SS: Kaisai Mujhay Tum Mill Gaye – Part 3-

Dadi nodded and blessed her. After few hours Maan shifted to ICU, where Geet is continuously monitoring him, she left all other work and only handling Maan’s case.

Vicky standing in front of ICU looking at Maan through glass when Rajeev came and placed his hand on his shoulders, Vicky turned to look at him and then again looked back at Maan with teary eyes.

Rajeev: Vicky apnai aap ko sambhalo, Maan ko kuch nahi hoga, dadi ma kai liye sambhalo na apnai aap ko, Maan nai apnai hosh khonai sai pehlay mujh sai yehi wada lia tha keh mai tum dono ko sambhaloon ga.

Vicky said “Rajeev bhai” and hugged him few tears rolled down his eyes, he wipe his tears and came out of the hug and looked towards dadi and again looked towards Maan.

Vicky: bhai mai wada karta hun aap sai mai apnai aap ko sambhaloon ga aap kai liye aur dadi ma kai liye.

Rajeev smiled and patted his cheeks. Vicky walked towards dadi and kneeled in front of her.

Vicky: dadi ma aap Rajeev bhai kai saath ghar jao mai hoon yahan bhai kai pass.

Dadi ma: magar betay aap

Vicky: dadi ma, mai aap sai wada karta hun mai apnai aap ko sambhal loon ga, aap ghar jakay aram karain ab kal ana aap, aap jantay ho na bhai ko aap ki kitni fikar rehti hai, woh jab uthain gai unhay bilkul acha nahi lagay ga aap yahan itni dair thai, aap jao na ghar please bhai kai liye.

Dadi ma: theekh hai ham jarahay hain Rajeev kai saath, aap apna dehan rakhna.

Dadi stood up Rajeev came and hold dadi’s shoulder to support her, they were about to move when Vicky stopped Rajeev.

Vicky: Rajeev bhai dadi ka khayal rakhna aur koshish karna woh so jain, aur please aj raat mansion mai hi ruk jain aap.

Rajeev: Vicky tum bilkul fikar mat karo yeh meri bhi dadi hain aur mai kaheen nahi jaraha jab tak Maan apnai ghar nahi ajata.

Vicky: thanks bhai.

It’s almost late afternoon Geet is still with Maan not leaving his side, she is sitting beside Maan and caressing his cheeks when Armaan and Ridhima came.

Armaan: Geet tum abhi tak yaheen ho, tum nai lunch bhi nahi kia, chalo kuch kha lo.

Geet: nahi Armaan mujhay bhook nahi hai, mai yaheen hun Maan kai pass, mai kaheen nahi jarahi.

Ridhima: Geet zid mat karo tum nai subha kaaha tha tumhay bhook lagi hai kyun keh tum nai breakfast nahi kia tha, ab tum lunch nahi kar rahi ho, Armaan kai saath jao mai hoon Maan kai pass.

Geet: nahi Ridhima mujhay nahi jana mai yaheen rahoon gi Maan kai pass please.

Armaan walked towards Geet and shook her holding her shoulders.

Armaan: Geet tumhay hua kya hai, jab sai Maan yahan admit hua hai tab sai dekh raha hun tum badli wi lag rahi ho, damn it baat kya hai.

Geet: pata nahi, mujhay sach mai nahi pata.

Armaan cupped her face

Armaan: Geet mai sirf tumhara dost nahi balkay mai tumhara bhai bhi hun, cousin bhi bhai hi hota hai, bolo Geet kya baat hai, mai nai aj sai pehlay tumhay aisay nahi dehka.

Geet: Armaan mai Maan ko aisai nai dekh sakti, mujhay bohat takleef horahi hai unhay aisai dekh kai, aj sai pehlay aisa kabhi nahi hua, aur mai to Maan sai milli hi pehli baar hun, mujhay kuch nahi samhaj araha Armaan yeh kaisa ehsaas hai, bas itna janti hun keh Maan meri zindagi ka eham hissa hai, mai Maan kai bina nahi reh sakti Armaan, mai nahi zinda reh sakti Maan kai bina.

After saying this Geet fell on her knees breaking down, Armaan sat with her and hugged her, Ridhima came and wipe her tears.

Ridhima:  Geet yeh ehsaas pyar hai, han Geet tumhay Maan sai pyar hogaya hai, tum jao mai hun tumharay Maan kai pass.

Ridhima asked Armaan to take Geet with him, Geet half heartedly went with Armaan, before leaving she turned back to look Maan, Ridhima continuously monitoring Maan when one of the intern came and asked her to come out, she left Maan alone to check the report and brief the intern about the treatment, she came back after 15 minutes and horrified to see Maan breathing heavily machines started beeping, she immediately paged Geet and tried to control Maan’s pulse rate. Geet was eating her lunch when she got Ridhima’s page, she left her lunch and ran towards ICU Armaan ran behind her, Geet came crashing the door and looked horrified seeing Maan’s chest heaving up and down looking pale, she immediately rushed towards him put the oxygen mask back on Maan and frantically tried to control his pulses. How the hell this happen Ridhima tum to thi yahan phir Maan ki condition kaisai bigri, mai inhay tumharay pass chor kai gai thi damn it.  roared Geet, Armaan and Ridhima taken a back with Geet’s tone they never heard talking her so loud. Maan still breathing heavily Geet hooked some more machines to control his breathing and pulse, Geet still trying to control his pulses when suddenly his pulses start dropping and his breath became unsteady, Geet’s hands began to shake in fear of losing Maan, he is sinking words came out as soft whispers from Geet’s mouth, give me the defibrillator now demanded Geet, Armaan handed it to Geet, with shaking hands Geet placed it on Maan’s chest, pressed lightly and suddenly pulled it away sending shocks through his body, Maan body flung up in respond, Geet repeated few more times, after doing it last time she sank down on her knees and rested her head against the bed holding Maan’s hand tears rolling down her eyes, Maan please respond karo please Maan mujhay chor kai mat jana, please Maan fight Maan please fight to breath Maan, please breath please Maan.  Suddenly machines started to beep in normal way Geet looked towards Maan his breath was normal she immediately check his pulses, Armaan and Ridhima leave Geet alone, Geet kissed Maan’s palm which she was holding with happiness her Maan is safe she saved her Maan and stood up to tune the machines, she switched on some and switched off few life saver machines as Maan is breathing normally, she came back to Maan and removed oxygen mask and caressed his cheeks and stroked his hairs, tears still flowing from her eyes. Vicky who was watching everything from glass came inside with tears.

Vicky: doctor kya hua bhai ko, woh aisa kyun, woh theekh haina.

Geet wiped her tears and walked towards Vicky, she looked back at Maan.

Geet: Maan theekh hain Vicky mai apnai Maan ko kuch nahi honai dun gi, woh theekh hojain gai, aur tum mujhay Geet bula saktay ho.

Vicky smiled and looked relax now he thought “bhai mai janta hun aap jaldi theek hojao gai Geet aap ko kuch nahi honai dain gi, inki aankhon mai aap kai liye pyar saaf nazar araha hai Geet apnai pyar sai aap ko wapas lai kai aain hain, aap jaldi theekh hojao bhai, koi besabri sai inteezar kar raha hai aap kai hosh mai anai ka”.

Vicky: thanks Geet bhai ki zindagi bacha nai kai, aur jab tak aap bhai kai saath hain unhay kuch nahi hosakta.

Geet weakly smile, Vicky went out and Geet again sat on the stool placed beside Maan’s bed. Hours passed its night when Armaan came with dinner for Geet and saw her sleeping resting her head beside Maan and holding his hand, he smiled and walked towards her, she slowly open her eyes and immediately checked Maan.

Armaan: Maan theekh hai Geet, mai tumharay liye khana laya tha, mai aik nahi suno ga tumhay chup chap khana hai.

Geet smiled and ate her dinner, Armaan left knowing she’ll not leave Maan’s side, Geet again went and sat on her place, she dosed off after sometime.


Geet sleep disturbed when the morning staff came to clean ICU, Geet checked Maan and paged Armaan to come if he is around. Armaan came after few minutes.

Armaan: Good Morning Geet, kya baat hai Maan theekh haina.

Geet: han Armaan Maan theekh hain, tum Maan kai pass ruko mai fresh hokai aai, aur please Maan ko akelay mat chorna mai nai chahti last time jo hua woh wapas ho.

Armaan: Geet tum pareshaan mat ho, jao tum mai yaheen hun Maan kai pass.

Geet went out and saw Vicky sleeping on the bench, she went to the locker room to freshen up, she came back after sometime  Maan still unconscious, Armaan left when Geet came back, she walked towards Maan and sat on the bed beside him, she looked lovingly at Maan. “Maan ab uth jao na aur nahi dehka jaraha aap ko aisai, kyun sata rahay ho aap mujhay, aik to pehli nazar mai hi apna bana lia aap nai aur ab uth bhi nahi rahay ho, uth jao na Maan mujh sai baat karo na” Geet spoke softly while stroking his hair and caressing his hand with her fingers which she is holding, suddenly she felt some movement in Maan’s hand she hold his hand firmly and kissed it, she walked towards machines and tuned them accordingly, she came back and sat beside Maan holding his hand, Maan slowly open his eyes and saw Geet in front of him, Geet was all in tears with smile on her face, Maan wants to sit but was unable to sit by himself, Geet supported him and made him sit slowly, after few minutes Geet hugged Maan and cried bitterly, Maan was shocked and surprised but hugged her back with his left hand and closed his eyes, while Geet spoke .

Geet: Maan aap theekh ho na, mai aap ko kuch nahi honai doon gi, mai kal sai aap kai hosh mai anai ka intezar kar rahi thi.

Vicky saw them and came inside, Geet saw him and left Maan, Vicky came towards Maan hugged him and broke down.

Vicky: bhai aap theekh hona, aap nai to jaan hi nikal di thi meri, mana kia tha na mai nai magar aap nai meri baat na maani, agar Geet nahi hoti to mai nai to aap ko kho hi dia hota.

Maan: mai theekh hun chotay, kuch nahi hua hai mujhay, dadi ma kaisai hain Vicky woh bohat pareshaan hoon geen na, waisai Geet kon hai.

Vicky smiled and came out of hug, he point towards Geet who was standing looking at Maan’s reports.

Vicky: bhai yeh hain Geet, aap ki doctor Geet, inhoon nai hi aap ki zindagi bachai hai, dadi ma theekh hain mai nai kal unhai ghar bhej dia tha Rajeev bhai kai saath, Bhai ab mai bahar jarah hun ICU mai itni dair allow nahi hai, dadi bhi ati hun gi, waisai Geet bhai ward mai kab shift hoon gai.

Geet: Vicky ham inhay thori dair mai shift kardain gai.

Vicky smiled and left from there, Geet walked towards Maan and helped him to lie down, she was about to move when Maan hold her hand, she looked towards him and sat beside him.

Maan: thanks Geet meri zindagi bacha nai kai liye, mai theekh hun tum daaro nahi.

Maan lifted his hand to wipe Geet’s tears, Geet hold his hand.

Geet: mai daar gai thi Maan, agar aap ko kuch hojata to.

Maan: mujhay kuch nahi hua hai, tum hona to mujhay kuch kaisai ho sakta hai, Geet mujhay piyas lagi hai.

Geet smiled, took the glass and helped him to drink water. Geet went and sat on the stool, Maan looked towards her.

Maan: Geet kitni ajeeb baat haina mai nai tumhay abhi kuch dair pehlay hi pehli baar dehka hai magar aisa lagraha hai keh jaisai tumhay sadiyon sai janta hun, aisa lag raha hai keh tum sirf meri ho, sirf  MAAN KI GEET.

Geet smiled and hold Maan’s hand.

Geet: Maan mai nai aap ko kal pehli baar dehka tha magar mujhay bhi aisa hi laga tha keh mai aap ko barsoon sai janti hun, jab aap sink kar rahay thai mai bohat daar gai thi, mujhay aisa laga keh meri puri dunya aik jhatkay mai khatam horahi hai, Maan mai bhi sirf MAAN KI GEET ban kai rehna chahti hun, ab aap so jao mai yaheen hun aap kai pass kaheen nahi jarahi.

Maan fall asleep as holding Geet’s hand as he was already sleepy due to medication, Vicky watching all this with a smile on his face he knows that his rajkumar bhai got his rajkumari, after an hour Maan shifted to VVIP ward.












4 thoughts on “SS: Kaisai Mujhay Tum Mill Gaye – Part 3-

  1. Fab emotional update! Geet in love wid Maan n takes care of him! Maan awakens n and admits tht he has feelings 4 her! Superbly written! update soon : )

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