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Vicky walked towards his family and hugged Maan Geet and Dadi Khurana’s had a group hug Maan asked Adi and Pinky to join family hug as Maan always look Adi as a part of his family. Soon dinner served after dinner Maan Geet again danced on few soft number. Everyone enjoyed the biggest and grand reception of Maan Singh Khurana and left after mid night giving their countless blessing to newlywed couple.

Khurana Mansion:

Vicky dropped himself on sofa as soon as they reached Mansion, everyone settled themselves, Maan came with Geet supporting her so that she doesn’t lose her balance due to her shararah. He helped her in settling down and sat beside her.

Vicky: Oh bhai iam so tired now, Reception apka tha thak mai gaya.

Nakul: Chotai baba yeh lain pani.

Vicky: wow Nakul kaka ap great ho.

Maan: Kabhi toh apni dramaybazi kam kia karo

Vicky: Mai nai kya kia bhai.

Maan: Dadi ko bataon tum kis wajha sai thakay ho.

Maan smirked while taking sip of water, Vicky looked towards him with wide eyes and move his head in negative asking him not to leak his secret. As Maan saw Vicky admiring Vaidehi and following her silently.

Dadi ma: Kya baat hai Maan beta.

Vicky looked towards Maan making baby face, Maan again smirked and looked towards Dadi.

Maan: nothing dadi ma, chotai nai kitni help ki hai sab kuch handle kia hai toh ab thak gai hai. Kyun Vicky.

Vicky: han han dadi ma bhai sahi keh rahay hain.

Maan controlling his laugh as Geet and Vicky glaring at him.

Dadi ma: ham toh apnai room mai jarahay hain ap bachay betho magar zyada dair nai bethna yahan Maan aur Geet beta bhi thak gai hon gai.

Maan: ji dadi ma.

Dadi left Maan who was holding himself burst in laughter, Geet slightly smacked his shoulder while Vicky sat glaring at his big brother.

Vicky: bhai that was not funny at all.

Maan: really junior Khurana that was not funny but chotai I find it funny {Maan smirked while saying this}

Geet: Maan kyun pareshaan kar rahay ho ap Vicky ko.

Vicky: Han na bhabhi dehko na apnai Maan ko.

Maan: Chup bhabhi ka chamcha. Ab aai na tum meray haath, kitna pareshaan kia tha mujhay, now wait and see junior Khurana.

Geet: Maan aap bhi na, nahi pareshaan karo na chotai ko.

Maan: Geet apnai devar ki side laina band karo, bhool gai mujhay kitna pareshaan kia hai is nai.

Geet: han Maan yaad hai mujhay, but aap abhi kis baat ko laikai chotay ki leg pulling karahay ho.

Vicky: What bhabhi aap ko reason nai pata phir bhi aap mujhay defend karahay ho.

Maan: seriously Geet you are unbelieveable.

Geet looked towards Khurana brother’s making baby face.

Geet: ab batao bhi kya baat hai.

Vicky: bhai mai toh chala aap log bhi jao rest karo.

Geet: Oye Vicky ruko bata kai jao.

Vicky: bhai bata dain gai aapko.

Maan: soch lo chotay bata bhi dun ga.

Vicky: han bata dain but sirf bhabhi ko, aur bhabhi ap bhi kisi ko mat batana please.

Geet: Uff yeh Khurana brother’s mujhay pagal kardain gai.

Maan/Vicky: what we did.

Geet: nahi kuch nai, kuch bhi toh nahi kia. Chalo ab bhago yahan sai aur Mr.Khurana aap chalain meray saath aur batain yeh kya horaha hai yahan.

Vicky giggled Geet pushed him towards the steps and grabbed Maan’s hand. All went towards their room, Maan carried Geet in his arms and walked towards their room.

Maan’s bedroom.

Maan slowly placed Geet on bed and sat infront of her, he delicately cupped her face, and placed light kiss on her forehead.

Maan: Geet tum change karlo thak gai hogi na.

Geet: Maan pehlay batao na neechay aap Vicky ko kyun pareshan karahay thai.

Maan laughed and cupped Geet face.

Maan: Geet tum pehlay change karkai aao phir bata hun tumhay kai baat kya hai.

Geet: pakka na batao gai.

Maan: han baba bataon ga.

Maan smiled and helped Geet in removing her ornaments, Maan grabbed his clothes and left to change while Geet changed in room only, she was combing her hairs when Maan came back wearing his vest and tracks, he came near Geet and hugged her from back, she hold his hand, he placed soft kiss on her neck, she smiled as his lips touched her skin.

Geet: ab batain kya baat hai.

Maan: your pagal devar is in love

Geet turned and looked towards Maan with wide eyes. Maan looked at her confused.

Maan: what aisa kyun dekh rahi ho.

Geet: kab kaisai kis sai. Aisai kaisai pyar karsakta hai kisi sai bhi ap kya bol rahay ho.

Maan placed his finger on her lips.

Maan: chup bilkul chup. Kitna bolti ho tum, Vicky ko Vaidehi pasand aai hai and iam sure he is fallen for her.

Geet become excited she grabbed Maan’s arms.

Geet: sachi Maan hamaray chotay ko pyar hogaya hai matlab ab uski shadi hogi aur mai jethani bhi ban jaon gi wow Maan kitna maza ai na na chotay ki shadi mai.

Maan: Han Geet maza toh aai ga mera aik hi bhai hai, pata hi nai chala chota itna bara hogaya kai ab uski bhi shadi hogi.

Geet: Magar Maan Vicky dadi ko batanai sai kyun mana karaha hai.

Maan: Geet yeh toh mujhay nai pata baad mai pochon ga us sai.

Geet: kya Maan kab sai usai pareshaan karahay thai yeh nai pocha ap nai. Aap bhi na pata nai kya kya kartai rehtai ho.

Geet stop as she didn’t get any response, she looked towards Maan who was lost admiring her with his bedroom eyes, she felt shy and looked down.

Geet: Maan aisai nahi dehko na please kuch hota hai.

Maan smiled and lifted her face holding her chin. And spoke in husky voice.

Maan: kya hota hai mishti.

Geet hide her face in her palm, Maan smiled and slowly remove her hand and placed a soft kiss on her lips, when their soft kiss turned into passionate one both didn’t realize, while kissing they move towards bed to spend rest of the night in each other arms.


Maan woke up as sunrays fall on his face. He slowly open his eyes and saw his Mishti who was sleeping peacefully resting her head on his chest, one hand wrapped around his waist other resting on his heart. Maan slightly bend over her and placed soft kiss on her forehead. Geet smile in her sleep Maan slowly took Geet under him and place soft kisses on her both eyes and cheeks. Geet slowly open her eyes and slightly moved towards Maan, he smiled and captured her soft lips in his beautiful M shape lips. Maan left her lips and peck her forehead.

Maan: Good Morning my princess.

Geet: Good Morning my prince.

Maan smiled and looked towards her face admiring her beauty, Geet felt shy and looked down.

Geet: Maan aisai kyun dekh rahay ho.

Maan: Soch raha hun meri mishti abhi zyada khobsoorat lag rahi hai ya raat ko chand ki chandni mai meri bahoon mai khobsoorat lag rahi thi.

Geet looked towards Maan with wide eyes, Maan smirked seeing her reaction Geet pat on his shoulder and his herself in his arms. Maan hold her close in the castle of his arms.

Geet: Hey babaji, Maan aap itnai besharam kyun hogai ho.

Maan: Ab mai nai kya kia mishti mai nai toh sirf itna kaha tum abhi zyada khobsoorat lagrahi ho ya kal raat….

Geet covered his lips with her palm. Maan pecked her palms.

Geet: Maan aap itnai naughty kab sai hue pehlay toh nahi thai itnai naughty. Abhi bhi yaad hai mujhay jo aap nai gussay mai akai mujhay janai ko kaha tha phir un gundoon sai bhi bachaya tha. Aapko yaad hai.

Geet: Maan aap itnai naughty kab sai hue pehlay toh nahi thai itnai naughty. Abhi bhi yaad hai mujhay jo aap nai gussay mai akai mujhay janai ko kaha tha phir un gundoon sai bhi bachaya tha. Aapko yaad hai.

Maan: Mai naughty sirf apni mishti kai liye hun. Han Geet yaad hai who din mai kaisai bhool sakta hun, us din meri pari nai mujhay pehli baar Maan kaha tha aur meri bahoon mai samai thi.

Geet looked towards Maan with sweet smile on her face, Maan pull her cheeks and kissed them.

Geet: Agar aapka early morning romance hogaya hai toh neechay chalain, dadi ma puja kai liye wait karahi hoon gi.

Maan: Nahi mujhay sona hai.

Geet: Maan badmashi baad mai karna aur jakai change karo aap ko office nai jana kya.

Maan: Geet you know you are unbelievable. Tum pehli wife ho jo shadi kai foran baad apnai husband ko office bhej rahi hai. Maan Singh Khurana is on leave mishti for hmmm long period.

Geet looked towards Maan as if he is gone mad.

Geet: Okay Mr.Maan office mat jain but abhi toh hatain na puja kai liye dair hojai gi, janay dain na mujhay shower lainai.

Maan looked towards Geet with mischief in his eyes, he bend towards her ears and huskily spoke.

Maan: Mai help karoon shower lainai mai

Maan lifted his face and saw Geet staring him with her lips turned into big O

Geet: Haw Maan sharam kijea, dehkain buhat badmashi hogai hai lagta hai raat ko aap ko overdose mill gaya hai.

Maan laughed wholeheartedly Geet slightly pushed him and ran towards washroom covering herself in sheet that Maan already kept beside her. Meanwhile Maan cleaned the mess they created last night, and went to get dressed

up after Geet came back, they walked downstairs after getting ready.

Khurana Mansion Lounge:

Maan Geet went downstairs both took dadi’s blessings and did morning puja, after puja Geet left for kitchen while

rest of the Khurana’s settle themselves on dining table.

Khurana’s Dining Hall:

After having breakfast Geet was about to stood to clean the table when dadi stopped her.

Dadi ma: Geet beta ruko aap ko aur Maan betay ko kuch daina hai hamain.

Maan: kya daina hai dadi ma.

Vicky: woho bhai sabar toh karao dai rahi hain na dadi.

Maan glared at Vicky in return he showed Maan his tongue Geet and Dadi giggled seeing this, dadi then handed over an envelope to Maan, Maan opened the envelop and looked towards dadi.

Maan: dadi ma yeh toh Switzerland kai tickets hain next week ki flight kai.

Vicky: yes bhai yeh meri aur dadi ki taraf sai apki shadi ka tohfa.

Maan: but Vicky dadi ma aap log jantai ho na

Dadi ma: han betay ham jantai hain next to next week aap ka birthday hai aur us din aap ghar pai hamaray saath rehtai ho. But beta aab aap kai saath Geet bhi hai aap log jao aur enjoy karo. Apna birthday akelay Geet kai saath celebrate karna is baar Switzerland mai.

Maan: but dadi ma.

Vicky: bhai dadi ma sahi keh rahi hain aap log jao, har baar toh hamaray saath hi hotai ho na is baar bhabhi kai saath jao.

Maan: Vicky tum jantai ho mai birthday celebrate nai karta us din sirf mera birthday nai tha us din, bas mai kaheen nai jao ga, iam sorry Geet ham baad mai jain gai yeh mera wada hai but next week nahi.

Saying this Maan left from there, Geet looked towards the direction where Maan went, dadi walked towards Geet and placed her hand on her shoulder.

Dadi ma: Geet betay don’t worry ham Maan ko mana lain gai woh zaroor jain gai.

Geet: nahi dadi ma ham next week nahi jarahay hain, mai nai Maan ki aankhon mai udasi aur dard dehka hai, Maan kya keh rahay thai us din sirf mera birthday nahi tha us din, dadi ma kya hua tha Maan ki birthday walay din.

Dadi ma: Geet betay Maan kai parents ka accident Maan ki birthday walay din hi hua tha, Maan nai apnai parents ko apni birthday walay din hi khoya tha.

Geet: kaisai dadi ma.

Vicky: papa kai saath kabhi kabhi ma bhi office jati thi, us din ma papa dono office gai thai bhai dadi ma aur mai ghar par thai, Dadi ma bhai ki birthday party ki preparations dekh rahi thi dada ji kai saath, tabhi hospital sai phone aya tha kai maa papa ko critical condition mai hospital mai admit kia gaya hai, woh log ghar wapas arahay thai tabhi aik speedy truck sai unki car ka collision hogaya tha, doctor nai buhat koshish ki magar ma papa ko nahi bacha pai, tab sai Maan bhai apni birthday walay din ghar pai hi rehtai hain apnai room mai bas sirf subha puja kai liye atai hain phir wapas chalay jatai hain.

Dadi ma: Maan chotai thai jab yeh hua magar usdin kai baad sai aaj tak unhon nai apna birthday celebrate nahi kia, na hi ham logon ko unhay wish karnai daitai hain bas apnai room mai rehtai hain.

Geet: dadi ma aap pareshaan na hoon mai dekhti hun Maan ko, aur hum log kaheen nahi jarahay hain yaheen rahain gai baad mai chalay jain gai.



Hey guyz here you go so sorry for delay as i was going through some mental stress and i was not willing to ruin my ff by writing when I was not in mental peace. This is the longest update ever. 4,341 words and 16 pages of ms.words. I hope you guyz will like it. My final exams are starting from Mid December i will try to give one more update before that otherwise i will be posting my SS updates till then. 

Vicky sighed as he cannot go against his brother’s words. He left with Maan once looking back to catch a glimpse of Vaidehi.

Though Maan left with Vicky after giving some privacy to girls to enjoy their function as males are not allow in mu dikhai but his mind continuously diverting towards his lady love, he wants to be with her in every moment of his life and mu dikhai is one part of their wedding rituals. Vicky looked towards his disturb and lost brother.

Vicky: kya hua bhai kya soch rahay ho aap?
Maan: Kuch nai Vicky aisai hi.
Vicky: batao na bhai, aik minute kaheen aap bhabhi ko to miss nai karahay.

Vicky said with his lips turn into smirk and eyes full of mischief, Maan glared at him.

Vicky: Haye bhai bhabhi sai dur hue 5 min bhi nai hue or itna miss karahay ho unhay.
Maan: Shut up Vicky
Vicky: Kya shut up chalye yahan sai bhool gai no men allowed inside.

Maan looked towards Vicky with twinkle in his eyes.

Maan: Maan Singh Khurana ko roknai ki kisi mai himat nai hai meray pyaray bhai.
Vicky: Kya matlab aap andar nai nai
Maan: Haan ji mai andar jaon ga or aap bhi chalain gai meray saath.
Vicky: what mai nahi bhai, kyun mujhay maarwana chah rahay khud to bach jao gai Maan Singh Khurana jo ho yeh bechara Vikram Singh Khurana be maut mara jai ga.
Maan: Tumhari nautanki khatam hogai ho to chalain andar.

Vicky said slowly “Agar andar jana hi tha to bahar kyun lai thai, Vicky tum to gai aaj bhai khud to pakka bach jain gai woh logon mujhay nai chorain gai”
Vicky looked towards Maan who was continuously glaring at him he gave silly smile to Maan.

Vicky: chal raha hun na bhai aisai ghoor kyun rahay ho.

Maan smiled and both again walked towards the hall where mu dikhai function is going on, Maan and Vicky hide themselves behind the pillars, Vicky looking here and there to see if someone spotted them where as Maan’s eyes is trying to catch glimpse of his lady love. Geet sitting between ladies suddenly felt peace around her and she knew its her Maan who came back to be with her, her eyes instantly searched for his life she was looking all over when her eyes met with two pair of eyes which were already lost adorning his life, As soon as their eyes met both completely forget about the surrounding and continued their talk through eyes. Vicky who was getting bore hiding behind pillar spotted his newly found love he secretly admired Vaidehi. Dadi who was sitting beside Geet looked towards her when someone called Geet and she didn’t respond she found her lost looking in one direction she followed her gaze and smile seeing her grandson hiding behind pillow lost in his bride, she slowly stood up and walked towards Maan, Vicky noticed dadi first when she reached near them, he was about to run when she hold his hand to stop him and signaled him not to make noise, she slowly walked towards Maan and twisted his ear, Maaneet eye look broke when Maan winced in pain, he looked towards dadi and smiled getting embarrassed on being caught red handed everyone looked towards Maan then Geet and giggle Geet looked down turning crimson.

Maan: dadi ma woh mai.
Dadi ma: Chup aik dum chup Maan yeh kya horaha hai aap jantay hain na yahan aap logon ka ana mana hai phir aap yahan kya karahay hain, hamain aap sai yeh umeed nai thi Maan. Or Vicky aap bhi.
Vicky: Dadi ma yeh sab bhai nai kia hai unhon nai hi kaha tha Maan Singh Khurana ko kon rok sakta hai, khud sai nahi raha jaraha tha bhabhi kai bina mujhay bhi saath lai aai.

Maan shoot an angry glared towards Vicky while dadi trying her level to maintain her serious face and not to laugh on her grandson.

Dadi ma: Vicky ko kyun ghor rahay hain aap, or Geet betay aap, aap bhi Maan mai kho gai aap janti hain na inka yahan ana mana tha, Maan aap ko saza milai gi ab.

Maan make baby face and looked towards dadi

Dadi ma: Nai aap kuch bhi karlain saza to aap ko milai gi.
Vicky: dadi matlab mai bach gaya na kyun kai saza to bhai ko milai gi.
Dadi ma: Yeh aap sai kis nai kaha kai aap ko saza nai milai gi, bhai ko roknai kai bajai unkai saath chalay aai saza dono ko milai gi.
Vicky: khud to maray mujhay bhi saath mai marwa dia na bhai aap nai.
Maan: dadi ma please na sab dekh rahay hain.
Dadi ma: Ham jo aik baar kehdaitay hain us baat ko badaltay nai hain or yeh aap jantay hain Maan, ham nai kaha aap ko saza milay gi to milay gi or aap ki saza yeh hai kai aap dono yeh function attend karain gai.
Maan: dadi ma lakin

Suddenly Maan and Vicky realized what dadi said and both shouted together.

Maan/Vicky: What!!!
Dadi ma: ji han aap dono yeh function attend karain gai specially Maan aap, warna pata chala dono aisai hi aik dosray ki aankhon mai khoe rahay or mu dikhai ka function abhi kai bajai 3 din baad horaha hai.

Maan looked towards dadi innocently Vicky burst in laughter hearing this.

Vicky: Dadi agar mu dikhai 3 din baad hogi to reception kab hoga jo sham mai hai.

Dadi laughed here Vicky’s comment while Geet Maan and guest looking at the duo with disbelief.

Maan: hogaya aap dono ka? Ab dair nai horahi dadi ma aap ko.
Dadi ma: hmm chaleye ab.

All 3 walked towards the center of hall, Maan stood in front of Geet hold her hand and both settled together holding hands, guest came and praise the couple and give them blessings.

After the function everyone was sitting in lounge when Adi and rest came, Dadi asked Geet to take some rest and left for room Geet along with Pinky left for their room, leaving Maan and other boys behind.

Maan: Vicky Adi everything is done for evening or still preparations going on? Remember I don’t want any kind of mishap in reception.
Adi: Sir everything is prepared.
Vicky: Ji bhai sab perfect hai meri khud subha ROYAL INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL kai manager sai baat hue hai preparations kai baray mai unhon nai kaha sab ready hai bas flower decorations woh sham mai karain gai.
Adi: Don’t worry sir we all will make sure kai wahan koi garbar na ho, media kai liye alag sai setting rakhi hai they will not disturb you guyz unnecessary.
Maan: Thanks Adhi for making sure kai media dur hi rahay mujhay waisai hi media attention nai pasand.
Vicky: Ji bhai tabhi ham nai media kai liye alag hi setup kia hai. Sirf aap dono ki entry pai unhay allow kia hai pics click karna and thori si stage pai rest dur sai hi coverage hogi.
Maan: Janta hoon mai aap sab kai hotay hue mujhay kisi baat ki fikar karnai ki zaroorat nai hai, Vicky Nakul sai bolo baqe sab kai liye khana lagadai.
Vicky smiled: ji bhai abhi kehta hoon or aap bhi jakai thori dair rest karlain warna aap thak jao gai.

Maan patted his little brother cheeks and went to his old room to rest for a while giving privacy to his love and her friend. After few hours Maan woke up after freshen up he walked towards his room and knocked at the door, Pinky came and open the door.

Pinky: Aray jiju aap, apnai hi room ka door kon knock karta hai jiju.
Maan: ab meri Sali sahiba or unki dost andar theen mai nai socha knock karlon kaheen kuch aisa sun lia jo na suna chahea to
Pinky: Kya matlab.
Maan: kuch nai Pinky mazak karaha tha, Geet kahan hai.
Pinky: aap ki Geet to so gai kab ki mujhay chips ka packet dai kai mai yahan bethi bethi bore horahi thi to tv dekhtay dekhtay chips kha rahi thi.
Maan: Pinky tum or tumharay chips mai utha daita hoon usai warna madam bolain gi mujhay taiyar bhi hona tha dair hogai.

Pinky giggled and left from there, Maan walked inside closing huge door behind him. He walked towards his sleeping angel he smiled looking at her and settled himself beside her, he lower himself and place kiss on her forehead, Geet lips curved into sweet smile, he again placed kiss on her eyes, Geet smile grew bigger, he then caressed her cheeks.

Maan: Shona utho na.
Geet: thori dair please.
Maan: dair hojai gi shona apnai reception pai dair sai jao gi han {Maan said while nuzzling his nose on her cheeks}

Geet looked towards Maan, she slightly shifted herself and rested her head on Maan chest, he wrapped his arms around her.

Geet: Nahi ji mai bilkul late nahi hoon gi achi tarhan janti hun wahan pura media hoga or mai apnai Maan ki reputation kharab nai karoon gi kabhi.
Maan: acha ji.
Geet: haan ji.

Maan smiled, he bends his head slightly and took Geet smiling lips in soul searing kiss, their kiss broke by the knock on the door. Maan tugged Geet hairs and went to open the door.

Vicky: Sorry bhai aap ko disturb kia.
Maan: Nahi Vicky bolo kya baat hai.
Vicky: bhai woh dadi ma keh rahi hain bhabi to ready karnia kai liye kuch ladies aain hain.
Maan: hmm theekh hain unhay 5 min mai upar bhej do mai apnai old room mai taiyar hojaon ga.
Vicky: ji bhai.

Maan walked inside. Meanwhile Geet came out of washroom.

Geet: kon tha Maan.
Maan: Vicky tha Geet, dadi ma keh rahai hai kuch beautician’s aain hain tumhay ready karnai kai liye, 5mins mai upar arahi hain.
Geet: woh to theekh hai Maan magar aap kahan taiyar hokai.
Maan: pareshaan mat ho Geet mai meray old room mai ready hojaon ga koi masla nai hai, bas meray kapray dai do.
Geet: Ji aik minute.

Geet gave Maan his cloths, he left after placing a quick kiss on her lips. After sometime Maan came down dressed up in Black sherwani having sliver embroidery on it, he walked towards dadi and took her blessings.

Vicky: wow bhai looking handsome han.
Adi: Vicky sir Maan sir to hamesha hi handsome lagtay hain.
Maneesha: bilkul theekh kaha aap nai Adi sir hamaray boss to hamesha hi handsome and dashing lagtay hain.
Adi: Maneesha ji bas.
Dadi ma: acha bas ab or mat pareshaan karo meray betay ko.

Vicky who was facing staircase said “WOW” everyone turned behind hearing Vicky, Maan rooted on his place after seeing his angel slowly coming down the staircase dressed up in Silver Shararah. Vicky who was standing beside Maan pinched him to bring him back in reality. Maan walked towards Geet, he gave her his hand and helps her in descending last few steps. Everyone present in hall hooted and whistled but love birds lost in their own world. Their sweet moment broke when dadi came forward and placed her both hand on their head. Maan and Geet looked towards dadi and bend down to touch her feet, dadi blessed both of them and hugged them. Maan slightly bend towards Geet and whisper in her ears “Aasmaan pai jo pariyan hoti hain woh bhi sharmajain aaj meri pari dono jahanon ki sab sai khobsoorat pari lagrahi hai”. Geet turned into the deepest shade of red, Khurana’s moved towards the Royal Intercontinental where everyone was waiting to meet the newly married business tycoon.


Media was waiting on both sides of red carpet to capture the 1st appearance of Mr and Mrs.Maan Singh Khurana, every news channel trying their best to be first in capturing this life time moment, suddenly the atmosphere became calm when few cars came to halt in front of hotel indicating the arrival of Khurana’s. Every media person became alert when someone step out of car but they left disappointed only because stars of the evening still didn’t stepped out of their car, soon everyone steeped out from all cars and now all eyes are on center car, all camera’s started showering flashes when back door open and the star of evening Maan Singh Khurana stepped out, Maan closed the door and gracefully walked towards the other side of car, he open the door and gave his hand to his life, Geet came out of car gracefully holding Maan’s hand. Khurana’s escorted Maan and Geet from both side and the newlywed couple walked inside holding hands. Maan and Geet steeped inside the hall hotel manager present them bouquet, and lead them inside. Maan looked around beautifully decorated hall, simple yet showing Royalty of Khurana’s. Maan looked towards Vicky and spoke.

Maan: Vicky bohat khobsoorat decoration hai, seriously mai to itna dehan nai dai paya aap sai nai bohat pyara decorate karwaya hai. Khurana’s ki royalty ko samnai rakhtay hue its beautiful and perfect. Thank you so much Vicky Adi aap sab kai bina yeh possible nai tha.
Vicky: Bhai aap ka thank you phir shuru hogaya abhi to rehne do na its your day jao enjoy karo bhabhi ko apnai business associates sai milwao thank you sorry baad mai.
Maan: but mai nai Sorry kab bola. Vicky tum bhi na.
Dadi ma: Maan Vicky phir shuru hogai aap dono. Aur Vicky aap chalo meray saath Maan kai saath rahay to pareshan karain gai aap unhay or kuch nahi.

Maan and Geet giggled while Vicky make baby face as dadi dragged him with her, Maan and Geet gracefully moved around the hall, meeting everyone, Maan introduce Geet with some of his current clients and important business associates. Everyone was enjoying the grand royal reception when their attention diverted towards Vicky who was standing in the center of dance floor holding mike in his hand.

Vicky: Good Evening ladies and gentleman thank you so much for giving us your precious time by attending this reception. As you all know the biggest business tycoon, most eligible bachelor and my big brother Maan Singh Khurana is now more bachelor he is a married man now, ops sorry girls I know bhai broke many hearts. You all know Angry Maan Singh Khurana but today I will request bhai to show the world how soft Maan Singh Khurana actually is. Bhai don’t look at me so confused we all Khurana’s know that Maan bhai is not only best business man but he also sing really well. Bhai I would like to request on behalf of whole family please express your feelings towards bhabhi in form of song. Please bhai.

Maan looked towards Geet then dadi.

Maan: dadi yeh kya hai, mai nai garaha sab kai samnai Vicky pagal hogaya hai kya. Adi yeh sab kya hai yeh tum logon ka plan hai na.
Adi: sorry sir mujhay is baaray mai bilkul nai pata Vicky sir nai mujhay iska nai bataya tha.
Maan: mai nai gaon ga bas.

Vicky who was watching everything from far came forward.

Vicky: bhabhi aap bolo na bhai sai maan jain, agar bhai nai gaya to unhay bhi to return gift milay ga.

Geet looked towards Vicky confused.

Geet: kya matlab.
Vicky: uff bhabhi woh to bhai kai ganay kai baad hi pata chalay ga. Bhai sab wait karrahay hain ab to mai nai announce kardia.
Geet: Maan Vicky sahi kehraha hai plz backout mat karain ab to usnai bol dia sab ko.
Maan: hmm theekh hai, Vicky tumhay to mai ghar jakai batata hoon.
Vicky: piano us taraf hai bhai {Vicky said while winking at Maan in return he get angry glare from Maan}

Rab ki qawali hai ishq koi
Dil ki diwali hai ishq koi
Mehki si pyaali hai ishq koi
Subah ki laali hai ishq
Girta sa jharna hai ishq koi
Uthta sa kalma hai ishq koi
Saanson mein lipta hai ishq koi
Aankhon mein dikhta hai ishq

All lights got dim only 2 light focusing Mr and Mrs. Maan Khurana. Maan gracefully started playing piano, every one gasped when they heard melodious voice of the great Maan Singh Khurana. No one had ever thought the man who look so arrogant when it comes to business can play piano and sing so well.

Mere dil ko tu jaan se juda kar de
Yun bas tu, mujhko fanaa kar de
Mera haal tu, meri chaal tu
Bas kar de aashiqana
Tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana, mera ishq sufiyana
Tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana, mera ishq sufiyana

Maan stood up and slowly walked towards Geet, he hold her hand and placed it on his heart after kissing it softly, Geet rested her head on Maan chest both moved in the rhythm of music. Maan slowly parted her hold her both hands and bowed on her hands indicating that he submitted himself to her. Geet looked towards Maan with love filled eyes.

Sochun tujhe toh hai subah
Sochun tujhe toh shaam hai
Haan manzilon pe ab toh meri, ek hi tera naam hai
Teri aag meri jalti, koyle se heera banke
Khwaabon se aagey chal ke hai tujhe bataana
Tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana, mera ishq sufiyana
Tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana, mera ishq sufiyana
Maan hold Geet hand and pointed towards the area which is glowing symbolizing it with morning then he pointed towards the area which was slightly dark symbolizing with evening and nights. Then he hold her hand and walked few steps, he then kept his one joint hand on her heart and other joint hand on his heart, he then kneeled in front of her took and both hands and touched his forehead with her hands.

Saath-saath chalte-chalte haath chhoot jaayenge
Aisi raahon mein milo naa
Baatein-baatein karte-karte raat katt jaayegi
Aisi raaton mein milo naa
Kya hum hain, kya rab hai
Jahan tu hai, wahin sab hai
Tere lab mile mere lab khile
Ab door kya hai jaana
Tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana, mera ishq sufiyana
Tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana, mera ishq sufiyana

Maan stood on his feet he kept his one hand around Geet waist and started walking when Geet felt shy due to his hold she was about to move Maan grabbed her and pull her towards him indicating her not to leave him, He them make her sit on nearby chair and sat on floor keeping his head on her lap, indicating that he will spend his entire life like this. He then placed his finger on her lips her lips curved into sweet smile Maan smiled with her and again placed his head on her lap while Geet slowly caressed his head.

Rab ki qawali hai ishq koi
Dil ki diwali hai ishq koi
Mehki si pyaali hai ishq koi
Subah ki laali hai ishq
Mere dil ko tu jaan se juda kar de
Yun bas tu, mujhko fanaa kar de
Mera haal tu, meri chaal tu
Bas kar de aashiqana
Maan stood up and gave his hand to Geet she hold his hand and stood up, he stepped forward and took her in his arms both lost in each other arms their bodies moving in the rhythm, enjoying each other company forgetting about whole world. When Maan stopped singing as song ended he himself didn’t realized both were truly living the blissful moment.

Tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana, mera ishq sufiyana
Tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana
Mera ishq sufiyana, mera ishq sufiyana

Maan and Geet both came back to reality when lights switched on again and they heard hall echoed with huge applause and a whistle by his own brother only Vicky can dare to whistle in front of Maan Singh Khurana. Dadi came forward and blessed her grand children. Vicky again holds the mike.

Vicky: wow bhai that was so romantic you took us in another world, now it’s time for return gift. Now my sweet bhabhi will express her feeling through song. Common bhabhi you have to do it don’t look towards bhai, bhai sang such a beautiful song won’t you do the same for him.

Maan giggled looking at Geet’s face who was busy pleading to Vicky not to do this, he slightly leaned towards her ears.
Maan: Kisi nai thori dair pehlay kaha tha “Maan Vicky sahi kehraha hai plz back out mat karain ab to usnai bol dia sab ko” he mimicked Geet, ab kya hua Mrs.Khurana abhi bhi to Vicky nai sab ko keh dia hai now you can’t back out.
Geet looked towards Maan pouting cutely.
Maan: ab Geet yeh to tumhay karna paray ga itna nai karo gi meray liye

Geet looked towards Vicky and murmured glaring at him.
Geet: Mr. Vicky Singh Khurana I will not leave you ghar pai milo mujhay.
Maan who was standing beside Geet laughed hearing her murmuring.

Geet looked towards Maan and nodded her head indicating that she will sing, everyone clapped to encourage her, again lights got dim and only 2 lights focused Maan and Geet.

Mann saath samandar dol gaya jo tu aankhon se bol gaya
Oh mann saath samandar dol gaya jo tu aankhon se bol gaya
Le teri ho gayi yaar sajna ve sajna, ho sajna mere yaar sajna ve sajna
Jo saath samandar dol gaya tere pyaar mein le bin bol gaya 
Le teri ho gayi yaar sajna ve sajna, oh sajna mere yaar sajna ve sajna

Maan lips curved into a big smile when he heard the most melodious and beautiful voice, Geet took few step closer to Maan and closed his eyes by placing her hand on his eyes, with other hand she hold his hand and placed it on her heart, she allowed Maan to open his eyes and submitted herself in the castel of his arms. She lifted her head and looked towards Maan with love, respect and care in her eyes then again kept her head on his heart. Maan slowly bend and placed a kiss somewhere in her hairs.

Oh re oh sajna oh…
Tujhe bhar loon apni aankhon mein, in aankhon ko main kholoon na
Kholoon apni baaton main phir is duniya se boloon na
Bhar loon apni aankhon mein, in aankhon ko main kholoon na
Kholoon apni baaton main phir is duniya se boloon na
Main dekhoon main baat karoon tere saath jeeyoon tere saath maroon 
Le teri ho gayi yaar sajna ve sajna, ho sajna mere yaar sajna..
Sajna ve sajna.

Geet caressed Maan face as if she is capturing him in her eyes for iternity and closed her eyes to keep him secure there, she again open her eyes and with the help of hand did some moment indicating as if she is introducing him to himself thorugh her words and then placed her hand in front of lips indicating she will only talk with him. She took circle around Maan holding his one hand in her hand and placing other hand on his shoulder, after completeing the turn she stood in front of Maan and bend to touch his feet Maan stopped her and took her in his arms indicating that her place is in his heart not in his feet.

Tu aur kissi ka na hona, main jeete jee mar jaaungi
Teri khaatir duniya se ab tanha hi lad jaaungi
Aur kissi ka na hona, main jeete jee mar jaaungi
Teri khaatir duniya se ab tanha hi lad jaaungi
Maine tujhko kahaan piya ye tan-man tere naam kiya
Le teri ho gayi yaar sajna oh sajna mere yaar sajna ve sajna

Suddenly Geet eyes filled with tears by only singing these lines, she can’t imagine sharing her Maan with anyone else, Maan lifted his hand and wiped her tears he cupped her face and slightly kiss her forhead then he bowed in front of her indicating that he only belongs to her will remain her till his last breath, Geet hugged Maan holding him as tight as she could showing the world that Maan belongs to Geet only. Maan also tighten his grip on her showing the world that Geet belongs to Maan only.

Mann saath samandar dol gaya jo tu aankhon se bol gaya
Oh mann saath samandar dol gaya jo tu aankhon se bol gaya
Le teri ho gayi yaar sajna ve sajna, ho sajna mere yaar sajna ve sajna
Ho sajna ve sajna, sajna ve sajna sajna

Maan and Geet slowly separated Maan indicated Geet to smile by making actions through his hands in mean while song ended. As hall again brighten with lights every eye admiring the love birds in front of them. Maan business associate got emotional seeing this side of Maan because they always see him as arrogant angry young man but now they know that behind the hard shell Maan is very soft and loving Maan.

Vicky: bhai bhabhi now what should I say you both left me speechless with you divine love, God bless you bhai bhabhi you both are life of our family. Ladies and Gentleman this was a small surprise that I planned for both bhai, bhabhi and for my family also as they were unaware of it. I hope you guyz liked my surprised now please enjoy the party that was all from my side, I will not eat more brain now.

Vicky walked towards his family and hugged Maan Geet and Dadi Khurana’s had a group hug Maan asked Adi and Pinky to join family hug as Maan always look Adi as a part of his family. Soon dinner served after dinner Maan Geet again danced on few soft number. Everyone enjoyed the biggest and grand reception of Maan Singh Khurana and left after mid night giving their countless blessing to newly wed couple.









Dadi ma: Geet betay ab aap thora aram karlo phir aap ki mu dikhai ki rasam bhi hai aur kal Grand Reception bhi.

Geet nodded and left from there, Maan and Vicky settled in lounge while Dadi left to look after final preparations of mu dikhai.

Maan: Vicky kal ki preparations kaisi jarahi hain.

Vicky: bhai don’t worry mai aur baqe office staff handle kar rahay hain, this will be the biggest reception akhir Maan Singh Khurana ka reception hai. Adi bhai to subha sai hi ROYAL INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL mai hain arrangements ki details dekh rahay hain, aap bai fikar rehiye kal koi kami nahi hogi.

Maan placed his hand on Vicky’s head.

Maan: Janta hun keh mera chota bhai hai meray saath to mujhay kisi bhi cheez ki fikar karnai ki zaroorat nahi hai, woh har cheez bohat achay sai sambhalay ga meray hotay wai bhi aur meray na hotay hue wai bhi.

Vicky: bhai you know what you are seriously impossible, last time mana kia tha na aisa bolnai ko, Vicky kuch nahi karsakta apnai bhai kai bina, magar aap phir shuru hogai.

Maan smiled and hold his ears.

Maan: Acha baba sorry ab nahi bolon ka bas.

Vicky looked at Maan shocked written all over his face.

Vicky: bhai pinch karo mujhay please.Maan: What.Vicky: Kya what bhai pinch karo na mujhay.

Maan pinched Vicky’s shoulder, he winced in pain while Maan looked at him confused.

Maan: ab bolo gai yeh kya tha.

Vicky: The Maan Singh Khurana holding his ears and saying sorry to his younger brother unbelievable bhai, mujhay laga mai jagtay wai khawab dekh raha hun is liye bola pinch karnai ko, magar itni zoor sai nahi bola tha. {Vicky said making baby face}

Maan laughed looking at Vicky’s baby face.

Maan: awww zyada zoor sai pinch kardia sorry chotay but tum hi nai to kaha tha pinch me to kardia.

Vicky: Bhai aap na bhabhi sahi kehti hain aap ko dusht dhanav.

Maan glared at Vicky, he gulped hard, Maan smiled and ruffled his hairs.

Maan: waqea badmash hogai ho tum, ab jao baqe chezain dehko mai dekhta hun tumhari bhabhi kya kar rahi hain.

Vicky: bhabhi kai pass jana hai to aap jao na mujhay kyun kam karnai ko bol rahay ho.

Maan: Vicky.

Vicky stood and ran from there before Maan could catch him. Maan smile at his little brother childish behavior, Maan walked towards his room, he slowly opens the door only to find his angel sleeping peacefully. He walked towards her and sat beside her. He slightly bend down and kissed her forehead, Geet smile in her sleep feeling his touch, Maan placed his hand on her cheek her smile got big, she hold his hand and placed it under her cheeks, Maan smile and slowly slipped beside her, he loving caressed her cheeks and softly spoke.

Maan: Bohat tak gai hona Geet, shadi ki rasmoon ki wajha sai tum itnai dino sai theekh sai soi bhi nahi thi aur kal bhi mai nai puri raat tumhay jagai rakha, kitna thaki wi lag rahi ho, aur abhi bhi rasmain baqe hain kal reception bhi hai, aik baar yeh rasmain khatam hojai phir tum thoray din bas aram karna, office anai ki bhi koi zaroorat nahi hai, aur mai bhi tumhay pareshaan nahi karoon ga koi shararat kar kai.

Maan slowly bend down and placed a soft kiss on her rosy lips, pull her in a hug and dosed off hugging her due to tiredness. After few hours dadi came and knocked at the door, she knocked few times when no one open dadi called out Maan’s name.

Dadi: Maan betay

Maan slowly open his eyes placed Geet’s head on pillow and went to open the door with sleepy eyes.

Maan: Dadi ma aap sorry woh mai bhi so gaya tha.

Dadi ruffled his hairs and kissed his forehead.

Dadima: Shadi ki bhag dor mai aap dono bohat thak gai hona, aab reception kai baad aram karna koi zaroorat nahi office janai ki samjhay.

Maan: ji dadi ma samhaj gaya, acha batain aap kyun aain us badmash ko bhej daitai.

Dadi ma: Woh badmash mu dikhai ki arrangements dekh raha hai, ham to bas yeh kehnai aai thai Geet ko utha daina aur us sai bolna ready hojai.

Maan: Ji dadi ma mai keh dun ga usai, waisai function kitni dair mai hai.

Dadi ma: 1hr baad aur uskai baad lunch hai.Maan: oh okay mai keh daita hun usai dadi ma.

Dadi ma smiled and left from there, Maan blotted the door, he sat beside Geet and slowly patted her cheeks.

Maan: Mishti utho na.

Geet: sonai dain na Maan.

Maan:Mai to apni jaan ko sonay dun but dadi ma nai bola hai keh mai apni sleeping beauty ko utha dun, mu dikhai ki

rasam haina.

Geet: oh haan, Maan time kya horaha hai.

Maan: 11 bajay hain Geet.

Geet woke up in a jerk, Maan hold her from her shoulders.

Maan: sambhal kai Geet kya hua.

Geet: hey babaji Maan aap bhi na mujhay pehlay kyun nahi uthaya, 12 bajay function hain aur abhi 11 baj rahay hain, mujhay taiyar bhi hona hai, nahana bhi hai 1 ghanatay mai sab kaisai hoga, aaj pehla din hai dadi kya soochain…….

Maan placed his finger on her lips to stop her blabbering.

Maan: Chup Bilkul Chup Geet kitna bolti ho woh bhi aik saath. Dadi ma kuch nahi sochain gi samjhi woh janti hain tum shadi ki bhaag dor mai thak gai ho. Waisai Mrs.Khurana jitna mujhay yaad hai ham dono nai subha saath bath lia tha to aap ko wapas kyun nahana hai. Bar bar naho gi to bemar par jao gi.

Geet: oh haan mai bhi na bhool gai thi keh subha hi to nahi hun chalain ab hatain mai jakay taiyar hoti hun. Waisai mai kya pehnoon Maan.

Maan: Geet tum fresh hojao mai nikalta hun tumharay liye kuch.

Geet was about to move when Maan pull her close and huskily spoke near her ears.

Maan: Waisai Mrs. Maan Khurana I’ll not mind agar subha ka bath scene wapas as action reply hojai.

Geet turned crimson red.

Geet: dhat Maan aap bhi na hatain mujhay jana hai abhi apni shararat baad mai karna.

Maan hold her by her waist and with free hand tugged her lose hairs behind the back and spoke while caressing her cheeks.

Maan: Mai koi shararat nai kar raha Geet, aur na hi abhi karoon ga, kal raat ko tum nai apni rooh meri rooh mai sama di thi, tum nai kaho gi kuch lakin mai janta hun meri mishit abhi bhi dard mai hai, shararat karnai kai liye puri zindagi hai meri liye sab sai pehlay tum ho or kuch nahi.

Geet felt overwhelmed and hugged Maan tightly almost trying to crush him in her delicate castle, Maan securely hold her near him.

Geet: Maan mai nai is zindagi mai pata nahi kon sa aisa acha kam kia hai keh babaji nai apni parchai aap kai roop mai mujhay di hai, Maan aap jaisa koi ho hi nahi sakta is qainat mai, aap babaji ka roop ho is zameen pai, mai bohat khush qismat hun Maan keh is qainat ki beshumar larkiyon mai sai babaji nai mujhay chuna aap kai liye, mai aap kai bina aik pal nahi jee sakti Maan, aap mai mujhay mera RAB dikhta hai.

Geet came out of hug and was about to touch Maan’s feet when he hold her shoulders to stop her and cupped her face.

Maan: Mishti yeh tim kya har rahi ho? Tum nai mujhay apnai babaji ki jagha rakha hai yeh tumhara pyar hai meray liye margar is ka yeh matlab nahi keh tum meray pair chuho. Meri Mishti ki jagha meray qadmoon mai nahi meray dil mai hai, meri bahoon mai hai, meri Mishti apni jagha hi achi lag ti hai khabar dar agar meri Mishti ko koi or jagha di to.

Geet smiled and hugged Maan.

Maan: waisai Geet tum kitna bolti ho, taiyar nahi hona kya? Abhi dadi ma wapas ajain gi tumhay bulanai.

Geet slightly pushed Maan back while Maan smirked.

Geet: Hey babaji Maan late karwadia nai aap nai mujhay, kitna boltay ho aap ab dehko kitna kam time reh gaya hai mujhay taiyar bhi hona hai, hatain aap ab mujhay janai dain.

Maan: Mai zyada bolta hun Geet tum na

Geet: Kya mai hatain ab, pata hai mai nai abhi tak kapray bhi nahi nikalay pata nahi kya pehnoon gi.

Maan pulled Geet near him and huskily spoke near her ear.

Maan: Apni Mishti ko mai apnai haathon sai taiyar karoon ga, tum fresh hokai aao mai kapray nikal lun ga.

Geet cheeks turned into pink shade hearing Maan’s words.

Geet: Maan please abhi koi shararat nahi mai waqea late hogai hun, please na aap abhi masti mat karo, mujhay changing room mai change karnai do na.

Maan: Geet waisai mai to tumhay sajanai ki baat kar raha tha tum nai kya socha han.

Geet looked towards Maan and hide her face in her palms, Maan laughed looking at his Mishti.

Maan: Waisai Geet agar tum chaho to mai who bhi kar sakta hoon.

Geet pushed Maan and ran from there. Maan laughed at his Mishti’s childish behavior. Maan walked towards wardrobe and selected one sari after rejecting many dresses. He took same kundan set and bangles and placed them nicely on dressing table, then he looked for matching sandals and placed them near bed. Mean while Geet called Maan form washroom.

Geet: Maan aap ho kya bahar.

Maan: Haan Geet mai yaheen hun bolo kya hua.

Geet: Maan aap nai meray kapray nikalay please mujhay dai dain.

Maan: Haan Geet nikal liye aik minute.

Maan picked Geet clothes and walked towards washroom with smirk on his face, he knocked the door.

Maan: Geet yeh lo tumharay kapray.

Geet slightly open the door the door and took sari from Maan’s hand.

Geet: Thank you Maan, mai jaldi sai change kar kai aai.

Maan with big smirk on his face: Your most welcome shona mai yaheen hun tum aram sai change karlo.

Maan: Only 5 seconds Maan abhi chilai gi tumhari sherni. 5,4,3,2…

Geet: Maaannnnn

Maan: Haan Mishti bolo kya hua, kuch or pehna hai kya.

Geet: Maan kya badmashi hai yeh, meri sari kahan hai, mai aisai jaon gi kya nechay.

Maan: Ab Geet jo tumhay diya hai pehn kai ajao mai to chala room mai.

Geet: Maan suno na plz Maan aisa mat karo mujhay waisai hi dairi horahi hai.

Maan: Bye Bye Mrs. Maan Khurana mai to chala

Geet: Maan aap na sach mai dusht dhanav ho, babaji daikhain na inhay, ab mai yeh pehn kai kaisai jaon, inhay to mai baad mai dehkun gi abhi kya karoon, Maan kya kartay ho aap.

Maan came back and changed in double shade kurta with churi dar pajama looking like a royal prince, he was buttoning his kurta when he heard the click of dressing room, he turned back and saw Geet coming towards her covering herself with shawl Maan smirked looking at her, Geet looked towards Maan and stood rooted on her place, Maan hold her sari and slowly walked towards her. Maan slowly bend near her ears and spoke huskily.

Maan: Mishti.

Geet felt shy and hugged Maan tightly, Maan slowly rubbed her back, she tightened her grip.

Geet: Maan please mujhay late horaha hai abhi dadi maa ajain gi, nahi masti karain na.

Maan: Mishti mai kahan masti kar raha hun, mai to apni jaan ko apnai haathon sai taiyar karoon ga.

Geet was about to spoke when they heard a knock.

Dadi ma: Geet betay aap taiyaar hogai hain, mehmaan ana shuru hogai hain.

Geet: dadi ma ji almost hogai hun thori dair mai aati hun.

Maan: dadi ma mai lai aaon ga geet ko nechay.

Dadi ma: theekh hai beta jaldi aaiye neechay.

Dadi left geet cupped maan’s face and spoke.

Geet: maan please na.

Maan smiled and softly pecked her lips.

Maan: okay no masti sirf tumhay taiyaar karoon ga.

Maan kept his hand on Geet’s shoulder and slowly removed her shawl. Geet cheek’s turned crimson red, Maan spoke in his sexy voice.

Maan: Abhi bhi itna hi Sharma rahi ho shona, jab kai kal raat aur subha…

Before Maan could speak further Geet placed her hand on his lips, Maan giggled and placed a kiss on her palm. Maan turned Geet in back hug position, he hold the end of sari and tucked it in caressing Geet’s waist, she held her breath when she felt Maan caressing her bare stomach, he brushed his hand along her waist line teasing her senses, Geet softly moaned his name “ MAAN PLEASE.” Maan smiled and pinched her stomach, Geet slapped his hand, Maan wrapped the sari around her and hold one part to make pleats, after making pleats Maan securely tucked them in caressing her waist. Maan turned Geet so that she could face him, he bend down and placed several kisses on her collar bone, he moved further down and placed a kiss above her assets, his lips tasting her upper body while his hands busy caressing her bare waist, Geet circle her arms around his neck holding him firmly. After giving pleasure to her upper part Maan slowly moved towards her trembling lips and took them in his for a soul soothing kiss, he left her lips and set her pallu. Once her pallu was set Geet felt something cold on her exposed waist she bend her head and saw Maan placed a diamond waist chain around her waist, her waist chain is perfectly matching with her kundan set and kangan, Maan bend on his knees and placed several kisses on her waist line removing the sari pallu slightly, before clasping the chain he caressed her waist with his nose, Geet hold his hairs in her fits, Maan softly blow near her navel and stood up, he slightly stepped back to get a full view of his newlywed bride who is now blushing heavily. Maan moved forward and kissed her forehead, he slowly made her sit in front of dresser, first he lifted the brush and brushed her hair straight letting them fall below her waist, he then hold maang tika and placed it on her forehead, after placing maang teka he went behind her and bend down to hold the necklace he placed it securely around her neck, before clasping the necklace Maan caressed her neck using his lips sending shivers down her body, after clasping the necklace he came forward and kneeled in front of her, he lifted danglers and moved towards her ears, he kissed her ears and softly sucked her earlobes before placing the danglers, he did the same with other ear also, once he was done with jewellary he hold her hand and made her wear bangles carefully, he then slide kangan in both hands, after adorning her with jewels Maan stood up and went behind her, he hold the sari pallu and placed it securely over Geet’s head, he went near his bed and picked Geet’s stilettos, Geet saw him holding her stilettos she stood up and walked towards him.

Geet: Maan yeh aap kya kar rahay ho, mai pehn lun gi chorain usai.

Maan placed his finger on her lips.

Maan: Chup Bilkul Chup Geet, mai nai kaha na aaj mai apni mishit ko apnai haathon sai sajaon ga, to chup chap yahan bed pai betho aur mujhay mera kam karnai do samjhi.

Geet: But Maan.

Maan: Chup Geet ab mujhay karnai do warna soch lo wapas dadi ma aajain gi upar.

Geet sigh and sat, Maan bend down and placed her feet on his knees, he bend down and kissed her feet, Geet busy in admiring her prince every gesture, Maan made her wear her stilettos while kissing her feet, after adoring his bride completely Maan made her stand and quickly walked towards dresser set his hairs and came back to her, he covered her face using her pallu as ghungat and asked her to hold his hand.

Maan: Geet chalain neechay.

Geet nodded her head and both left their room.


Dadi was busy in welcoming guest when she noticed one familiar face, she walked near her and hugged her she hugged her back.

Dadi ma: Shoba kaisi ho tum ab aai ho, shadi pai kyun nahi aain.

Shobha: mai theekh hun Savitri tum kaisi ho, shadi pai ana tha magar Vaidehi ka last paper tha is liye aa nahi pai, aur tum to janti ho uskai elawa mera hai hi kon.

Dadi ma: Mai bilkul theekh hoon koi baat nahi Vaidehi beti hai kahan.

Shobha: Yaheen hai woh uski kisi friend ka phone agaya tha aarahi hai. Maan beta aur nai bahu kahan hain?

Before dadi could reply she saw every eyes was turning towards stair case.

Dadi ma: Lo aagai dono.

Dadi and Shobha went near them, Maan know her from before as she is dadi’s only close bend, he bend down to touch her feet Geet was about to follow him when Shobha hold her shoulder and hugged her.

Shobha: Geet beta hamaray yahan bhi betiyan pair nahi chuti hain, aur aap bhi meri beti ki tarhan hain, jaisai Maan aur Vicky hain waisai hi aap bhi ho, pair mat chuho.

Geet smiled and Maan helped her to settle on sofa, Vicky came from behind and tapped Maan’s shoulder, he turned back and raised his eye brows asking him to speak.

Vicky: bhai itni dair kaisi hue

After asking his question Vicky ran from their after winking him.

Maan: abhi bata ta hun tumhay. Dadi aap log continue karo mai dekhta hun isai.

Maan ran from there and all ladies laughed hearing Vicky’s teasing words and seeing Maan’s reaction, Dadi moved her head in disbelief looking at her big grandsons who still behaves like a kinder-garden children. Ladies started the function, mean while Vicky still running away from Maan when he collided with a girl coming inside the mansion, he hold her waist to stop her from falling but he himself lost his balance and fall down with the girl over him. Vicky slowly removed her hair strands.

Vicky: Aap theekh hain na.

Girl nodded her head. Vicky stood up and helped her also. Vicky extended his hand.

Vicky: Hello mai Vicky I mean Vikram Singh Khurana is ghar ka chota beta aur aap.

Girl: Mai Vaidehi Raichand, Savitri dadi ki dost ki poti.

Vicky: Shobha dadi ki?

Vaidehi: Ji.

Mean while Maan came running there but stopped looking at his chotay lost in talking with a girl. He slowly walked towards him and placed his hand on his shoulder.

Maan: Vicky.

Vicky: Oh Bhai aap. Bhai in sai millo yeh hain Vaidehi Shobha dadi ki poti.

Vadihei: Namastay Maan bhai.

Maan smiled and blessed her, he looked towards Vicky and twisted his ears.

Maan: Sehko is sai kuch, har waqt mujhay chertay rehtay ho. Vaidehi aap jao andar is kai chakar mai rahi to kal tak yaheen khari raho gi. Aur tum chalo meray saath.

Vicky: But bhai.

Maan: Chalo chotay us function mai hamara koi kam nahi hai.

Vicky sighed as he cannot go against his brother’s words. He left with Maan once looking back to catch a glimpse of Vaidehi.




guyz will update after 10th May held up in studies and wedding preparations in end of June and start of July there are 2 weddings in my family. My bro and sis getting married. Will update in my holidays starting after 10th May.




Maan and Geet spend rest of the time making love to each other, showering love on each other; sometimes they share few words and sometimes lost in the world of passion and love. They finally slept exhausted late hour of night.


Early morning Geet’s sleep got disturbed by the sunrays coming from the window. She slowly open her eyes, her face turned red looking at their position in which both were sleeping. Geet almost laying on Maan her face rested on his bare chest, one hand wrapped around his waist while other hand was rested on his heart. Maan holding her close to him engulfing her in hug with one hand on which she was resting while other hand was hand locked with her hand that was rested on his heart, their legs are tangled with each other. Maan stirred slightly as sunrays falls on his face, Geet saw him getting disturbed due to rays she carefully lifted herself without disturbing him further and shielded his face with her long silky hairs. Maan again slept peacefully as Geet protected him from sunrays. Geet busy admiring her angel who looks like an angel while sleeping she moved her hand towards his face and caressed it will love and care. Feeling MISHTI’s magical touch Maan slowly open his eyes to find his life busy admiring him all he could see is love, peace and happiness in her eyes. Maan gave her his billion dollar charming smile and lifted his hand slowly placing it on Geet’s cheeks he slowly moved his hand on her cheeks stroking it with love, after a while he moved his hand towards her rosy lips and rubbed the corner teasing her senses Geet felt shy and softly moaned his name MAAN. Maan moved his hand in her hairs and gently pull her near placing his lips on her trembling one they both kissed each other softly but when their soft kiss turned into a passionate breath-taking kiss both didn’t realized after like ages both parted due to lack of breath, panting heavily Maan cupped her face gave a small peck on her forehead “GOOD MORNING MRS.GEET MAAN KHURANA”. Hearing Geet’s wish Maan giggled, she again kept her head on his chest, he wrapped his arms around her waist caressing her bare back and holding her hand with his free hand, he spoke after sometime.


Maan: Geet aik baat pochoon sach sach jawab do gi na.


Geet lifted her head and looked towards Maan. She spoke placing her hand on his cheeks.


Geet: Maan kya baat hai, aap pareshaan ho kya kisi baat ko lai kai.


Maan hold her hand that was placed on his cheeks.


Maan: Geet woh mai, Geet mai.Geet: Maan boliye na kya baat hai, aap mujhay dara kyun rahay ho.Maan: Geet tum theekh hona kal raat kai baad, tum itni subha subha bhi uth gai ho, I am sorry agar mai nai apnai passion mai kho kai tumhay hurt kia ho, mai…….


Geet placed her hand on his lips.


Geet: Chup! Bilkul Chup samjhay aap, Maan apni Geet ko kabhi hurt nahi karsakta, kab sai apnai aap ko blame kiye jarahay ho, kal ki raat meri zindagi ki sab sai haseen raat thi, kal raat mai apni zindagi ki bahoon mai thi, kal raat sai pehlay mai adhoori thi magar aab aap nai mujhay pora kardia hai, to ab aap kal raat kai liye apnai aap ko blame karna band karo samjhay aap, mai bilkul theekh hun. Aur rahi baat keh mai jaldi kyun uthi woh is liye kyun keh meri aankh khul gait hi aur waisai bhi aaj mera pehla din hai as MRS.MAAN SINGH KHURANA to mai late nahi hona chahti thi magar aap chaddo mujhay aap sai baat nahi karni.


Geet turned to other side making baby angry face still using Maan’s broad arms as her pillow. Maan looked still looking her amused trying to absorb her words, he smiled at her and hugged her from back. He moved his lips near her ears teasing her senses he spoke in his husky voice.


Maan: Meri Mishti, Meri Shona mujh sai rooth gai hai aur baat bhi nahi karay gi hmmm


Feeling Maan so close she moaned his name “MAAN”, he nuzzles her neck with his nose.


Maan: Ji boliye Mrs.Maan Khurana.


Geet turned in one swift moment and hugged Maan almost crushing him in her embrace, Maan hugged her back with equal passion.


Maan: abhi thori dair pehlay to koi mujh sai rooth gaya tha aur baat bhi nahi karni thi hmm.


A smile crept on Geet’s lips hearing Maan’s words, she lifted her head and look in his eyes.


Geet: Yeh Geet apnai Maan sai kabhi rooth nahi sakti, Maan mai to Geet ki jaan basi hai to bhala mai apni jaan sai kaisai rooth sakti hun.


Maan smiled and softly pecked her lips.


Maan: Geet tum yahan laito mai abhi aya.Geet: kahan jarahay ho aap MaanMaan: haye meray bina aik pal bhi nahi reh sakti han Mrs.MaanGeet: kya Maan bataiye na kahan jarahay ho.Maan: Geet chup chap laito kaha na araha hun.


Geet cutely pouted looking towards Maan, he smiled and gently pecked her lips. He got up slipping in his tracks, he covered her completely with quilt and moved towards their huge changing room having luxurious attach bath. He came back after sometime lifted Geet in his arms after wrapping her in satin sheet, she wrapped her arms around his next hiding herself in his embrace. Maan moved inside the bath area kicking the door open. Geet looked around and surprised to see the arrangements done by Maan, every corner was glowing with scented candles, floor and bathtub covered with rose petals giving a romantic atmosphere. Maan slowly slide her inside the bathtub having luke warm water, Geet felt nice after having contact with water, she looked towards Maan who was sitting beside her near bathtub lost in her beauty, she moved closer cupping her one check with her hand and placed a gentle kiss on his other cheeks, Maan smiled and slipped inside the bathtub to join her. Geet turned and rested herself on Maan, he hugged her from behind rubbing her waist over the satin sheet. Geet hold Maan tightly he moved his hand upwards and open the knot that was tied just above her curves, she turned and hugged him tightly, Maan removed her sheet and his tracks, he took some water and rose petals in his hand and poured it over Geet’s angelic face she lifted her face with a smile, he removed her hair and planted several kisses on her milky skin starting from shoulder down to her cleavages, she hold his bulging biceps firmly digging her nails in it. After showering her with kisses Maan gave her bath while teasing her senses, after giving her bath Maan capture her lips in gentle yet passionate kiss. After parting away Maan moved towards his ears and spoke in his husky voice sending shivers down her spines.


Maan: Geet now it’s time to payback


Geet looked towards Maan making baby face trying to register his words.


Geet: mai samjhi nahi Maan aap kya keh rahay ho.Maan: Geet mai yeh keh raha hoon keh abhi mai jo kia ab who tumahri bari hai karnay ki.Geet: Matlab ab mai aap ko……


Geet got his intensions and gently pushed him back in bathtub.


Geet: Dhat Maan hatto aap, kitnay besharam hogai ho aap, mai jarahi hun.


Geet was about to stand when Maan hold her hand.


Maan: O Hello Mrs Maan abhi to koi enjoy kar raha tha ab besharmi hogai. That’s not fair Mishti.


Geet moved towards his ears and spoke in romantic way.


Geet: Everything is fair in love and war Mr.KhuranaMaan: Geet dehko yeh ghalat hai han.Geet: chaliye jaldi nahiye aur neechay chaliye, kal aap ko bukhar tha aur abhi pani mai khel rahay ho.Maan: Hawww Geet tum na, tumhay to mai baad mai dehkoon ga. Acha suno Geet apni who red sari pehna na aaj jis ka purple or gold border hai yaad haina tumhay woh sari.


Geet nodded her head and smile.


Geet: ji Maan mujhay yaad hai woh sari kaisai bhool sakti hun sab sai pehlay aap nai wohi sari to pasand ki thi, mai wohi pehnoon gi aur aap kai liye bh kapray nikal lun gi.


Geet stepped outside the bathtub covering her with knee length bath gown, she moved towards the closet closing the door behind, she picked her sari and matching reddish maroon shirt for Maan, she wrapped the sari around her, she was setting her pallu when Maan came out wearing towel around his waist and drying his hairs with another towel. Geet gasped looking at her Greek god standing in front of her. Maan smirked looking at his effect on her, he walked near her and holds her hand placing it securely on his firm abs, Geet began hyperventilating, Maan romantically spoke.


Maan: What happened Geet han, wanna feel it, it’s all yours.


Geet’s cheeks turned into dark shade of pink as blushed crept on her cheeks she pushed Maan and ran from their while shouting back.


Geet: Maan apni lafanga geri band karain aur jaldi ready hojao ab.


Geet ran towards her room she set her pallu and sat in front of dressing table getting ready, mean while Maan came dressed in reddish maroon shirt and black jeans, he walked towards Geet and kneeled in front of her, he picked her mangalsutar and tied it around her followed with placing sindoor in her mang.


Maan: Geet is pai sirf mera haq hai samjhi tum, har subha mai khud apnai haathon sai in sai sajaon ga.


Geet eyes filled with tears, she hugged him tightly, Maan caressed her back.


Maan: Geet please rona nahi ab, aik to tum itni jaldi emotional hojati ho.


Geet softly wacked his chest.


Geet: Maan aap bhi na.Maan: Han Geet janta hoon mai bohat sweet hun, chalo nechay chaltay hain.Geet: Maan sudhar jao, ap na shadi kai baad apnai asli rang dikha rahay ho.Maan: Aik minute Mrs.Maan kya matlab hai aap ka hanGeet: kuch nahi na Maan, mera matlab hai aap itnay naughty ho mujhay pata nahi tha. Maan: han naughty to hoon magar sirf apni Mishti Geet kai liye, baqe pori dunya kai liye mai ab bhi wohi MAAN SINGH KHURANA hoon.


Maan patted her face and she gave him a sweet smile. After setting themselves and room one final time, they moved downstairs holding hands, Vicky saw them coming down hand in hand looking lost in each other, he whistled, dadi slapped his head. Maan and Geet came near and took her blessing, she blessed them and kissed their forehead. They settled themselves on couch Geet was about to leave when Maan called her.


Maan: Geet tum kidhar chali.Geet: woh kitchen mai jarahi hoon Maan, aj pehla din hai to metha bana nai ki rasam hoti hai, dadi ma to nahi kahain gi, kyun keh unhay nahi pasand mai kitchen ka kam karoon.Vicky: bhabhi aap kitni achi tarhan jaan gai ho dadi ko woh abhi yehi keh rahi theen.


Geet smiled and walked towards dadi, she kneeled in front of her and kept her head on her lap.Geet: Dadi ma mai to is ghar ki beti hoon na aur betiyan to apnay ghar ka kam karti hain na.Dadi ma: bilkul Geet aap is ghar ki beti ho, thanks Maan betay hamain itni pyari beti dainai kai liye.Geet: aap log batain karo mai thori dair mai breakfast arrange karti hun.


Geet left from there Vicky spoke looking at Maan.


Vicky: Ahem bhai aap log itni jaldi uth gai hamain to laga aap dono ko jagana paray ga.


Maan glared at Vicky.


Maan: tum phir shuru hogai Vicky.Vicky: nahi na bhai woh kal raat you know naMaan: ya I know Vicky and now I know one thing more, that you are gone now.


Maan stood up to catch him but Vicky ran towards the kitchen. Geet was busy making something she looked towards him before she could speak Maan came running behind him, both brothers ran around the kitchen counter, Maan was about to catch him when he pushed Maan near Geet, he balanced himself to avoid falling on Geet, Vicky looked towards Geet and said sorry before running from there.


Maan: Vicky wait today I’ll not leave you.


Maan gave a quick peck on Geet’s cheeks and ran behind Vicky, when he reached in the lounge he saw Vicky sitting beside Dadi, he sat in front of them catching his breath.


Maan: Vicky tumhay nahi lagta tum pehlay sai zyada badmash hogai ho.Vicky: badmash or mai kya bhai aap bhi naDadi hold Vicky’s ear and twisted it slightly.


Dadi ma: sahi keh rahay hain Maan, aap bohat zyada badmash hogai ho, Maan aap kai baray bhai hain betay kyun pareshaan kar rahay ho unhay.


After sometime Geet called them for breakfast, after breakfast Geet bought two bowls of KHEER one with sugar and one without sugar.


Vicky: wow bhabhi subha subha kheer, you are the best bhabhi.Dadi ma: aray wah Geet betay aap ko pata tha Maan ko kheer pasand hai.


Geet nodded her head with shy smile, Maan was about to serve himself when Geet stopped him. She went inside and came back with another bowl of kheer.


Geet: Maan aap ko thandi kheer pasand hai na is liye yeh aap kai liye.


Maan smiled Geet slipped beside Maan, he gave her first bite to eat, she ate it and gave second bite to Maan.


Dadi ma: Geet betay kheer bohat mazay ki bani hai


Geet smiled and looked towards Maan.


Maan: bilkul meri mishit ki tarhan meethi aur achi bani hai, plz wapas zaroor bana na.


Dadi: ham abhi aaye.


Dadi left from there and came back after sometime holding velvet box.


Dadi ma: Geet betay yeh lijea aap ka shagun.Geet: dadi ma mai, iski kya zaroorat thi.Dadi ma: chup samjhi aap, yeh ham apni beti ko dai rahay hain, hamain kuch nai suna.


Geet smile and touched dadi’s feet she opened the box and thanked dadi for giving her kundan kangan.


Dadi ma: Maan aap ka gift kahan hain, aap nahi do gai kuch Geet ko.Maan: dadi ma mai kya doon mera to sab kuch isi ka hai.Dadi ma: phir bhi Maan betaMaan: dadi ma aap ka Maan itna bhi ghair zimedar nahi hai woh apni pari kai liye pehlay hi lai aya tha. Bas abhi laya


Maan rushed upstairs and came back holding velvet box, he gave it to Geet she opened it and looked towards Maan with smile.


Geet: Maan yeh kundan ka set to bohat pyara hai, dehkain na meri kangan sai match karaaha hai.


Dadi looked towards set and hold Maan’s ear.


Dadi ma: acha Maan betay to yeh baat thi tabhi aap keh rahay thai dadi ma Geet kai shagun kai liye kundan kai kangan hi banwana.Maan: han dadi ma, ab kan choro na.


Dadi smiled and patted both cheeks.


Dadi ma: Geet betay ab aap thora aram karlo phir aap ki mu dikhai ki rasam bhi hai aur kal Grand Reception bhi.







UPDATE 18+ sorry for mistakes in advance only, this is my 1st long and bold update.

Pinky moved away from the door all left from there leaving Maan alone. Maan took a deep breath and opened the door, he slowly moved inside.

In lamhon ke daaman mein

Pakiza se riste hain

Room was dimly lighted, only source of light was scented candles and moonlight. Environment looking romantic with glowing candels ,moon light and fragrance of flowers. Maan walked in closing the door behind, he moved ahead and looked around his new room, he stopped in his trance when he saw his beautiful wife sitting in the middle of huge bed waiting for her Knight in Shining Armor Her face is completely covered in veil, only her feet peeping through her lehnga. Her hands covered with bangles laid on her knees.

Koi kalma mohabat ka

Dohrate farishte hain

Maan slowly walked towards the bed he stopped on the opposite side of bed, he slowly lifted his hand and brushed it along the canopy of flowers and curtain covering the bed, he slowly walked towards Geet while running his hand through flowers and curtain, he slowly removed the curtain and flowers and sat beside her, Geet felt him as he put down his weight in front of her, shivers ran down her body feeling Maan so close to her, though they came close before also but today the scenario is different.

Khamosh si hai zameen hairaan sa falak hai

Ek noor hi noor sa ab aasman talak hai

Maan slowly moved towards Geet closing distance between them, he hold her both hands in his hands, he felt her hand shivering in his hands, he increased the grip on her hands, Maan slowly left her hands and brushed his hands along her arms, his hands reached at the end of her veil, he slowly lifted her veil and placed it securely over her head, her angelic face reveled as he lifted her veil. He noticed the deep red color of her cheeks that was formed due to continuous blushing, her bend eyelashes hiding her pretty eyes, her quivering feather light rosy lips. Maan slowly bend towards her, fanning her face with his breath, he placed a soft kiss on her forehead, after kiss he placed his finger under her chin to lift her face, Geet slowly lift her eyes only to look in deep passionate eyes of Maan, Maan continued to look at her with full love, passion and desire in his eyes. Geet could not able to take her gaze she hugged him tightly hiding her face in the core of his neck. Maan hold her closely in his embrace, he hugged her more closely, he can feel her shivering he hold her more firmly but still he could feel her shaking.

Maan: Geet kya hua jaan tum itna ghabra kyun rahi hoo, dar lag raha hai, woh bhi apnai Maan sai han Mishti, mai to tumhara Maan hun na phir mujh sai kaisa darna.

Maan sopke in his husky voice with incresing his grip around her, Geet hide her face in his neck, Maan slowly parted to see her flushed face, Maan slowly cupped her face and lightly kissed her lips, Geet gasped when she felt his lips on her for the first time. After placing a light kiss Maan look towards Geet and realized that she is getting really nervous by the moment and the expectations of the moment.

Nagmein hi nagmein hai jagti soti fizaon mein

Husn hai sari adaon mein

Ishq hai jaise hawaon mein

Maan got up and about to move when Geet hold his hand, he turned back and looked towards Geet who was looking all confused by this sudden gesture of Maan, Maan smiled and aksed her to wait. Maan moved towards his wardrobe while Geet kept on looking at him, Maan opened his drawer and took camera from it, he closed his wardrobe and came back to Geet. He settled in front of her and holds her hand in his.

Maan: Geet janti ho aaj us chand ko bhi tum sai jalan horahi hogi, kyun keh us chand ki chandni bhi aaj meray chand ki chandni kai samnai pheki lag rahi hai. Geet aaj us falak ki har pari ko jalan horahi hogi yeh dekh kai keh sab sai haseen pari aaj is arsh pai meray samnai hai, Mishti mujhay jab sai apnai pyar ka ehsaas hua hai mai nai apnai aap ko khush qismat mana hai keh meri zindagi mai aik pari aai hai, jis nai meri beraang zindagi mai beshumar raang bhar diye, mai us upar walay ka jitna shukar ada karon kam hai keh usnai falak sai aik pari meray liye is arsh pai bheji hai. Geet mai tumhara shukriya kin lafzoon mai ada karoon meri samhaj mai nahi ata keh tum meri zindagi mai aai. Mishti yeh pal jo ham abhi jee raha hoon yeh meri zindagi ka sab sai haseen pal hai, aur mai hamesha kai liye isai qaid karna chahta hoon aapni aankhon mai aur is camrea mai. I Love You Mishti and I’ll Love You Forever till my last breath.

Geet felt overwhelmed by his words his unconditional love she hugged him immediately.

Geet: I Love You Too Maan, I Love You Alot. Mai bhi apni akhri saans tak aap sai pyar karti rahoon gi, yeh zindagi aap ki hai Maan, Geet ki har cheez pai sirf Maan ka haq hai.

Tanana dom ta dom tanana dom ta dom

Tanana dom ta dom tanana dom ta dom

Tanam tanam tanam tanana dom tom

Tanana dom ta dom tanana dom ta dom

Tanana dom ta dom tanana dom ta dom

Tana dom tom tana dom tom tanana dom tom

Dom tom tana nana dom tom tana dom

Dom tom tana nana dom tom tanaohhoo

Dom dom tom tana nana dom tom tana

Dom tom tana nana dom tom tana nana

Maan slowly parted from and covered her face with veil again, he clicked some pics of Geet with veil and without veil, he then set the camera on time lag and quickly went back to Geet and cuddle beside her for their pics together. All this sweet gesture of Maan helped her to calm her nerves, while cuddling beside her Maan notice her neck had red mark due to jewellary. Maan slowly moved in front of Geet and placed his hand on her shoulder where her duppata was pinned, Maan looked towards Geet seeking her permission, Geet looked towards Maan and shyly dipped her eyes.

Kaise yeh ishq hai

Kaisa yeh khwab ha

iKaise jazbaat ka umda salab hai

Din badle raatein badli, baathein badli

Jeene ke aandaz hi badlein hai

Maan slowly unpinned her duppata from both side and slide the heavy duppata from her head, he removed her duppata completely and placed it securely on side table after folding it. He came back to Geet and slowly unpinned her hairs, her hair cascaded down and all the flowers were removed making her slightly wince in pain, Maan looked towards her and asked if she is okay, Geet nodded her head, Maan placed a kiss on head inhaling her aroma. Maan moved towards her ear and softly removed her heavy jhumka, Geet again winced in pain Maan placed a soft kiss on her ear, he took her earlobe in his lips kissing it and sucking it softly to sooth her pain, he repeated same thing with other ear. Maan then moved towards her neck, he slowly unclasped her necklace and removed it, he saw red marks on her neck, he softly brushed his fingers along her neck, soon he replaced his fingers with his lips, Maan softly brushed his lips along the nape of neck, Geet felt shiver ran through her she curled her toes and clutched the bed sheet tightly, after caressing the nape of her neck Maan came in front of Geet and removed her maang teeka, after removing her maang teeka Maan cupped her face and kissed her forehead. Maan looked towards Geet with love in his eyes, Geet feeling relaxed now, Maan slowly lifted her hands and smelled the aroma of her mehndi, the color of her mehndi is really dark, Maan admire her mehndi clad hands and intricate design at the back of her palms, he moved his lips near her hands and placed a kiss on each hand, he slowly turned her hand to admire the front of her hand, Maan intricate the design and kiss her palms, he then look closely to find his name but was surprised to see that she imprinted his name right in the middle when he joined her both hands his name formed, MA on one palm and AN on other palm and in center of both palms his name is written inside small hearts, Maan looked towards Geet with smile on his face. 

Maan: Geet larkiyan to naam chupati hain na magar tum nai to nahi chupwaya aur 1 baar nahi 3 baar likhwaya hai kyun.Geet: Maan meri puri dunya aap kai gird ghomti hai, mera wajood aap ho, to mai aap ka naam kyun chupaon, Geet ki shuruwat hi Maan kai naam sai hai aur uska anth bhi Maan kai naam sai hai, mai garv kai saath kehna chahti hun mai Maan ki hun, mai chupana nahi chahti.


In lamhon ke daaman mein

Pakiza se riste hainKoi kalma mohabat ka

Dohrate farishte hain

Maan smiled and looked towards her lips he softly cupped her face and slightly tilted it, he looked in Geet’s eyes she slightly closed the distance between their lips, Maan finally captured her lips their lips met sending shivers down their bodies, Maan firstly placed a soft kiss on her lips, Geet responded to his kiss, soon there soft kissed turned into passionate kiss, after sometimes Geet parted her lips Maan let his tongue enter her mouth soon Geet’s tongue finds its way inside Maan’s mouth, they began kissing deeply, tasting every corner of their mouth, His hand so passionately moved over her back, pulling her more close, Geet put her arms around his neck holding his hairs firmly in her fits. She slowly lay down taking Maan with her without breaking the kiss, Maan slightly lay on top of Geet kissing and nibbling her lips, he softly bite her lower lips and sucked it to sooth the pain, her hands slowly moved towards his back rubbing it gently, Maan moved his hands towards her legs and slowly lifted her lehnga and rubbed her legs before knees, she looked Maan still lost in kiss, they slowly parted due to lack of air, Maan rested his forehead on her panting due to long kiss. Maan slowly moved towards cheeks trailing kisses on her cheeks after planting plenty kisses on her cheeks he moved towards her nose and bit her nose making her gasp. He placed kisses on her jaw line before moving down kissing her deeply open mouthed, sucking and licking her neck. His one foot was feeling her milky legs as her lehnga had hitched above her knees. Geet softly moaned Maan’s name when he bite his neck leaving his mark.

Samay ne yeh kya kiya

Badal di hai kaya

Tumhe mene paa liye

Mujhe tumne paya

Mile dekho aise hai hum

ke do sur ho jaise madham

koi jyada na koi kaam

Kise aag meinKe prem aag mein

Jalte dono hi the tan bhi hai maan bh

iMaan bhi hai tan bhi

Tan bhi hai maan bhi

Maan bhi hai tan bhi

Maan looked towards Geet and smile, he slowly helped her to sit, Geet hugged Maan passionately placing kisses on his jaw line, neck and his exposed chest, Maan slowly moved his hand behind her back and slowly yet passionately placed a kiss on her back where he can reach, Geet tightly clutched Maan’s sherwani neck when she felt him kissing her back. Maan came back to look in Geet’s eyes, her eyes are close blushing heavily, Maan slowly removed his sherwani, Geet lifted her eyes to see her Greek God in front of her, she blushed and turned around facing her back to Maan and hide her face in her palms, Maan came close to Geet almost touching her back with his bare front, she could feel the heat as Maan lean forward to capture her hands in his while placing kisses on her expose back, Geet suddenly turned around and hugged Maan tightly, sudden contact with his bare chest and shoulder electrocuted her as electric shock travelled her spine, Maan felt sudden shiver in her body and hugged her tight to himself…bringing her even closer. Maan slowly parted and hold the end of her long shirt that was almost reaching below her knees {for clear picture of her bridle dress see PART 49}, he looked towards her asking her if she is comfortable with him moving further, Geet nodded her head slightly, Maan slowly removed her shirt, Geet felt shy and hugged Maan hiding in the castle of his arm, Maan wrapped his arms around her caressing her bare back, Maan made her lay down, he passionately started kissing her starting from her head till her waist line, he again moved back upwards kissing her lips while his hands played with her bosom, soon his lips replaced his hands, he started kissing her bosom and sucking them over the cloth, Geet clutched his shoulder tightly when she felt his lips over her bosom. Maan slightly lifted her to unclasped the barrier covering her womanly assets, Geet felt really shy lying underneath him with bare upper body, Maan tangled his one hand in her hand and with other hand he start playing with her assets, cupping them, rubbing them softly, while his mouth giving pleasure on the other mound sucking, biting and then licking it to sooth the pain, he repeated the same on other mound. Maan taking his sweet time admiring her, giving her complete pleasure. Maan take Geet in another world giving her pleasure before breaking all the barriers, Geet can’t take more she softly called Maan. 


Geet: Maan please.

Maan understood her unsaid words, he bend towards Geet after removing all the barriers and covering them with satin sheet, Maan hold her both hands in his hand and captured her lips, he slowly entered her breaking all the barriers, as he entered her she was surprised as sharp pain hit her, she closed her eyes tightly, he sensed her discomfort he stilled to let her calm down a tear rolled down her eyes, Maan looked at her worriedly, he cupped her face and wiped her tear.

Maan: Geet tum theekh hona, Iam sorry Geet mai nai tumhay hurt to nai kia na, aankhain kholo na please Mishti, tum theekh hona.Geet slowly open her eyes, she placed her hand on Maan’s cheeks.

Geet: mai theekh hoon Maan aap pareshaan mat ho, Maan apni Geet ko kabhi sapnai mai bhi hurt nahi karsakta to haqeqat mai kaisai karay ga.

Maan smiled and kissed her forehead

Mere khwaabon ke is gulistaan mein

Tumse hi tum bahar chai hai

Phoolon mein rang mere the lekin

In mein khusboon tumhi se aaye hai

Kyon hai yeh arzoo

Kyon hai yeh zustzu

Kyon dil bechain hai

Kyon dil betaab hai 

Din badle raatein badli baatien badli

Jeene ke andaaz hi badle hain 

After few tries Geet relaxed as pleasure took over the pain, he rocked inside her taking her in another world of pure bliss and love. Maan move in rhythm giving her complete pleasure, while she gave complete support to him, he slowly increased his speed giving her more pleasure. Her payals, chuda and belly chain all making the sweet melody in tune with their pants and moans after sometime Maan collapsed on Geet as they reached their climax. Maan slowly slide from her and lay besides her taking Geet in his arms and covering them completely with quilt.

In lamhon ke daaman mein

Pakiza se riste hain

Koi kalma mohabat ka

Dohrate farishte hain

Khamosh si hai zameen hairaan sa falak hai

Ek noor hi noor sa ab aasman talak hai

Nagmein hi nagmein hai jagti soti fizaon mein

Husn hai sari adaon mein

Ishq hai jaise hawaon mein

Ishq hai jaise hawaon mein…

Maan slowly caressing her bare back while Geet resting comfortably on him.

Maan: Geet tum theekh hona, zyada dard to nahi horaha, I am sorry agar mai aggressive hua hoon to.

Geet placed a kiss on Maan chest.

Geet: Maan aap kyun pareshaan horahay ho, mai bilkul theekh hun, is sai acha mai nai kabhi mehsoos nahi kia, Maan aaj aap nai meray adhoray pan ko pura kia hai, thank you Maan, aur aap sai yeh kis nai kaha aap aggressive thai, meray Maan kabhi aggressive nahi hosaktay woh hamesha apni Geet ko kanch ki guriya ki tarhan handle kartay hain, aap meray Maan pai ilzam mat lagao

Maan smiled and kissed Geet’s forehead.

Maan: I love you Mishti, mai wada karta hun sari zindagi tumhay aisai hi pyar karta rahoon ga.Geet: I love you too Maan.

Maan and Geet spend their rest of the time making love to each other, showering love on each other. They finally slept exhausted early in morning.




Everyone walked towards the hall entrance, Geet’s eyes filled with tears remembering her family which is no more with her, Maan hold her shoulder and gave her support, Pinky bought thal having rice in it, Geet took some rice in her hand and throw it backward over her head, she repeated it couple of time, then hugged Pinky and crying in her arms, Maan heart cried seeing her life crying, Pinky slowly pull her back and wipe her tears, they moved towards Pinky’s father Maan bend down to take his blessings while Geet hugged him, he patted her and console her, they moved out where palkhi was places, Pinky’s father made her sit in palkhi and Maan give her the remaining cloth, she hold it and kept it with her, Vicky and Adi lifted palkhi with other office staff and they moved towards mansion, Maan walking with her palkhi.

Vicky and rest put the palkhi down when they reached in front of Mansion entrance, Maan came forward and helped Geet to stepped out of palkhi, Adi and Vicky whistled while Pinky and Dadi teased them, Geet came out they both looked each other with smile on their faces, Vicky nudge Maan and their eyelook broke, both look down feeling awkward and shy.

All moved towards the door where dadi stopped Maan and Geet and asked Pinky to bring puja thal, kalash and thal having kumkum water in it, Pinky bought Puja thal and handed it to dadi, dadi took their Arti, after Arti dadi asked Geet to push the kalash with her right feet, before dipping her feet in kumkum, Geet slowly removed her sandals, lifted her lenga, Maan hold her from shoulder so that she could retain her balance, she moved her right feet forward and slowly pushed the kalash,   then she dipped her feet in kumkum but before moving forward she looked towards Maan then Dadi. Maan looked towards her when dadi asked.

Dadi ma: Kya baat hai Geet beta, kuch kehna chahti hain aap
Geet: ji dadi mai woh mai “but she stopped and looked down”
Maan: kya baat hai Geet bolo na.
Vicky: han bhabhi bolye na.
Geet: dadi ma woh mai chahti thi keh jab is ghar mai mera pehla qadam paray aur meray qadmoon kai nishaan hoon to saath mai Maan kai qadmoon kai bhi nishaan hoon, mai apna pehla qadam Maan kai saath laikai hamesha kai liye apni yaadon mai mehfooz karna chahti hun, Maan kya aap meray saath chalain gai is kumkum mai apnai pair dal kai, please Maan.
Vicky: wow bhabhi aap or bhai aik hi jaisa sochtay ho.
Dadi ma: kya matlub hai aap ka Vicky.
Vicky: aik minute dadi, Adi bhai.

Adi nodded and left from there, after few minutes Adi came with mold in his hand, he came forward and put it in front of them, Maan looked towards Geet and smile, while Geet smile with tears in her eyes.

Vicky: dadi ma bhai nai pehlay hi kaha tha mujh sai keh woh bhabhi kai pehlay qadam ko hamesha kai liye qaid karna chahtay hain, aur woh chahtay hain keh unka aur bhabhi ka pehla qadam saath ho, jo hamesha kai liye mehfooz hojai aik haseen yaad ban kai, aur aaj bhabhi bhi yehi chahti hain.
Dadi ma: sach mai Vicky, in dono ka pyar hai hi sab sai alag chalain Maan betay ab pehlay aap dono is mould pai apnai qadam rakho phir jaisai Geet chahti hai waisa karain.
Maan: ji dadi ma.

Maan and Geet moved their right feet and placed it on the mold,  Maan moved his feet from the mold and dipped it in Kumkum, Vicky removed the mold from front, Maan and Geet took their first step while Maan dipped his left foot in kumkum and both took their second steps, after few steps dadi asked Maan to lift Geet in his arms, Maan bend down and lift her she hold his shoulders firmly  and they moved towards small Mandir in Mansion, dadi bought another small thal and asked Geet to dipped her hands in it and imprint it on wall,  Geet did what dadi said, after completing the rituals dadi asked Maan to put her down, Maan put her down and both bend down to take her blessings, dadi blessed them and hugged them.  

They all moved towards the lounge and settled themselves.

Vicky: dadi ma sari rasmain hogai ya abhi bhi kuch baqe hai aj kai liye.
Dadi ma: han Vicky betay 2 rasmain baqe hain abhi.
Vicky: wow dadi ma kon si rasmain.
Dadi ma: abhi pata chal jai ga aik minute.

Dadi was about to stood up when Pinky came.

Pinky: Dadi ma aap bethay raho, mai lai kai aagai.

Dadi smiled and patted her cheeks, Pinky put the bowl having milk and rose petals in front of Maan and Geet on the table.

Vicky: wow dadi ma ab iska kya karain gai.
Dadi ma: uff Vicky betay itnai sawal, ab ham is mai yeh anghoti daalain gai aur in dono mai sai jis nai pehlay nikala uska raaj hoga phir.
Vicky: aisi baat hai to yeh game to bhai hi jeetain gai, kyun bhai.

Maan smiled and looked towards Geet.

Pinky: ji nahi yeh game Geet hi jeetay gi jiju nahi.
Vicky: bhai
Pinky: Geet
Adi: Pinky ham nai kaha na Maan sir jeetain gai.
Pinky: Adi agar aap jetay thai to kya matlub jiju bhi jeetain gai, ji nahi Geet hi jeetay gi.
Dadi ma: Chup sab, bas kijye kya bachoon ki tarhan jhagra kar rahay ho, undon ko khelnai do khud pata chal jai ga kon jeeta.

Dadi dropped the ring and mix it in milk, she asked Maan and Geet to put their one hand in it and find the ring, both put their hands and began searching for the rings, after few minutes Maan hold Geet’s hand under the milk, she looked towards him and pleaded not to do it, Maan smirk and leave her hand, they began searching for it, after sometime Maan finds the ring and looked towards Geet with huge smirk, she understood that he got the ring and was about to remove her hand when Maan caught it and slowly placed the ring in her palm, Geet looked towards him and he slowly nodded his head with smile and left her hand, Geet lifted her hand and showed the ring, Pinky clapped in happiness while Vicky and Adi looked disappointed.

Vicky: kya bhai aap haar gai, ab bhabhi aap pai raaj karain gi.

Geet was about to spoke when Maan hold her hand.

Maan: Vicky mai to Geet ko dekhtai hi apna sab kuch haar gaya tha, MAAN SINGH KHURANA pai Geet nai raaj kia hai aur agai bhi usi ka raaj hoga, yeh Maan kuch nahi hai Geet kai bina, aur agar meray harnai sai Geet ki jeet hoti hai to mai sari zindagi aisai hi harnai kai liye taiyar hun, bas meri Geet kabhi na haray.
Dadi ma: meri to aik hi dua hai aap dono kai pyar ko kisi ki nazar na lagai, chalain ab Geet ko yeh ring pehna bhi dain.

Maan smiled and lifted her hand which he was holding and slide the ring in her finger, and placed it near his lips and kissed it. Geet blushed and looked down.

Dadi ma: Chalain bohat masti hogai Geet bhi thak gai hoon gi, Pinky Geet betay ko unkai new room mai lai jain Vicky aap ko guide kar dain gai.
Maan: naya room kya matlub dadi ma, aap nai mera room change kar dia kya.
Dadi ma: Han Maan betay aaj sai aap ka room is haveli ka sab sai bara room hai, aap ko hamesha sai woh room bohat pasand tha na.
Maan: kon sa dadi ma.
Dadi ma: Maan betay aap bhool gai, aap ko is haveli ka sab sai bara aur khobsoorat room pasand tha magar ham nai aap sai kaha tha waqt anai pai batain gai woh room kis ka hai.
Maan: dadi ma woh wala room to aap hamesha band rakhti theen, woh to sahahi room hai.
Dadi ma: han Maan betay ham jantai hain, aur woh band hi is liye tha kyun keh yeh haveli apni bari bahu kai intezar mai thi, woh room mai nai is ghar kai baray betay aur bahu kai liye rakha wa tha, jo ab unka hua, aur aap ko hamesha sai woh room chahea tha na.

Dadi smiled, Maan stood up and hugged dadi.

Maan: thank you soo much dadi ma, meri hamesha sai khwahish thi woh room mera ho.

Dadi kissed Maan’s head

Dadi ma: ham jantai thai Maan betay, aur woh shuru sai aap ka hi tha. Vicky Pinky jaiye Geet ko lai jaiye, Maan atai hain pechay.
Vicky: ji dadi ma, chalain bhabhi.

Geet stood up and Pinky helped her to climb the stairs along with Vicky, they moved towards the room, they stood in front of huge wooden door, Vicky opened it and Pinky helped her to move inside the huge room approximately size of 3 rooms, full room decorated with numerous rose petals and scented candles, she helped her to settle down on huge king size bed and covered her face with veil, before leaving the room, she open the knot and bed was covered with canopy of curtain along with string of roses, she came out closing the door mean while Maan also came up, he was about to move inside when Pinky hold the door.

Vicky: ab kya hua Pinky di.
Pinky: aisai kaisai janai doon andar, mera haq to dain pehlay jiju.
Vicky: ab kya, thori dair pehlay to dia blank cheque, Adi bhai dekho na apni patni ko.
Adi: Pinky ji yeh aap kya kar rahi hain, kyun Maan sir kai pechai par gai hain aap.
Dadi ma: aray kya horaha hai yahan, Maan abhi tak yaheen ho.
Vicky: dadi ma, Pinky di andar nahi janai dai rahi hain.
Pinky: Dadi ma mai to apna naig maang rahi hun.
Dadi ma: Vicky aap nai pocha tha na dosri rasam ka to yeh hai dosri rasam, dulhay ki behn ka haq hota hai yeh.
Adi: han Pinky yeh to dulhay ki behn ka haq hai aap to Geet ki taraf sai hona.
Pinky: han magar Maan sir ki behn nahi haina to mai nai socha yeh rasam mai hi pori kardun.
Vicky: yeh sahi hai.
Maan: agar tum logon ka hogaya ho to mai kuch bolon.
Vicky: sorry bhai, ji bolain.
Maan: thank you Vicky ji, Pinky bolo kya chahea tumhay.
Pinky: pehlay vada karain jo maangoon gi woh dain gai.
Maan: vada, ab bolo kya chahea.
Pinky: Jiju mujhay aap sai aik vada chahea waisai is ki zaroorat nahi hai magar phir bhi.
Vicky: sorry bhai, ji bolain.
Maan: thank you Vicky ji, Pinky bolo kya chahea tumhay.
Pinky: pehlay vada karain jo maangoon gi woh dain gai.
Maan: vada, ab bolo kya chahea.
Pinky: Jiju mujhay aap sai aik vada chahea waisai is ki zaroorat nahi hai magar phir bhi.
Maan: bolo Pinky kaisa vada.
Pinky: Jiju please Geet ka hamesha khayal rakhna, usai kabhi udass mat karna, woh udass hoti hai to bolti nahi hai andar andar sehti hai, hamesha us ka saath daina, sirf itna hi chahea mujhay aur kuch nahi.

Maan smiled and put his hand over Pinky’s head.

Maan: Pinky mai vada karta hun jab tak mai hoon Geet ko kuch nahi hoga aur woh hamesha khush rahay gi, agar uskai upar koi musibat aai to usai mera samna karna hoga.
Pinky: thanks jiju.
Vicky: Pinky di, kya ab jasaktay hain bhai andar.

Pinky moved away from the door all left from their leaving Maan alone. Maan take a deep breath and opened the door, he slowly moved inside and saw his beautiful newlywed bride sitting in the middle of the bed.