty, she looked for Maan in balcony and washroom but he was not there, her face dropped in disappointment, she walked towards bed and sat there, after sometime she made herself comfortable on bed, she slowly dosed off again hugging Maan’s pillow, after an hour Maan came back he walked in closing the door behind, as he looked towards his bed he got shocked and surprise looking at his life sleeping peacefully hugging his pillow, he walked towards Geet, he hold the rim of bed and admire Geet for some time   he slowly walked towards his side and sat beside Geet  , he saw few hairs disturbing her cheeks Maan slowly bend on her and remove her hairs and tugged them behind her ears , Geet hold his hand and kept it between her cheeks and pillow   Maan smiled looking at her, he softly caresses her cheeks, she slowly open her eyes.

Geet: Maan.
Maan: hmm Geet, aap yahan kya kar rahi hain subha subha.
Geet: so rahi thi Maan.
Maan: yahan meray room mai.
Geet: Maan yeh mera room nahi hai kya {she said while making baby face}

Maan smiled looking at her, he softly pull her cheeks.

Maan: han Geet yeh hamara room hai, but aap abhi yahan kya kar rahi hain, kisi nai dekh lia to.
Geet {while resting her head on Maan’s shoulder}: Maan subha uth kai sab sai pehlay aap ka chehra dekhnai ka mann kar raha tha magar aap thai hi nahi to aap ka intezaar kartay kartay so gai.
Maan smiled and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

Maan: Geet kal sai to har din ki shuruwat tumhara muskurata hua chehra dekh kai hogi aur har din ka ikhtitam tumhari bahoon mai hoga.

Geet said Maan softly and hugged him. Maan hugged her back, Maan spoke while hugging.

Maan: Geet ab apnai room mai jao is sai pehlay koi dekh lai, shaam mai shadi hai aur agar dadi ya Vicky nai hamain abhi aisai saath dehka na to pura din leg pulling karain gai.
Geet: ji Maan.

Geet was about to go when Maan pull her.

Geet: kya hua Maan.
Maan: I Love You Geet.
Geet: Love you too Maan.


Geet went to her room and changed mean while Maan also changed his dress, both went down and greet dadi and Vicky, they had their breakfast, soon Adi and other office staff joined them, boys look after the preparation while Pinky gave company to Geet and dadi, after couple of hours few girls came from parlor dadi requested them to attend Geet at mansion only, dadi asked Geet to comfortably settle herself on couch nad asked girls to apply mehndi. Girls start adorning her hands and leg with mehndi, Vicky and Maan also present there Maan sitting completely lost in Geet while Vicky looking after the menu list, after some time one of the girl asked about grooms name, Geet blushed and looked down, girls and other giggled looking flushed Geet.

Vicky: aray bhabhi aap itna kyun sharma rahi hain, bhai ka nam batain na.
Dadi ma: han betay bataiye na apnai unka nam.
Geet smile her face become redder, Maan looked towards Geet and smile.


Vicky whistle and Maan slightly hit his head.

Maan: Vicky yahan badmashi karnai kai bajai kam karo samjahy.
Vicky: ji bhai mai abhi finally settings dekhnai hi jaraha hoon, waisai abhi Adi bhai ki call aai thi keh rahay thai sab perfect hai, aur media to abhi sai waheen hai, besabri sai BUSINESS TYCOON THE GREAT MAAN SINGH KHURANA ki shaadi ka wait kar rahay hain.
Dadi ma: Vicky betay abhi sai but shadi mai to waqt hai.
Maan: Dadi ma mai nai is liye engagement mai media ka mana kia tha, ab dekhain shadi shaam mai hai magar abhi sai media mansion kai bahar hai.
Dadi smiled: ab betay aap ki shadi hai to yeh sab to hona hi tha, aik to aap Delhi kai one of the best business man ho phir Khurana’s ki royalty bhi hai, aur aap is ghar kai baray betay hain.
Maan: ji dadi ma janta hoon.
Vicky: aap loog betho mai ajaon ga thori dair mai.
Dadi ma: theekh hai beta agar kuch chahea hoto kisi servant ko bula laina woh ajain gai pechay walay hall mai.

Vicky nodded and left, mean while girls finished with mehndi, dadi asked Pinky to take Geet in her room, while Maan and dadi talked for a while.

Few hours left for the grand wedding, since morning there was hustle bustle in media as everyone wants to see the girl whole stole Maan’s heart. Khurana mansion decorated beautifully with different lights and flowers, each and every corner is decorated but large hall is decorated most beautifully where the wedding gonna take place.




They all did a group hug, after having group hug dadi asked everyone to join them at dinner and continue the fun later. They all went and have their dinner, Maan and Geet eat their dinner stealing each other glances, after having dinner they enjoyed for sometime then everyone left Khurana Mansion, Khurana’s settled themselves in lounge.

Vicky: kitna maza aya na dadi ma, bhai aap nai pehlay shaadi kyun nahi ki.

Dadi ma: Vicky kya matlub aap ka, aap ko maza aya is liye Maan pehlay shaadi karlaitay bhalay unhay koi larki milti ya nahi.

Vicky: Bhabhi aap bhai ki zindagi mai pehlay kyun nahi aain.

Maan looked towards Vicky and spoke.

Maan: Vicky tumhari badmashi phir shuru hogai, karlo jitni badmashi karni hai, meri bhi aik din bari aai gi, dadi ma aik kam karain Vicky kai liye koi larki dhoond kai iski shaadi karwadain, phir is ki badmashi kam hogi.

Vicky: Bhai kal shaadi aap ki hai meri nahi, apni shaadi kai baray mai sochain, aur meray liye larki bhabhi dhoondain gi, mujhay bhabhi jaisi larki chahea.

Geet: Mai, magar Vicky dadi ma is ghar ki bari hain yeh unka haq hai.

Dadi ma: Geet betay Vicky sahi keh raha hai, aap hi dhoondna is khandan ki choti bahu.

Geet nodded and looked towards Maan, he smiled.

Maan: Waisai Vicky tumhay Geet jaisi larki nahi mill sakti.

Vicky: kyun bhai, agar aap ko mill sakti hai to mujhay kyun nahi.

Maan: Woh is liye kyun keh Geet jaisa is dunya mai aur koi nahi hai, Geet sirf aik hi jo ab meri hai MAAN KI GEET.

Vicky: wow bhai not bad han.

Dadi ma: Chalo ab bohat batain hogai aap sab jakay rest karo thak gai hoon gai na phir kal sham mai shaadi bhi to hai, aur Geet aap ko kal mehndi bhi to lagwani hai MAAN kai naam ki.

Geet blushed and looked down.

Vicky: Dadi ma bhabhi aisai sharmatay hue aur khoobsoorat lagti haina.

Maan shoot a glare at Vicky. Dadi and Geet giggled looking at Maan’s possessiveness, dadi blessed Maaneet and left to her room dragging Vicky with her. Maan looked towards Geet and smile, he hold her hand.

Maan: Geet tum khush hona.

Geet rested her head on Maan’s shoulder.

Geet: bohat khush hoon Maan, thank you meri zindagi mai anay kai liye.

Maan placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

Maan: Geet jao change karlo thak gai hoo gi.

Geet: Ji Maan, aap bhi change karlain.

Maan: Geet aik baat kahoon.

Geet: kehye na Maan.

Maan: Geet aaj tum bohat khoobsoorat lag rahai theen.

Geet smiled and looked down, Maan hugged her sideways

Maan: Geet aisay hi muskuratay rehna.

Geet: Maan

Maan: hmm bolo

Geet: I LOVE YOU Maan thank you meri zindagi mai anai kai liye, agar aap nahi hotay to pata nahi mai us air crash walay hadsay kai baad apnai aap ko sambhal paati bhi ya nahi.

Maan hold her hand.

Maan: Geet tumhay thanks kehnai ki zaroorat nahi hai, mai har qadam hoon tumharay saath GEET KAI BINA MAAN ADHOORA HAI, MAI TUM SAI BOHAT PYAR KARTA HOON, MERI SAANSAIN TUM SAI CHALTI HAIN GEET, TUM MERI ZINDAGI HOO. Geet ab jao change karloo.

Geet: ji Maan mai jarhi hoon.

Maan and Geet went to their room, they took bath and came out after some time, Geet wore pink shalwar suit while Maan wore white shirt and black pant. Maan set his hairs and walked towards Geet’s room, he knocked and walked inside, Maan came in and saw Geet drying her hairs, Maan walked towards her and hugged her from back.


Geet: Maan aap, aap yahan kya kar rahay ho.

Maan hold her more tightly and nuzzle her neck with his nose.

Maan: mai yahan apni mishti ko dekhnai aya tha.

MAAN said Geet softly as Maan’s lips touch the side of Geet’s neck, Maan placed a soft kiss on her neck, he slowly placed his hand on her back and other hand under her knees and lifted her, Geet circle her arms around his neck.


Geet: Maan ham kahan jarahay hain.

Maan: tumhay mujh pai bharoosa haina.

Geet rested her head on Maan’s shoulder.

Geet: apnay rab sai bhi zyada aap pai bharoosa hai Maan.

Maan smile and hold her more closely, he walked towards terrace carrying Geet in his arms, when they reached Geet saw terrace beautifully decorated with flowers and candles, she looked towards Maan and smiled.

Geet: Maan yeh sab, yeh sab kab kia aap nai.

Maan: Geet mai chahta tha shaadi sai pehlay mai kuch lamhay tumharay saath guzaroon jo hamesha yaad rahain, yeh sab mai nai sangeet sai pehlay kia tha, jab sab sangeet ki taiyari kar rahay thai to mai nai yeh sab kia.

Geet: Maan aap meray liye kitna karoo gai.

Maan slowly placed her on the swing, he start pushing the swing from front.


Maan: Geet mai tumharay chehray pai khushi dekhnai kai liye khuch bhi karsakta hoon, mujhay bas tumhay khush dekhna hai, phir chahay mai poori dunya tumharay daman mai laakay na bhaar doon.

Geet: Maan aap ko pata hai aap dunya kai sab sai achay pati ho, aap itnai achay kyun ho.

Maan: kyun keh tum achi ho, tum itni achi ho is liye tumhay mai aur sab kuch acha lagta hai.

Maan kissed her forehead and gave her his hand, she hold his hand, Maan took her where he placed full size mirror, she looked towards him with confusion written on her face, Maan smiled and hold the side of her duppatta, he covered her head with duppatta and moved behind her, he hugged her from back, both looked at each other through mirror. Maan left Geet and moved towards her side, he picked a box from the table placed in front of mirror, he opened it and took beautiful mangalsutar from it and kept the box back. Geet looked towards Maan with all love.


Geet: Maan yeh, yeh kab lia aap nai, usdin sab jewellary li thi magar yeh nahi lia tha.

Maan: Geet yeh mai nai order pai banwaya hai, mai dekhnai chahta tha yeh keh yeh tum pai kaisai lagay ga shaadi kai waqt pehna nai sai pehlay, aur sab sai bari baat tum sai yeh pochna chahta tha keh tumhay pasand aya ya nahi.

Geet: Maan aap nai pasand kia hai to bohat acha hoga.

Maan: nahi Geet mai chahta hoon tum dehko aur mujhay sach sach batao pasand aya ya nahi agar nahi aaya to koi baat nahi hum kal subha jakay dosra lai lain gai.

Geet: Maan mai sach keh rahi hoon yeh bohat khoobsoorat hai, mujhay bohat pasand aya.

Maan smiled and moved towards her back, he placed the mangalsutar on her neck and hold its end to protect it from falling, he looked towards her in awe, she felt shy and looked down.


Maan: Geet apni nazrain utha kai dehko to kaisa lag raha hai.

Geet looked up and blushed. Maan kissed her cheeks, he slowly took mangalsutar back and placed it safely inside the box.

Maan: kal poori dunya kai saamnai mai tumhay yeh pehna kai hamesha kai liye apna bana loon ga, phir ko bandish koi dar, koi jhijhak nahi, sirf mai or tum.

Geet looked towards Maan and hugged him tightly, he hugged her back. Both came out of hug mutually after sometime, both went near the swing Geet sat on the sing Maan sat on the floor in front of her resting his head on her lap, she stroked his hairs lovingly, they sat there for some time and then went to their room after saying good night and kiss to eachother.