UPDATE 18+ sorry for mistakes in advance only, this is my 1st long and bold update.

Pinky moved away from the door all left from there leaving Maan alone. Maan took a deep breath and opened the door, he slowly moved inside.

In lamhon ke daaman mein

Pakiza se riste hain

Room was dimly lighted, only source of light was scented candles and moonlight. Environment looking romantic with glowing candels ,moon light and fragrance of flowers. Maan walked in closing the door behind, he moved ahead and looked around his new room, he stopped in his trance when he saw his beautiful wife sitting in the middle of huge bed waiting for her Knight in Shining Armor Her face is completely covered in veil, only her feet peeping through her lehnga. Her hands covered with bangles laid on her knees.

Koi kalma mohabat ka

Dohrate farishte hain

Maan slowly walked towards the bed he stopped on the opposite side of bed, he slowly lifted his hand and brushed it along the canopy of flowers and curtain covering the bed, he slowly walked towards Geet while running his hand through flowers and curtain, he slowly removed the curtain and flowers and sat beside her, Geet felt him as he put down his weight in front of her, shivers ran down her body feeling Maan so close to her, though they came close before also but today the scenario is different.

Khamosh si hai zameen hairaan sa falak hai

Ek noor hi noor sa ab aasman talak hai

Maan slowly moved towards Geet closing distance between them, he hold her both hands in his hands, he felt her hand shivering in his hands, he increased the grip on her hands, Maan slowly left her hands and brushed his hands along her arms, his hands reached at the end of her veil, he slowly lifted her veil and placed it securely over her head, her angelic face reveled as he lifted her veil. He noticed the deep red color of her cheeks that was formed due to continuous blushing, her bend eyelashes hiding her pretty eyes, her quivering feather light rosy lips. Maan slowly bend towards her, fanning her face with his breath, he placed a soft kiss on her forehead, after kiss he placed his finger under her chin to lift her face, Geet slowly lift her eyes only to look in deep passionate eyes of Maan, Maan continued to look at her with full love, passion and desire in his eyes. Geet could not able to take her gaze she hugged him tightly hiding her face in the core of his neck. Maan hold her closely in his embrace, he hugged her more closely, he can feel her shivering he hold her more firmly but still he could feel her shaking.

Maan: Geet kya hua jaan tum itna ghabra kyun rahi hoo, dar lag raha hai, woh bhi apnai Maan sai han Mishti, mai to tumhara Maan hun na phir mujh sai kaisa darna.

Maan sopke in his husky voice with incresing his grip around her, Geet hide her face in his neck, Maan slowly parted to see her flushed face, Maan slowly cupped her face and lightly kissed her lips, Geet gasped when she felt his lips on her for the first time. After placing a light kiss Maan look towards Geet and realized that she is getting really nervous by the moment and the expectations of the moment.

Nagmein hi nagmein hai jagti soti fizaon mein

Husn hai sari adaon mein

Ishq hai jaise hawaon mein

Maan got up and about to move when Geet hold his hand, he turned back and looked towards Geet who was looking all confused by this sudden gesture of Maan, Maan smiled and aksed her to wait. Maan moved towards his wardrobe while Geet kept on looking at him, Maan opened his drawer and took camera from it, he closed his wardrobe and came back to Geet. He settled in front of her and holds her hand in his.

Maan: Geet janti ho aaj us chand ko bhi tum sai jalan horahi hogi, kyun keh us chand ki chandni bhi aaj meray chand ki chandni kai samnai pheki lag rahi hai. Geet aaj us falak ki har pari ko jalan horahi hogi yeh dekh kai keh sab sai haseen pari aaj is arsh pai meray samnai hai, Mishti mujhay jab sai apnai pyar ka ehsaas hua hai mai nai apnai aap ko khush qismat mana hai keh meri zindagi mai aik pari aai hai, jis nai meri beraang zindagi mai beshumar raang bhar diye, mai us upar walay ka jitna shukar ada karon kam hai keh usnai falak sai aik pari meray liye is arsh pai bheji hai. Geet mai tumhara shukriya kin lafzoon mai ada karoon meri samhaj mai nahi ata keh tum meri zindagi mai aai. Mishti yeh pal jo ham abhi jee raha hoon yeh meri zindagi ka sab sai haseen pal hai, aur mai hamesha kai liye isai qaid karna chahta hoon aapni aankhon mai aur is camrea mai. I Love You Mishti and I’ll Love You Forever till my last breath.

Geet felt overwhelmed by his words his unconditional love she hugged him immediately.

Geet: I Love You Too Maan, I Love You Alot. Mai bhi apni akhri saans tak aap sai pyar karti rahoon gi, yeh zindagi aap ki hai Maan, Geet ki har cheez pai sirf Maan ka haq hai.

Tanana dom ta dom tanana dom ta dom

Tanana dom ta dom tanana dom ta dom

Tanam tanam tanam tanana dom tom

Tanana dom ta dom tanana dom ta dom

Tanana dom ta dom tanana dom ta dom

Tana dom tom tana dom tom tanana dom tom

Dom tom tana nana dom tom tana dom

Dom tom tana nana dom tom tanaohhoo

Dom dom tom tana nana dom tom tana

Dom tom tana nana dom tom tana nana

Maan slowly parted from and covered her face with veil again, he clicked some pics of Geet with veil and without veil, he then set the camera on time lag and quickly went back to Geet and cuddle beside her for their pics together. All this sweet gesture of Maan helped her to calm her nerves, while cuddling beside her Maan notice her neck had red mark due to jewellary. Maan slowly moved in front of Geet and placed his hand on her shoulder where her duppata was pinned, Maan looked towards Geet seeking her permission, Geet looked towards Maan and shyly dipped her eyes.

Kaise yeh ishq hai

Kaisa yeh khwab ha

iKaise jazbaat ka umda salab hai

Din badle raatein badli, baathein badli

Jeene ke aandaz hi badlein hai

Maan slowly unpinned her duppata from both side and slide the heavy duppata from her head, he removed her duppata completely and placed it securely on side table after folding it. He came back to Geet and slowly unpinned her hairs, her hair cascaded down and all the flowers were removed making her slightly wince in pain, Maan looked towards her and asked if she is okay, Geet nodded her head, Maan placed a kiss on head inhaling her aroma. Maan moved towards her ear and softly removed her heavy jhumka, Geet again winced in pain Maan placed a soft kiss on her ear, he took her earlobe in his lips kissing it and sucking it softly to sooth her pain, he repeated same thing with other ear. Maan then moved towards her neck, he slowly unclasped her necklace and removed it, he saw red marks on her neck, he softly brushed his fingers along her neck, soon he replaced his fingers with his lips, Maan softly brushed his lips along the nape of neck, Geet felt shiver ran through her she curled her toes and clutched the bed sheet tightly, after caressing the nape of her neck Maan came in front of Geet and removed her maang teeka, after removing her maang teeka Maan cupped her face and kissed her forehead. Maan looked towards Geet with love in his eyes, Geet feeling relaxed now, Maan slowly lifted her hands and smelled the aroma of her mehndi, the color of her mehndi is really dark, Maan admire her mehndi clad hands and intricate design at the back of her palms, he moved his lips near her hands and placed a kiss on each hand, he slowly turned her hand to admire the front of her hand, Maan intricate the design and kiss her palms, he then look closely to find his name but was surprised to see that she imprinted his name right in the middle when he joined her both hands his name formed, MA on one palm and AN on other palm and in center of both palms his name is written inside small hearts, Maan looked towards Geet with smile on his face. 

Maan: Geet larkiyan to naam chupati hain na magar tum nai to nahi chupwaya aur 1 baar nahi 3 baar likhwaya hai kyun.Geet: Maan meri puri dunya aap kai gird ghomti hai, mera wajood aap ho, to mai aap ka naam kyun chupaon, Geet ki shuruwat hi Maan kai naam sai hai aur uska anth bhi Maan kai naam sai hai, mai garv kai saath kehna chahti hun mai Maan ki hun, mai chupana nahi chahti.


In lamhon ke daaman mein

Pakiza se riste hainKoi kalma mohabat ka

Dohrate farishte hain

Maan smiled and looked towards her lips he softly cupped her face and slightly tilted it, he looked in Geet’s eyes she slightly closed the distance between their lips, Maan finally captured her lips their lips met sending shivers down their bodies, Maan firstly placed a soft kiss on her lips, Geet responded to his kiss, soon there soft kissed turned into passionate kiss, after sometimes Geet parted her lips Maan let his tongue enter her mouth soon Geet’s tongue finds its way inside Maan’s mouth, they began kissing deeply, tasting every corner of their mouth, His hand so passionately moved over her back, pulling her more close, Geet put her arms around his neck holding his hairs firmly in her fits. She slowly lay down taking Maan with her without breaking the kiss, Maan slightly lay on top of Geet kissing and nibbling her lips, he softly bite her lower lips and sucked it to sooth the pain, her hands slowly moved towards his back rubbing it gently, Maan moved his hands towards her legs and slowly lifted her lehnga and rubbed her legs before knees, she looked Maan still lost in kiss, they slowly parted due to lack of air, Maan rested his forehead on her panting due to long kiss. Maan slowly moved towards cheeks trailing kisses on her cheeks after planting plenty kisses on her cheeks he moved towards her nose and bit her nose making her gasp. He placed kisses on her jaw line before moving down kissing her deeply open mouthed, sucking and licking her neck. His one foot was feeling her milky legs as her lehnga had hitched above her knees. Geet softly moaned Maan’s name when he bite his neck leaving his mark.

Samay ne yeh kya kiya

Badal di hai kaya

Tumhe mene paa liye

Mujhe tumne paya

Mile dekho aise hai hum

ke do sur ho jaise madham

koi jyada na koi kaam

Kise aag meinKe prem aag mein

Jalte dono hi the tan bhi hai maan bh

iMaan bhi hai tan bhi

Tan bhi hai maan bhi

Maan bhi hai tan bhi

Maan looked towards Geet and smile, he slowly helped her to sit, Geet hugged Maan passionately placing kisses on his jaw line, neck and his exposed chest, Maan slowly moved his hand behind her back and slowly yet passionately placed a kiss on her back where he can reach, Geet tightly clutched Maan’s sherwani neck when she felt him kissing her back. Maan came back to look in Geet’s eyes, her eyes are close blushing heavily, Maan slowly removed his sherwani, Geet lifted her eyes to see her Greek God in front of her, she blushed and turned around facing her back to Maan and hide her face in her palms, Maan came close to Geet almost touching her back with his bare front, she could feel the heat as Maan lean forward to capture her hands in his while placing kisses on her expose back, Geet suddenly turned around and hugged Maan tightly, sudden contact with his bare chest and shoulder electrocuted her as electric shock travelled her spine, Maan felt sudden shiver in her body and hugged her tight to himself…bringing her even closer. Maan slowly parted and hold the end of her long shirt that was almost reaching below her knees {for clear picture of her bridle dress see PART 49}, he looked towards her asking her if she is comfortable with him moving further, Geet nodded her head slightly, Maan slowly removed her shirt, Geet felt shy and hugged Maan hiding in the castle of his arm, Maan wrapped his arms around her caressing her bare back, Maan made her lay down, he passionately started kissing her starting from her head till her waist line, he again moved back upwards kissing her lips while his hands played with her bosom, soon his lips replaced his hands, he started kissing her bosom and sucking them over the cloth, Geet clutched his shoulder tightly when she felt his lips over her bosom. Maan slightly lifted her to unclasped the barrier covering her womanly assets, Geet felt really shy lying underneath him with bare upper body, Maan tangled his one hand in her hand and with other hand he start playing with her assets, cupping them, rubbing them softly, while his mouth giving pleasure on the other mound sucking, biting and then licking it to sooth the pain, he repeated the same on other mound. Maan taking his sweet time admiring her, giving her complete pleasure. Maan take Geet in another world giving her pleasure before breaking all the barriers, Geet can’t take more she softly called Maan. 


Geet: Maan please.

Maan understood her unsaid words, he bend towards Geet after removing all the barriers and covering them with satin sheet, Maan hold her both hands in his hand and captured her lips, he slowly entered her breaking all the barriers, as he entered her she was surprised as sharp pain hit her, she closed her eyes tightly, he sensed her discomfort he stilled to let her calm down a tear rolled down her eyes, Maan looked at her worriedly, he cupped her face and wiped her tear.

Maan: Geet tum theekh hona, Iam sorry Geet mai nai tumhay hurt to nai kia na, aankhain kholo na please Mishti, tum theekh hona.Geet slowly open her eyes, she placed her hand on Maan’s cheeks.

Geet: mai theekh hoon Maan aap pareshaan mat ho, Maan apni Geet ko kabhi sapnai mai bhi hurt nahi karsakta to haqeqat mai kaisai karay ga.

Maan smiled and kissed her forehead

Mere khwaabon ke is gulistaan mein

Tumse hi tum bahar chai hai

Phoolon mein rang mere the lekin

In mein khusboon tumhi se aaye hai

Kyon hai yeh arzoo

Kyon hai yeh zustzu

Kyon dil bechain hai

Kyon dil betaab hai 

Din badle raatein badli baatien badli

Jeene ke andaaz hi badle hain 

After few tries Geet relaxed as pleasure took over the pain, he rocked inside her taking her in another world of pure bliss and love. Maan move in rhythm giving her complete pleasure, while she gave complete support to him, he slowly increased his speed giving her more pleasure. Her payals, chuda and belly chain all making the sweet melody in tune with their pants and moans after sometime Maan collapsed on Geet as they reached their climax. Maan slowly slide from her and lay besides her taking Geet in his arms and covering them completely with quilt.

In lamhon ke daaman mein

Pakiza se riste hain

Koi kalma mohabat ka

Dohrate farishte hain

Khamosh si hai zameen hairaan sa falak hai

Ek noor hi noor sa ab aasman talak hai

Nagmein hi nagmein hai jagti soti fizaon mein

Husn hai sari adaon mein

Ishq hai jaise hawaon mein

Ishq hai jaise hawaon mein…

Maan slowly caressing her bare back while Geet resting comfortably on him.

Maan: Geet tum theekh hona, zyada dard to nahi horaha, I am sorry agar mai aggressive hua hoon to.

Geet placed a kiss on Maan chest.

Geet: Maan aap kyun pareshaan horahay ho, mai bilkul theekh hun, is sai acha mai nai kabhi mehsoos nahi kia, Maan aaj aap nai meray adhoray pan ko pura kia hai, thank you Maan, aur aap sai yeh kis nai kaha aap aggressive thai, meray Maan kabhi aggressive nahi hosaktay woh hamesha apni Geet ko kanch ki guriya ki tarhan handle kartay hain, aap meray Maan pai ilzam mat lagao

Maan smiled and kissed Geet’s forehead.

Maan: I love you Mishti, mai wada karta hun sari zindagi tumhay aisai hi pyar karta rahoon ga.Geet: I love you too Maan.

Maan and Geet spend their rest of the time making love to each other, showering love on each other. They finally slept exhausted early in morning.