Maan asked Geet to change, meanwhile he also changed, both walked towards the parking area of Mansion hand in hand and left the mansion. their was complete silence in car, Maan broke the silence.





Maan: kya baat hai Geet itni chup kyun ho.

Geet: kuch nahi Maan

Maan: acha yeh batao kahan jana hai.

Geet: kaheen bhi

Maan: shopping chalain.

Geet: jaisi aap ki marzi.

Maan: theekh hai shopping chaltay hain.

Maan drove towards the mall, he parked the car, both came out and walked towards the mall.



Maan: Geet ab to batao kya lo gi.

Geet: kuch samhaj nahi araha Maan.

Maan: chalo us shop mai chaltay hain.

Maan pointed towards sari shop.

Geet: Maan wahan to sari’s hain

Maan: han Geet pata hai mujhay, mai nai tumhay kaha tha na tum sari mai zyada achi lagti ho, chalo.

Geet: ji

Maan and Geet entered the store, salesman recognized Maan.

salesman: Mr. Khurana aap, aaiye kya dekhna chahain gai aap.

Maan: kuch net sari’s aur kuch simple.

salesman: aaiye sir mai dikhata hun.

Maan: chalo Geet.

Maan and Geet settled themselves, salesman start showing some sari’s to them, Maan asked Geet to select, she looked at sari’s, she found every sari beautiful, she looked towards Maan.

Maan: kya hua Geet.

Geet: Maan yeh to sab sari’s bohat pyari hain mujhay kuch samhaj nahi araha, aap help karain na please.

Maan: Geet mai.

Geet: please Maan.

Maan: theekh hai.

Maan selected 8 beautiful sari’s, he asked Geet for her approval, she loved the sari’s.





Geet: Maan itni sari sari’s ki kya zaroorat hai

Maan: bas tumhay pasand hai na kafi hai. ab chalain

Geet: ji Maan.

Maan moved towards the counter and paid using his credit card,  they left the shop, Geet looked towards traditional dresses shop.

Geet: Maan waahan chalain na please mujhay Indian dresses lainai hain.

Maan: theekh hai chalo.

Geet: Maan payment mai karoon gi un dresses ki.

Maan: theekh hai tum kardaina khush

Geet smiled, both waled towards the shop, she saw some beautiful dresses, in which she got attracted towards two beautiful dresses one blue and second one white, she asked Maan about the dresses, he also loved it, she paid for the dresses and left, Maan asked her whether she want’s to buy anything else, she refused.




Geet: Maan aap nai meray liye to itnay dresses lai liye apnay liye kuch nahi liya.

Maan: Geet meray pass bohat dresses hain.

Geet: nahi Maan aap bhi lo na apnay liye kuch, mujhay acha nahi lagay ga.

Maan: theekh hai chalo.

Maan and Geet walked towards men shop, Maan selected few casual shirts, office wear, ties, jeans and dress pants, with the help of Geet, he paid and they left from their.

Maan: Geet shopping to hogai chalo tumhay aik jagha lai kai chalta hun.

Geet: kahan Maan

Maan: surprise hai.

Maan and Geet left from the mall, Maan put the bags on the back seat and settled himself on the driving seat, he drove the car.



Maan saw Geet looking outside.

Maan: kya dekh rahi ho Geet.

Geet: kuch nahi Maan aj kai din ko khatam hotay hue dekh rahi hun.

Maan: Geet aj ka din khatam hoga tabhi to dosra din aai ga na, aj ka suraj dhalay ga tabhi to aik nai subha ka agaz hoga.

Geet: yeh bhi hai, acha Maan ham kahan ja raahay hain

Maan: bas thori dair or abhi pata chal jai ga.

Geet nodded, rest of the drive was completely in silence, after sometime.




Maan’s car slide in huge iron gates, passing through the drive ways covered with trees, Geet did not notice the name board that was placed on the door addressing KHURANA’S he parked the car, both came out of the car and Maan guide her towards their destiny, when they reaced she got mesmerized by the view in front of her eyes.

Geet: Maan yeh ham kahan aai hain, itna pyara mazar mai nai kabhi nahi dehka.

Maan: Geet yeh koi or dekh bhi nahi sakta.

Geet: kyun Maan.

Maan: wo isliye kyun keh yeh KHURANA’S ka PRIVATE BEACH hai

Geet: really, Maan bohat khobsoorat hai.

Maan: chalo pani kai pass chaltay hain.

Maan and Geet walked to the main area of beach, they walked at the coast of beach, water touching their feets, they spend their whole evening at the beach, it’s almost 8 when one servant came.

Servant: Maan sir, woh guard nai hamain batay keh aap aai hue hain, to khana ready hai lagwa doon.

Maan: han yaheen bahar lagwado.

Servant: ji sir abhi lagwa daita hun.

Servants arrange the table near tree, where they can eat and enjoy the view. they came and informed Maan that dinner is ready, Maan and Geet walked towards the table, he pulled out the seat for Geet, she sat and Maan sat in front of her, both have their dinner in silent,enjoying each other company and the view, after having dinner.



Maan: kya soch rahi ho Geet.

Geet: thank you Maan.

Maan: thanks kis baat kai liye.

Geet: mai nai kabhi socha bhi nahi tha mai aik din yeh sab dehkoon gi, aur itna enjoy karun gi, thanks Maan aaj ka din sab sai memorable tha.

Maan: Geet thanks ki koi zaroorat nahi hai, aur mai wada karta hun tumhari zindagi mai aik or din aisa aai ga jo is sai bhi yaad gar hoga.

Geet smiled

Maan: Geet ghar chalain.

Geet: ji.

Maan and Geet left the beach, he drove back to mansion.






Maan and Geet remain in hug for some time.


Maan: Geet jao fresh hojao, aur ab aur nahi rona.

Geet: Maan aap kaheen mat jana

Maan: Geet mai yaheen hun kaheen nahi jaon ga tum jao.


Geet leave him and walked towards washroom, before entering she looked back at him, he smiled at her and she walked in, Maan called Adi and informed him that he is not coming back so he have to look after the work and meetings, Geet came out after sometime, and saw Maan sitting on bed changed in his casual wear, she walked towards him and sat beside him, she kept her head on his shoulder. he looked towards her.


Maan: kya hua Geet

Geet: kuch nahi Maan aisai hi

Maan: Geet abhi bhi pareshaan ho, bhool jao na, kyun apnay aap ko dukhi kar rahi ho, mai yaheen hun tumharay pass dehko office bhi nahi jaraha, chalo neechay chaltay hain, utho.


Maan stood up and gave her his hand she hold it firmly, they both decend the stairs, dadi and Vicky siting in hall and waiting for them, they saw them and stood up.




dadi ma: agai aap dono, behto yahan.


dadi and Vicky sat together and Geet sat with Maan still holding his hand, not leaving him, due to her fare.


Vicky: Geet ap theekh hain na, hua kya tha.


Geet look lost she did not reply, Maan looked at her, slowly bend her towards her ears and softly called her, she looked at him, he smiled at her and tell her that Vicky is asking something.


Geet: sorry Vicky mai nai suna nahi kya keh rahay thai aap

Vicky: koi baat nahi Geet, mai yeh pooch raha tha aap theekh hain na, kya hua tha.

Geet: mai theekh hun woh

Dadi ma: Vicky betay mat pareshaan karo Geet ko, Geet betay yahan aaiye hamaray pass.


Geet looked at Maan and tightened her hold on his hand, he looked at her and spoke softly


Maan: jao Geet mai yaheen hun, kaheen nahi jaraha.


Geet nodded in negative, he again tried to convince her but in vain, dadi noticed the silent talk between them


Dadi ma: kya baat hai Maan betay aap hi hamain bata dain, Geet itna kis baat sai dari hain


Maan narrated her dream to dadi, she looked towards Geet, her eyes were moist and some tears finds their way down her cheeks, dadi stood up and sat beside her, she hold her face and wiped her tears and pull her in a hug.


Dadi ma: nahi Geet betay roye mat, Maan ko kuch nahi hoga ham sab hain na unkay saath, sab sai bari baat aap unkay saath hain, aap kay hotay hue unhay kuch nahi hoga.

Geet {between her sobs}: magar dadi ma subha ka sapna to

Dadi ma: nahi betay zaroori nahi hai keh har sapna sach ho, buray sapnay sach nahi hotay, buray sapnay bhool janay kai liye hotay hain, bhool jao betay us sapnay ko, hamaray Maan hamain aur aap ko choor kai kaheen nahi jain gai.


Vicky asked Nakul to bring water, he took the glass, walked towards Geet kneel infront of her and handed over the glass to her, she refused to drink it, Maan hold the glass and made her drink it.


Vicky: Geet aap roye mat, meray hotay hue mai bhai ko kuch nahi honay doon ga, jab tak mai hoon bhai ko koi kuch nahi karsakta, yeh aik wada hai aik bhai ka apni behn sai, aap meri bari behn ki tarhan ho, aur mai aap ko khush dekhna chahta hun, bhai ko kuch nahi hoga.


Geet nodded, she feel slightly better, dadi asked Nakul to arrange lunch, they had their lunch in silence, Geet still not leaving Maan’s side, after having lunch they sat in lounge.


Dadi ma: Maan betay aik kam karain Geet kai saath kaheen bahar ho aiye usai acha lagay ga.

Maan: dadi ma mai

Dadi ma: han ham jantay hain aap ko nahi pasand but Maan abhi zaroori hai chlain jaiye Geet ko kaheen laikay unhay acha lagay ga.

Maan: ji dadi ma.


Maan asked Geet to change, meanwhile he also changed, both walked towards the parking area of Mansion hand in hand and left the mansion.





Maan came to his room and fell asleep thinking about Geet.


Maan and Geet walking holding hands together, enjoying the cloudy weather, he hold her more closely, cool wind start blowing, she get more closer to him, he moved away from her and covered her with his jacket, he again hold her, Geet saw a tea stall near the corner, she asked Maan that she want’s tea, he refused first then agreed, he walked towards the stall and purchased for her, he was coming back when they heard a sound of fire, she got scared due to the sound, before she realized what had happened, she saw Maan fall on the ground, she got scared and ran towards him, she hold him and took him in his lap, he looked at her with lot of pain in his eyes, she saw blood oozing out near his heart, that sound of fire was basically an attack on Maan, she looked every where for help but no one was ready to help her, he took her hand in his and asked her to promise him that she will move forward in her life, she will be happy, she was crying bitterly, he hold her hand more firmly and asked her to promise, she promise him between her sobs, he moved her hand and placed it on his heart, saying i love you, she replied him back, he slowly closed his eyes to never open again.


she woke up with a jerk, she was looking scared, she pull her dupatta and ran towards Maan’s room, she banged in and found his room empty, she ran down the stairs almost fall from the stairs, she was sobbing, she saw Vicky sitting,reading newspaper, she ran towards him, he saw her and stood up.


Vicky: Geet kya hua aap itni dari hue kyun ho.

Geet {while sobbing}: Maan kahan hain Vicky please batao.

Vicky: Geet kya baat hai, kya hua hai.

Geet {she hold Vicky’s collar}: bolo na Vicky Maan kahan hai.

Vicky {hold Geet from her shoulder}: Geet bhai office gai hain, kya baat hai.

Geet: Vicky Maan ko bulao please unhain bulao

Dadi comes and saw Geet in terrible state, Vicky holding her and she was sobbing, she walked towards them and put her hand on Geet’s shoulder, she turned and hugged dadi.

Dadi ma: kya hua Geet betay.

Geet: dadi ma Maan ko bula dain, mujhay Maan chahea please.

Dadi ma: Geet betay hamain bataiye kya baat hai

Geet: Maan

dadi asked Vicky to call Maan. he called him and informed about Geet’s condition, he got scared and rushed towards mansion, he parked his car and ran towards the entrance, he stepped in and saw Geet crying bitterly, she saw him and ran towards him, her duppata fall form her shoulder while she was running, she ran and hugged Maan , Maan got confused and hugged her back, he hold her tightly,  she was crying with a smile on her face, she came out of the hug and hold his face,  he still looked confused, he moved his hands and wiped her tears , he hold her from her shoulder, both walk inside, he picked her duppata and covered her with it, dadi asked him to take her upstairs, he walked towards his room.



both walk in Maan closed the door behind, he came towards Geet, she turned and hugged him holding him as tight as she could, he hugged her back, patting her head.



Maan: kya hua Geet, itni dari hue kyun ho.

Geet: Maan aap theekh hona

Maan: han mai theekh hun baat kya hai.


Maan tried to come out of the hug but she tightened her grip. she narrated her dream, after listening her dream Maan hold her more closely.


Maan: mai theekh hun Geet, kuch nahi hua hai mujhay, tumharay pass hun, tumharay saath hun, dehko mujhay.


Geet looked at Maan, he wiped her tears.



Geet: Maan agar aap ko kuch hua to mai


Maan did not let her complete her sentence.


Maan: mujhay kuch nahi hoga, woh aik bura sapna tha, bhool jao usai Geet, buray sapnay kabhi sach nahi hotay.

Geet: magar Maan.

Maan: shu bas.


Maan and Geet remain in hug for some time.




Maan: Geet mai wada karta hun ab apnay aap ko chot nahi pohchaon ga.

Both again hugged each other.

Geet: Maan agar aap nai wapas aisa kia na to mai waqea aap sai baat nahi karun gi.

Maan {hold her tight}: nahi Geet ab nahi karun ga.

Geet: Maan chalye mai bandgae kar daiti hun.

Maan: aik minute

Maan came out of the hug and moved towards the table where he kept his vest, he wore his vest and came towards Geet.

Maan: chalain Geet

Geet nodded, she moved forwards about to trip when Maan hold her.

Maan: Geet tum theekh hona.

Geet: ji Maan.

Maan bend down and was about to pick her up when she stopped him.

Geet: rukye Maan, mai theekh hun aap kai haath mai choot hai, mai manage kar lun gi, apnay haath pai stress nahi dain

Maan: Geet magar

Geet: Maan aap hain na meray saath mujhay kuch nahi hoga.

Maan smiled and hold her hand, both slowly walked towards Maan’s room.


Maan and Geet entered in the room, he made her sit and walked towards the cupboard, he took first aid box, and sat beside her.

Maan: lao Geet mai medicine laga dun

Geet: Maan mujhay woh box dain aap ko pehlay zaroorat hai.

Maan: Geet mai

Geet: Maan mai nai kaha na dain mujhay woh.

Maan sighed and gave the box to her.

sajan ghar aana tha

sajan ghar aaye tum

piya mann bhana tha

piya mann bhaaye tum

har khushi hai ab tumhari

mujhe de do gam

jaaneman jaaneman

Geet took the cotton and dipped in detol, she hold Maan’s hand and slowly rubbed it on his hand, he winced in pain, she looked at him. he nodded in negative that he is fine, she put the medicine on his wound. Maan saw some hairs falling on her face he tugged them behind her ears.

zindagi mein aaye tum chaahaton ke raste

kaash yeh raste sanam kat jaaye haste haste

sone dildara tere pyar to main vaariyaan

meri ya duvaawa tainu lag jaave saariyaan

chaand ho tum chaandani se bheega jaaye mann

jaaneman jaaneman

Geet tied the bandage on his hand, he took the box from her hand and put her feet on his leg, he dipped the cotton in detol and clean her wound, she slightly winced in pain, he hold her hand with his free hand, he put the medicine and bandage her wound.

khwaabon ke iss ghar ki khair kare o rabba

duur talai kalash aur bair kare o rabba

naaz se bade maine kari hai tayyariya

din raat pyar diya nazara utaariya

yeh mohabbat hai ibaadat kabhi ho na kam

jaaneman jaaneman

Geet hold Maan’s wounded hand in her hand and softly caressed it, Maan looked at her in awe and turned his face smiling, she looked at him and smiled.

aaghosh mein meri zulf sanwari teri

chahat ke rangon se main maang saja du teri

maahiya ve aaj mainu aaive kyon ve lagda

aashiq je sachha hove roop honda rab ka

ham yahaan hai tum yahaan ho hone do milan

jaaneman jaaneman

Maan looked towards Geet, she came forward and hug him, he moved his fingers in her long silky hairs. she smiled and closed her eyes, Maan also closed his eyes, both lost in each other, capturing the moment with their closed eyes

Maan: Geet neechay chalain. tum behto mai abhi ata hun change kar kai, saath chalain gai tumhay problem hogi chalnay mai.

Geet: theekh hai Maan.

Maan moved towards his closet pulled out his clothed and moved towards washroom, he came out drying his hairs, he combed his hairs and walked towards Geet, he gave her his hand, she hold his hand and both descend the stairs slowly. Dadi and Vicky was sitting in lounge watching TV, Vicky notice Maan supporting Geet while she was having problem in walking


Vicky: Geet aap theekh hai na, kya hua aap ko.

Maan made her sit and sat beside her.

Geet: mai theekh hun Vicky thora sa lag gaya tha pair pai.

Dadi noticed bandage on Maan’s hand

Dadi ma: Maan betay yeh bandage, kya hua hai aap dono ko, koi batai ga hamain

Geet: dadi ma woh

Maan: dadi ma mai batata hun

Maan narrated the whole incident from party night till tai chi {obviously excluding their Romance hehehehhe}

Dadi ma: Maan betay itna sab hogaya aur aap nai bataya bhi nahi

Maan: sorry dadi ma, mai nahi chahta tha aap sab pareshaan hoon.

Vicky: Geet tabhi aap bhai ko dhoond rahi thi aur itni pareshaan thi.

Geet nodded, dadi blessed Maan and Geet and asked Nakul to set the table for dinner, they had their dinner, after having dinner everyone left to their rooms, Maan helped Geet, they entered in her room, she lay down on the bed, he covered her with quilt and left the room after saying good night, he came to his room and fell asleep thinking about Geet.



She walked towards Maan’s private place, she saw Maan and truly mesmerized by the view in front of her. Maan doing TAI CHI practice , shirtless body covered with sweat, she looked him in awe, his swift moved grabbed her attention, the way he was kicking in air, his punches, the way he was turning his body, all these things was just mesmerizing for her, she continued admiring him, Maan did not notice her, he walked towards the tables that has ice bar placed on it, he walked in front of first table and broke the ice bar with the force of his bare hand, he got a cut on his hand due to the sharp end of broken ice , Geet came back to scenes when she heard the bang but she was unable to figure out the actual cause of that bang, Maan moved towards the second table and did the same, he again broke the ice bar with his bare hands and his cut got deepen blood ooze out from it,  this time Geet noticed what actually happened, she saw blood dropping from Maan’s hand, he was about to do work out when she screamed


Maan shocked to hear her voice, he looked towards her, he saw tears flowing down her cheeks, she came running towards him without noticing ice pieces that were all around him.

Maan: Geet ruk jao yahan nahi aao tumhay chot lag jai gi

Geet did not listen to him, she was running towards him but stopped in middle only as her feet got injure due to ice, she held her feet and sat down Maan rushed towards her and sat in front of her, keeping his hand on her feet.

Maan: mai nai khaha tha na yahan nahi aao, suna nahi na tum nai, dehko khoon nikal raha hai.

Geet: Maan mai theekh hun, apna haath dikhaiye mujhay.

Maan left her feet and stood up he turned to that his back is facing her.

Maan: haath kyun Geet kuch bhi to nahi hua hai, tum chalo mai medicine laga daita hun.

Geet stood up and walked in-front of Maan.

Geet: Maan apna haath dikhaiye mujhay.

Maan moved his wounded hand on his back, Geet hold his hand and bought it in front, she looked at his bleeding hands, her eyes becomes cloudy as tears gather in her eyes, she tore her duppatta and tied on his hand to stop bleeding, Maan looked at her, he lift his another hand and wiped her tears, Geet moved away from him. Maan was taken a back from her reaction.

Maan: Geet

Geet: aap baat mat karo mujh sai, aisay koi karta hai kya, sab ka gussa apnay aap pai nikalna, yeh bhi nahi socha dosroon ka kya hoga, dadi ka kya hoga jab woh aap kai haath pai bandage dehkain gi, woh waisai hi pareeshan thi aap ko gussay mai dekh kai aur ab yeh.

Maan: Geet mai theekh hun kuch nahi hua.

Geet {while sobbing}: aap ko sab ki fikar hai bas apni fikar nahi hai, gussay mai itna bhi dehan nahi dia keh aap jo kar rahay hain usai aap ko bhi choot aa sakti hai, aur choot lagnay kai baad wapas wohi kia, aap aisai kyun ho Maan. Sasha ka gussa apnay upar kyun nikala Maan.

Maan {wiped her tears}: Geet Sasha nai jo kia uski saza usai mill gai, han mai nai gussa apnay upar nikala, magar mujhay gussa us pai nahi tha, mujhay gussa is baat pai araha tha keh mai tumhay usdin protect nahi kar paya, tumhara saath choor kai gaya, mujhay gussa is baat pai tha keh jab woh sab tumharay saath hua mai wahan nahi tha.

Geet looked at Maan, tears again threaten to escape from her eyes, she hugged him, he hugged her back.

Geet: Maan aap itnai achay kyun ho, kyun aap meri itni fikar kartay ho, kyun meray liye puri dunya sai lartay ho.

Maan: Geet waqt anay pai tumhay bataon ga abhi nahi.

Geet looked up at Maan.

Geet: mai us waqt ka intezaar karun gi, magar abhi aap mujh sai aik wada karain keh ab aap aisi koi harkat nahi karain gai

Maan: Geet mai wada karta hai ab apnay aap ko chot nahi pohchaon ga.

Both again hugged each other.



both sat on their respective seats and continued their work. after half an hour Adi called Maan and informed him that everyone is present in conference room, he can come now, Maan asked Geet to accompany him, both enter in the conference room, Maan sat on his seat and asked Geet to sit beside him, she sat their, Maan passed the CD to Adi, Adi took the CD and slide it inside the DVD player, he closed the lights only projector lights were open, he played the CD, Maan asked him to forward the CD, as soon as he played the CD Sasha got really scared, as she know that now no one can save her, Geet looked shocked and disturbed, Maan hold her hand tightly giving her support, whole staff again witnessed the evil plan of Sasha, after watching the whole incident Adi stopped the CD and opened the lights, Maan looked towards Geet she was sobbing silently, he turned his gaze towards Sasha who was sitting scared and sweating due to fare, Maan stood up, everyone stood up including Sasha, Maan walked towards Sasha and gave a tight slap right across her right cheek, the sound echoed in whole conference room, everyone got scared seeing this side of Maan, they saw him angry but not like this, Geet shocked to see this, she screamed and walked towards him

Geet: MAANNN, Maan yeh aap kya kar rahay hain. please shant hojaiye.

Maan: Geet tum bech mai nahi bolo gi, iski himat kaisai hue tumharay saath aisa karnay ki.

Maan looked towards Sasha and shout at her.

Maan: Sasha tumhari himat kaisai hue yeh sab karnay ki, mujhay dhokay sai bahar bhejnay ki aur meray peechay yeh sab karnay ki, mai aurtoon pai haath nahi utha ta lakin tumhari is giri hue harkat nai mujhay majboor kardia yeh karnay kai liye, tum aurat kehlanay kai laiq hi nahi ho, aik aurat hokay tum nai Geet ki izat kai saath khelnay ki koshish ki, tumhay aik baar bhi sharam nahi aai.

Sasha: Maan sir wo

Maan: shut up Sasha tum bolnay ka haq kho chuki ho, ab mai bolon ga, mai nai tum sai kaha tha ab aik or ghalti ki to mujh sai bura koi nahi hoga, aur tum nai yeh harkat ki, aaj sai abhi sai tumhari is office mai koi jagha nahi, you are fired MISS SASHA, aur aik baat yaad rakhna keh agar tum nai dobara Geet ki taraf aankh utha kar dehka nai to is sai bhi bura anjaam hoga, SORRY bolo Geet ko.

Sasha: Maan sir mai

Maan: Miss Sasha tum nai suna nahi mai nai kya kaha, mai apni baat repeat nahi karta.

Sasha: Maan sir wo

Maan shout: sorry bolo abhi isi waqt

Sasha turns towards Geet


Geet only nodded her head

Maan: ab jao yahan sai aur ab qadam nahi rakhna apna is office mai dobara.

Sasha dipped her head and leave from their, Maan turned towards the staff

Maan: aur aap sab bhi aik baat achi tarhan sun lo mujhay ab is office mai koi gossip nahi chahea, agar kisi nai us din kai baray mai ya Geet kai baray mai kuch baat ki to uska bhi yehi anjaam hoga, now get back to work.

everyone leave from their leaving behind Maan and Geet. Geet walked towards Maan and hold him shoulder.

Geet: Maan yeh sab kya tha, aap ko kab pata chala

Maan: us waqt jab tum coffee lainay gai thi tab mai nai dehka tha, aur mai nai jo kia sahi kia, mai nai pehlay hi kaha tha tum sai jis nai bhi yeh kia hai usai mai chooron ga nahi.

Geet: magar Maan uski job

Maan: Geet mujhay uskay baray mai kuch nahi sunna mai nai jo kia sahi kia.

Maan left from their he walked towards his cabin and took his car keys and was about to leave when Geet came in, she saw the keys and got scared

Geet: Maan aap kahan ja rahay hain, mai bhi chaloon gi aap bohat gusaay mai hain, mai aap ko akelay nahi janay doon gi.

Maan: Geet mai ghar jaraha hun

Geet: mai bhi chal rahi hun

Maan sighed and both left from their


they reached home, car slide in from huge iron gate he parked the car, he moved out and came towards Geet’s side, he opened the door, she came out he closed the door and walked away, Geet followed him, Maan straight away walked towards his room, dadi saw this she came towards Geet

dadi ma: Geet betay kya hua Maan itnay gussay mai kyun hain

Geet: dadi ma kuch khas nahi woh office ki tension hai aap pareshan na hoon mai dekhti hun.

dadi ma: ji betay magar pehlay aap fresh hojai phir Maan ko dehkiye ga

Geet: ji dadi.

Geet walked towards her room, took her clothes and moved towards washroom to freshen up, she came out after sometimes, after setting her hairs she walked towards Maan room, the door was open but the room was empty, she walked in and saw that washroom door is also slightly open so no one is in the room, she searched the whole mansion but she was unable to find him, she met Vicky in hall and enquired him about Maan, he told him that he saw Maan going to his private place, he directed her, she walked towards Maan’s private place, she saw Maan and truly mesmerized by the view in front of her.



Sasha could not believe her eyes, she felt that her plan failed and decided to make another plan.




Maan and Geet stepped in the cabin, holding hands, she left his hand and moved forward, Maan came closer to her hold her by her shoulder and turn her so that she can face him, she put her hand on his waist


Maan: kya baat hai Geet, abhi bhi us raat kai baray mai sooch rahi ho.

Geet: Maan mai


Maan put his finger on her lips


Maan: Geet kuch mat bolo, mai janta hun tumharay mann mai kya chal raha hai bhool jao usai Geet jo hua, jitna yaad rakho gi utna dard hoga, bhool jao us party mai jo hua, agar kuch yaad rakhna hai uskay baad kai lamhoon ko yaad rakho, buray lamhay ko nahi.


Geet nodded and looked down, Maan continued


Maan: Geet mai janta hun tumhay ajeeb lag raaha hai sab kai samnai jana usdin kai baad, magar Geet jo hua usmai tumhari jab koi ghalti nahi thi to tum kyun sab kai samnai janay mai itna ghabra rahi ho, mai hoon tumharay saath, har qadam pai, ab meray hotay hue koi tumhay chuna to dur ki baat aankh utha kar dekh bhi nai sakta, bhool jao Geet jo hua.


Maan pulled Geet in his arms and enveloped  her in his protective arms, Geet hide her face in his broad chest and hold him tight, they remained in that position, Maan slowly freed her and made her sit on the chair.


Maan: ab mai nai chahta keh tum us baray mai socho, meray liye bhool jao usai, itna karo gi na Geet.

Geet: ji Maan, mai ab us baat ko yaad nahi karoon gi, aur aap ko bhi pareshaan nahi karun gi.


Maan sat on the chair beside her and hold her hand.


Maan: Geet mai tumhara kya karun, ab yeh kis nai keh dia tum mujhay pareshaan karti ho, aisa kuch nahi hai aur na kabhi aisa sochna hmm

Geet: ji Maan.

Maan: Geet ab muskura bhi do, mai nai kaha tha na aisi udass achi nahi lagti.


Geet smiled, Maan caressed her cheeks.


Maan: aisi hi rehna hamesha. acha Geet ab thora kam karlain

Geet: Maan aap bhi na, mai jarahi hun apnay cabin mai aap kam karain

Maan: Geet yaheen ruk jao na, yaheen lai aao apna kam please.

Geet: but Maan

Maan: please

Geet: theekh hai baba, aap sai koi jeet sakta hai


Maan came closer to her and whispered  in her ears


Maan: sirf tum


Geet looked at Maan, she stood and ran from there. Maan smiled looking at her childish behavior. Geet came back carrying all important files, she came and sit in front of Maan, he looked at her, she smiled at my and continued her work, after half an hour they heard a knocked.


Maan: come in


Adi walked in with a parcel in his hand


Adi: Maan sir yeh aap kai liye


Maan took the parcel from Adi and asked him to sit, he looked at the parcel and saw it is from hotel, Maan asked Geet to bring coffee for him, she nodded and left, he further asked Adi to call Pinky and ask her to engage Geet for some time, Adi did what Maan said, Maan opened the parcel and took d from it, he stood and moved towards the plasma set to which DVD played is attached, he slid in the CD, pressed play button and came back to his seat, he forward the CD and played it from their dance, after watching a pleasant dance Maan got shocked to see who did this, he closed the TV and threw the remote in anger.


Maan: Adi yeh sab kya hai, tum jantay thai is baray mai

Adi: j j ji sir, w w wo ham sab janatay thai keh S s s Sasha mam nai yeh kia hai

Maan {roared in anger} : mujhay pehlay kyun nahi bataya, aur Sasha ki itni himat woh sab kai samnai aisa karay, mai yeh to janta tha woh kisi bhi hud tak gir sakti magar is hud kai mai nai socha nahi tha, usai pata nahi usnai Geet kai saath yeh kar kai kitni bari ghalti ki hai, usnai sirf Geet kai saath bura sulook nahi kia, MAAN SINGH KHURANA ki izat kai saath bhi khelnay ki koshish ki hai, is ki saza to mai dai kai rahoon ga.

Adi: Maan sir shant hojaiye, aap kya karnay walay hain

Maan: Adi sab ko conference room mai bulao half hour mai.

Adi: ji sir


as they finished Geet walked in with a cup of coffee, she looked at Maan, he looked angry and disturbed, Adi left from their. Geet put the cup on the table and looked towards Maan, she put her hand on his cheeks.


Geet: Maan kya hua, aap itnay gussay mai kyun ho

Maan: mai theekh hun Geet

Geet: Maan aap ko jhoot bolna nahi ata to kyun bol rahay hain, kya baat hai.


Maan pulled Geet and hugged her tight, she hugged him back and hold him tight trying to sooth him, Maan came out of hug, he looked little calm now.


Maan: Geet thora sa kam kar laina half hour mai conference room mai meeting hai.

Geet: ji


both sat on their respective seats and continued their work.