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Geet smiled and waved Maan return her wave and drove off towards Khurana Mansion.


Geet walked in with smile on her face lost in her own thoughts failed to notice her parents  who were sitting in lounge looking at her.

Radhika: Miss Geet Singhania stop right there

Geet who was lost in her Maan’s thought came back to life hearing her mom’s voive.

Geet: Maa

Radhika: Kya maa, yeh sab kya hai Geet.

Geet: Maa woh

Radhika: Geet apnai humsai itni bari baat chupai, hum nai kitni baar apsai pocha apnai bataya kyun nahi.

Brijaish: Radhika usai andar toh anai do. Geet beta idhar aaio hamaray pass betho.

Geet walked towards her parents and sat in between them, after a while Geet spoke in low voice.

Geet: iam sorry maa dad, mai ap dono ko pareshan nahi karna chahti thi, mai janti hun meri ghalti hai mai nai sirf Maan ko nahi balke ap sab ko bhi buhat pareshan kia iam really really sorry maaf kardo na.

Brijaish: Pagli 1 baar bol kai toh dekhti hum kya teri help nahi kartai Maan ko dhondhnai mai.

Radhika: Meri yeh smhaj nahi araha usai pata tha tum kis hospital mai job karti ho tumhay pata tha woh army officer hai then problem kahan thi easily dhoond toh saktai thai.

Geet: Maan yeh mera faisla tha, Maan toh usi waqt dadi sai baat karna chah rahay thai lakin mai nai hi unsai kaha tha keh qismat mai milna hua toh hum milain gai.

Radhika: tu sach mai pagal hai Geet, kya hoga tera.

Geet: maa dad apko koi problem toh nahi hai na.

Brijaish: hamain koi aitraz nahi hai sirf teri khushi chahea, hum nai Maan kai baray mai kafi suna hua hai aur Khurana’s ko kon nahi janta tum bachai ek dusre sai pyar kartai ho, khush ho yehi buhat hai.

Radhika: tum Maan sai kab mili theen aur kab.

Geet: kuch months pehlay school mai terrorist attack hua tha na Maan usmai injure hue thai, mai nai unko pehli baat OT mai dehka tha Dr. Shashank ko surjery mai assist kar rahi thi.

Brijaish: oh love at 1st sight not bad Geet Singhania

Geet felt embarassed and looked down. After few seconds she looked at her mom and spoke.

Geet: Maa ap naraz ho mujh sai, aur darji woh toh buhat gussa hoon gai.

Radhika: nahi beta hum mai sai koi naraz nahi hain hum sab buhat khush hain tumharay liye bas thora bura laga tha keh tum nai humsai apni pareshani share nahi kia.

Geet kneeled in front of her parents and hugged them, after few mins they came out of hug and both parents kissed their daughter forehead.

Radhika: Ja ab jakai soja kal fresh lagna hai Maan araha hai na tera haath mangnai.

Geet blushed and went from there Radhika and Brijaish smiled looking at their daughter.


Maan walked in and saw dadi sitting on sofa reading magazine

Maan: dadi ma ap soe nahi abhi tak aur Vicky kahan hai.

Dadi: ap aagai beta, hum apka hi intezar karahay thai, Vicky room mai hai usai kuch kam tha office ka woh karahay hain.

Maan: chalo mai apko room mai chor daita hun apko neend arahi hogi na.

Maan made  dadi stand she smiled and slowly pat his face and walked towards her room with him, Maan slowly made her lay down and tucked her in blanket, softly kissed her forehead and left the room after saying good night. Maan walked towards Vicky room pepped in to see him engrossed in his work without disturbing him he walked towards his room.

Maan’s Room:

Maan stepped in his room locking door behind he walked towards his dresser put his cell, car keys, wallet then walked towards his cloest pulled out his tracks and vest and went to freshen up. After a while he came out wiping his hairs wearing vest and tracks when his cell beeped. He walked towards dresser and smiled looking at sender name. Its Geet’s message “Miss you Maan kal jaldi aaiye ga” Maan immediately replied back, ” Miss you to mishti, tum kaho toh abhi ajata hun” Maan smirked thinking his mishti reaction where as Geet blushed reading his message, Geet replied back ” Major Maan Khurana sharam kijiye thori time dehka hai ” Maan who was combing his hairs smiled looking at her reply he made himself comfortable in bed and replied ” Ap sai kaisa sharmana would be Mrs. Maan Khurana ” after few seconds he recieved her message and laugh reading it ” Maan apna sudhar jao, mai jarahi hun sone good night ” he replied her back ” Acha baba naraz kyun hoti ho, pakka jaldi aaon ga mujh sai bhi sabar nahi horaha jaldi sai tumhay apna bana na chahta hun ” Geet smiled with tears in her eyes ” I Love You Maan ” Maan smiled reading her reply knowing she must be feeling emotional. ” Love You Too Mishti ab so jao kal miltai hain tab tak sapno mai hi milna paray ga, Good night sweet dreams ” Both fall asleep with smile on their face.


In Khurana Mansion everyone was busy in their Dadi was guiding Vicky and servants and doing last mintue preparations as they have to go at Singhania’s for Shagun and lunch as insited by Radhika. Maan walked down to see his family busy they had their breakfast and everyone got busy in their respective work. Similar situation is there in Singhania Mansion, after breakfast Radhika was busy preparing for lunch while Brijaish and Darji looking after other preparation Aditya being youngest just 15yrs old was overlooking decorations. It was almost afternoon when Radhika asked Geet to get ready mean while Khurana’s got ready and leave for Singhania Mansion.

Singhania Mansion:

Khurana’s arrived their grand welcome was planned by Brijaish. Maan walked towards entrance escorted by Dadi and Vicky who were holding thal having shagun in it. Maan bowed down and touched Darji, Radhika, Brijaish feet, they blessed him and Radhika took his aarti and invited them in, they settled in lounge. After formal introduction and casual chat, Radhika went to bring Geet while Maan stood up and walked towards darji and Brijaish, he stood in front of them and joined hands.

Maan: Uncle in kuch mahino mai mai nai jana hai Geet mere liye kya mainai rakhti hai, mai apsai wada karta hun mai hamesha usko khush rakhun ga, janata hun abhi usai meri wajah sai takleef hue thi mujhay usko rokna chahea tha, aj kai baad aisa nahi hoga, mai Geet ko hamesha kai liye apna bana na chahta hun apki ijazat chahea, mai apki beti sai shadi karsakta hun?

Brijash stood up hold his hand and hugged him with smile on his face Darji ruffled his hairs. They broke the hug Brijaish kissed his forehead.

Darji: hamain koi aitraz nahi hai beta hum khush qismat hain keh ap hamari Geet ki zindagi mai aai.

Maan looked behind to see Geet standing with Radhika having tears in eyes, he kept looking at her completely mesmerized she is wearing golden suit with purple emroidry, same is with Geet she was looking at Maan totally lost looking at her prince charming looking dashing in black blazer with purple border on laples and black trousers. Vicky faked cough to grab their attention, both felt shy and looked away, elders hold their laugh to avoid further embarrassment. Radhika made Geet sit with Maan, she did their aarti and dadi gave her shagun, Brijaish gave Maan chain and blessed the couple. After shagun Maan Geet took elders blessings while Radhika left to see lunch arrangement.



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