Maan and Geet spend rest of the time making love to each other, showering love on each other; sometimes they share few words and sometimes lost in the world of passion and love. They finally slept exhausted late hour of night.


Early morning Geet’s sleep got disturbed by the sunrays coming from the window. She slowly open her eyes, her face turned red looking at their position in which both were sleeping. Geet almost laying on Maan her face rested on his bare chest, one hand wrapped around his waist while other hand was rested on his heart. Maan holding her close to him engulfing her in hug with one hand on which she was resting while other hand was hand locked with her hand that was rested on his heart, their legs are tangled with each other. Maan stirred slightly as sunrays falls on his face, Geet saw him getting disturbed due to rays she carefully lifted herself without disturbing him further and shielded his face with her long silky hairs. Maan again slept peacefully as Geet protected him from sunrays. Geet busy admiring her angel who looks like an angel while sleeping she moved her hand towards his face and caressed it will love and care. Feeling MISHTI’s magical touch Maan slowly open his eyes to find his life busy admiring him all he could see is love, peace and happiness in her eyes. Maan gave her his billion dollar charming smile and lifted his hand slowly placing it on Geet’s cheeks he slowly moved his hand on her cheeks stroking it with love, after a while he moved his hand towards her rosy lips and rubbed the corner teasing her senses Geet felt shy and softly moaned his name MAAN. Maan moved his hand in her hairs and gently pull her near placing his lips on her trembling one they both kissed each other softly but when their soft kiss turned into a passionate breath-taking kiss both didn’t realized after like ages both parted due to lack of breath, panting heavily Maan cupped her face gave a small peck on her forehead “GOOD MORNING MRS.GEET MAAN KHURANA”. Hearing Geet’s wish Maan giggled, she again kept her head on his chest, he wrapped his arms around her waist caressing her bare back and holding her hand with his free hand, he spoke after sometime.


Maan: Geet aik baat pochoon sach sach jawab do gi na.


Geet lifted her head and looked towards Maan. She spoke placing her hand on his cheeks.


Geet: Maan kya baat hai, aap pareshaan ho kya kisi baat ko lai kai.


Maan hold her hand that was placed on his cheeks.


Maan: Geet woh mai, Geet mai.Geet: Maan boliye na kya baat hai, aap mujhay dara kyun rahay ho.Maan: Geet tum theekh hona kal raat kai baad, tum itni subha subha bhi uth gai ho, I am sorry agar mai nai apnai passion mai kho kai tumhay hurt kia ho, mai…….


Geet placed her hand on his lips.


Geet: Chup! Bilkul Chup samjhay aap, Maan apni Geet ko kabhi hurt nahi karsakta, kab sai apnai aap ko blame kiye jarahay ho, kal ki raat meri zindagi ki sab sai haseen raat thi, kal raat mai apni zindagi ki bahoon mai thi, kal raat sai pehlay mai adhoori thi magar aab aap nai mujhay pora kardia hai, to ab aap kal raat kai liye apnai aap ko blame karna band karo samjhay aap, mai bilkul theekh hun. Aur rahi baat keh mai jaldi kyun uthi woh is liye kyun keh meri aankh khul gait hi aur waisai bhi aaj mera pehla din hai as MRS.MAAN SINGH KHURANA to mai late nahi hona chahti thi magar aap chaddo mujhay aap sai baat nahi karni.


Geet turned to other side making baby angry face still using Maan’s broad arms as her pillow. Maan looked still looking her amused trying to absorb her words, he smiled at her and hugged her from back. He moved his lips near her ears teasing her senses he spoke in his husky voice.


Maan: Meri Mishti, Meri Shona mujh sai rooth gai hai aur baat bhi nahi karay gi hmmm


Feeling Maan so close she moaned his name “MAAN”, he nuzzles her neck with his nose.


Maan: Ji boliye Mrs.Maan Khurana.


Geet turned in one swift moment and hugged Maan almost crushing him in her embrace, Maan hugged her back with equal passion.


Maan: abhi thori dair pehlay to koi mujh sai rooth gaya tha aur baat bhi nahi karni thi hmm.


A smile crept on Geet’s lips hearing Maan’s words, she lifted her head and look in his eyes.


Geet: Yeh Geet apnai Maan sai kabhi rooth nahi sakti, Maan mai to Geet ki jaan basi hai to bhala mai apni jaan sai kaisai rooth sakti hun.


Maan smiled and softly pecked her lips.


Maan: Geet tum yahan laito mai abhi aya.Geet: kahan jarahay ho aap MaanMaan: haye meray bina aik pal bhi nahi reh sakti han Mrs.MaanGeet: kya Maan bataiye na kahan jarahay ho.Maan: Geet chup chap laito kaha na araha hun.


Geet cutely pouted looking towards Maan, he smiled and gently pecked her lips. He got up slipping in his tracks, he covered her completely with quilt and moved towards their huge changing room having luxurious attach bath. He came back after sometime lifted Geet in his arms after wrapping her in satin sheet, she wrapped her arms around his next hiding herself in his embrace. Maan moved inside the bath area kicking the door open. Geet looked around and surprised to see the arrangements done by Maan, every corner was glowing with scented candles, floor and bathtub covered with rose petals giving a romantic atmosphere. Maan slowly slide her inside the bathtub having luke warm water, Geet felt nice after having contact with water, she looked towards Maan who was sitting beside her near bathtub lost in her beauty, she moved closer cupping her one check with her hand and placed a gentle kiss on his other cheeks, Maan smiled and slipped inside the bathtub to join her. Geet turned and rested herself on Maan, he hugged her from behind rubbing her waist over the satin sheet. Geet hold Maan tightly he moved his hand upwards and open the knot that was tied just above her curves, she turned and hugged him tightly, Maan removed her sheet and his tracks, he took some water and rose petals in his hand and poured it over Geet’s angelic face she lifted her face with a smile, he removed her hair and planted several kisses on her milky skin starting from shoulder down to her cleavages, she hold his bulging biceps firmly digging her nails in it. After showering her with kisses Maan gave her bath while teasing her senses, after giving her bath Maan capture her lips in gentle yet passionate kiss. After parting away Maan moved towards his ears and spoke in his husky voice sending shivers down her spines.


Maan: Geet now it’s time to payback


Geet looked towards Maan making baby face trying to register his words.


Geet: mai samjhi nahi Maan aap kya keh rahay ho.Maan: Geet mai yeh keh raha hoon keh abhi mai jo kia ab who tumahri bari hai karnay ki.Geet: Matlab ab mai aap ko……


Geet got his intensions and gently pushed him back in bathtub.


Geet: Dhat Maan hatto aap, kitnay besharam hogai ho aap, mai jarahi hun.


Geet was about to stand when Maan hold her hand.


Maan: O Hello Mrs Maan abhi to koi enjoy kar raha tha ab besharmi hogai. That’s not fair Mishti.


Geet moved towards his ears and spoke in romantic way.


Geet: Everything is fair in love and war Mr.KhuranaMaan: Geet dehko yeh ghalat hai han.Geet: chaliye jaldi nahiye aur neechay chaliye, kal aap ko bukhar tha aur abhi pani mai khel rahay ho.Maan: Hawww Geet tum na, tumhay to mai baad mai dehkoon ga. Acha suno Geet apni who red sari pehna na aaj jis ka purple or gold border hai yaad haina tumhay woh sari.


Geet nodded her head and smile.


Geet: ji Maan mujhay yaad hai woh sari kaisai bhool sakti hun sab sai pehlay aap nai wohi sari to pasand ki thi, mai wohi pehnoon gi aur aap kai liye bh kapray nikal lun gi.


Geet stepped outside the bathtub covering her with knee length bath gown, she moved towards the closet closing the door behind, she picked her sari and matching reddish maroon shirt for Maan, she wrapped the sari around her, she was setting her pallu when Maan came out wearing towel around his waist and drying his hairs with another towel. Geet gasped looking at her Greek god standing in front of her. Maan smirked looking at his effect on her, he walked near her and holds her hand placing it securely on his firm abs, Geet began hyperventilating, Maan romantically spoke.


Maan: What happened Geet han, wanna feel it, it’s all yours.


Geet’s cheeks turned into dark shade of pink as blushed crept on her cheeks she pushed Maan and ran from their while shouting back.


Geet: Maan apni lafanga geri band karain aur jaldi ready hojao ab.


Geet ran towards her room she set her pallu and sat in front of dressing table getting ready, mean while Maan came dressed in reddish maroon shirt and black jeans, he walked towards Geet and kneeled in front of her, he picked her mangalsutar and tied it around her followed with placing sindoor in her mang.


Maan: Geet is pai sirf mera haq hai samjhi tum, har subha mai khud apnai haathon sai in sai sajaon ga.


Geet eyes filled with tears, she hugged him tightly, Maan caressed her back.


Maan: Geet please rona nahi ab, aik to tum itni jaldi emotional hojati ho.


Geet softly wacked his chest.


Geet: Maan aap bhi na.Maan: Han Geet janta hoon mai bohat sweet hun, chalo nechay chaltay hain.Geet: Maan sudhar jao, ap na shadi kai baad apnai asli rang dikha rahay ho.Maan: Aik minute Mrs.Maan kya matlab hai aap ka hanGeet: kuch nahi na Maan, mera matlab hai aap itnay naughty ho mujhay pata nahi tha. Maan: han naughty to hoon magar sirf apni Mishti Geet kai liye, baqe pori dunya kai liye mai ab bhi wohi MAAN SINGH KHURANA hoon.


Maan patted her face and she gave him a sweet smile. After setting themselves and room one final time, they moved downstairs holding hands, Vicky saw them coming down hand in hand looking lost in each other, he whistled, dadi slapped his head. Maan and Geet came near and took her blessing, she blessed them and kissed their forehead. They settled themselves on couch Geet was about to leave when Maan called her.


Maan: Geet tum kidhar chali.Geet: woh kitchen mai jarahi hoon Maan, aj pehla din hai to metha bana nai ki rasam hoti hai, dadi ma to nahi kahain gi, kyun keh unhay nahi pasand mai kitchen ka kam karoon.Vicky: bhabhi aap kitni achi tarhan jaan gai ho dadi ko woh abhi yehi keh rahi theen.


Geet smiled and walked towards dadi, she kneeled in front of her and kept her head on her lap.Geet: Dadi ma mai to is ghar ki beti hoon na aur betiyan to apnay ghar ka kam karti hain na.Dadi ma: bilkul Geet aap is ghar ki beti ho, thanks Maan betay hamain itni pyari beti dainai kai liye.Geet: aap log batain karo mai thori dair mai breakfast arrange karti hun.


Geet left from there Vicky spoke looking at Maan.


Vicky: Ahem bhai aap log itni jaldi uth gai hamain to laga aap dono ko jagana paray ga.


Maan glared at Vicky.


Maan: tum phir shuru hogai Vicky.Vicky: nahi na bhai woh kal raat you know naMaan: ya I know Vicky and now I know one thing more, that you are gone now.


Maan stood up to catch him but Vicky ran towards the kitchen. Geet was busy making something she looked towards him before she could speak Maan came running behind him, both brothers ran around the kitchen counter, Maan was about to catch him when he pushed Maan near Geet, he balanced himself to avoid falling on Geet, Vicky looked towards Geet and said sorry before running from there.


Maan: Vicky wait today I’ll not leave you.


Maan gave a quick peck on Geet’s cheeks and ran behind Vicky, when he reached in the lounge he saw Vicky sitting beside Dadi, he sat in front of them catching his breath.


Maan: Vicky tumhay nahi lagta tum pehlay sai zyada badmash hogai ho.Vicky: badmash or mai kya bhai aap bhi naDadi hold Vicky’s ear and twisted it slightly.


Dadi ma: sahi keh rahay hain Maan, aap bohat zyada badmash hogai ho, Maan aap kai baray bhai hain betay kyun pareshaan kar rahay ho unhay.


After sometime Geet called them for breakfast, after breakfast Geet bought two bowls of KHEER one with sugar and one without sugar.


Vicky: wow bhabhi subha subha kheer, you are the best bhabhi.Dadi ma: aray wah Geet betay aap ko pata tha Maan ko kheer pasand hai.


Geet nodded her head with shy smile, Maan was about to serve himself when Geet stopped him. She went inside and came back with another bowl of kheer.


Geet: Maan aap ko thandi kheer pasand hai na is liye yeh aap kai liye.


Maan smiled Geet slipped beside Maan, he gave her first bite to eat, she ate it and gave second bite to Maan.


Dadi ma: Geet betay kheer bohat mazay ki bani hai


Geet smiled and looked towards Maan.


Maan: bilkul meri mishit ki tarhan meethi aur achi bani hai, plz wapas zaroor bana na.


Dadi: ham abhi aaye.


Dadi left from there and came back after sometime holding velvet box.


Dadi ma: Geet betay yeh lijea aap ka shagun.Geet: dadi ma mai, iski kya zaroorat thi.Dadi ma: chup samjhi aap, yeh ham apni beti ko dai rahay hain, hamain kuch nai suna.


Geet smile and touched dadi’s feet she opened the box and thanked dadi for giving her kundan kangan.


Dadi ma: Maan aap ka gift kahan hain, aap nahi do gai kuch Geet ko.Maan: dadi ma mai kya doon mera to sab kuch isi ka hai.Dadi ma: phir bhi Maan betaMaan: dadi ma aap ka Maan itna bhi ghair zimedar nahi hai woh apni pari kai liye pehlay hi lai aya tha. Bas abhi laya


Maan rushed upstairs and came back holding velvet box, he gave it to Geet she opened it and looked towards Maan with smile.


Geet: Maan yeh kundan ka set to bohat pyara hai, dehkain na meri kangan sai match karaaha hai.


Dadi looked towards set and hold Maan’s ear.


Dadi ma: acha Maan betay to yeh baat thi tabhi aap keh rahay thai dadi ma Geet kai shagun kai liye kundan kai kangan hi banwana.Maan: han dadi ma, ab kan choro na.


Dadi smiled and patted both cheeks.


Dadi ma: Geet betay ab aap thora aram karlo phir aap ki mu dikhai ki rasam bhi hai aur kal Grand Reception bhi.