Zindagi mai sab kai saath kuch na kuch hota hai, kuch haseen lamhay hotay hain, kuch aisai lamhay hotay hain jin mai aap ko lagta hai keh zindagi ab be mainay hogai hai, magar zindagi chalti rehti hai, aur dukh kai badal aik na aik din hat jatay hain aur nai umeed ka chiragh roshan hota hai, jo zindagi mai wapas ujala kardaita hai.


Maan: good morning dadi ma.

dadi ma: Good morning betay.

Dev: good morning bro, good morning dadi ma.

Maan and dadi: Good morning Dev betay.

Geet came out from the kitchen carrying dishes, she look at Maan and smiled but he ignored her as she is not present their, she find a bit odd, she walked towards him and was about to serve him when he took the utensil from her and served himself, she looked at him with mixed feelings, she found some changes in him.

dadi ma: Maan betay aap dono mai phir jhagra hua hai kya.

Dev: han bro, aap  Geet sai baat kyun nahi kar rahay hain, phir sai naraz hogai kya aap doono.

Maan looked towards him with blank and confused expressions.

Maan: dadi ma, Dev aap dono kya keh rahay hain meri kuch samhaj nahi araha, Geet kon hai, mai nai to yeh nam pehli baar suna hai.

Geet looked at Maan in complete shock.

dadi ma: Maan betay yeh kaisa mazak hai, ham jantay hain aap dono mai aksar jhagra hota hai magar woh mazak mai hota tha, aap Geet kai saath aisa kyun kar rahay hain.

Maan stood up

Maan: bus, aap dono kya keh rahay ho, kon Geet mai kisi Geet ko nahi janta mai nai yeh nam pehli baar suna hai, mai ja raha hoon office.

Maan was about to leave when Dev spoke.

Dev: bro kya keh rahay hain aap, aap Geet ko nahi jantay, aap nai uska nam nahi suna, bro woh aap ki Geet hai, MAAN KI GEET.

dadi ma: han Maan betay Dev sahi keh rahay hain.

Maan felt a sudden pain in his head he shut his eyes tightly, his head started to spin.

dadi ma: aap sun bhi rahay hain ham kya keh rahay hain, aap Geet ko is ghar mai dulhan banai kai lai thai, 7 phere liye thai aap nai inkay saath aur aaj aisa bartao, ho kya gaya Maan aap ko, Geet aap ki patni hain Maan betay kyun pareshaan kar rahay hain unhay.

Maan hold his head tightly and slowly lose his balance, dadi hold his hand and Dev rushed to hold him, Geet who was standing still on her place, she got scared and shouted his name.


Geet ran towards him, she kneel in fornt of him and placed her hand on his cheeks, she slightly shook it, Maan lost his consciousness .

Geet: Maan aankhain kholian, kya hua aap ko, Maan please agar yeh mazak hai to aisa mazak mat karain.

dadi ma: Dev Maan ko room mai laikay jain aur doc ko bulain jaldi.


doctor was examining Maan, dadi siting beside Maan caressing his hairs, Geet was standing beside dadi, doc examined Maan and asked Dev to come out but Geet asked him to say everything in front of her, doctor told them that due to the head injury some part of his brain gets effected and he lost 1 and a half year of his life, he don’t know anything that happened in past year even his relationship with Geet, everyone get the shock of their life, Geet world crash down like a pile of sand, doctor told them not to give stress to Maan as it could be life threatening for him, everyone assure him that they will take care of Maan, dadi asked everyone to leave the room, leaving behind Geet.

Geet sat beside hold, she hold his hand in her hand, and with other hand she slowly ran her sleek fingers in his thick hairs, a drop of tear scaped from her eyes, she looked at Maan sleeping peacefully, she bend down and softly kissed his forehead, she removed her hand from his and walked towards the balcony, she leaned against wall.

Geet: “babaji kyun har baar hamara imtehan laitay ho, kyun har baar Maan ko pareshaani mai dal daitay ho, har baar meri wajha sai kuch na kuch hota hai  jis sai Maan ko takleef pohachti hai, aj bhi Maan ka yeh hal meri wajha sai hai, na mai ghar chor kai jati nahi Maan meray pechay Amritsar atay aur na yeh sab hota, aur kitnai imtehaan lo gai aap hamaray, shadi sai pehlay aur shadi kai baad bhi ham nai sirf muskiloon ka hi samna kia hai, babaji Maan ko theekh kardo mai unhai aisai nahi dekh sakti, 7 phere liye thai mai nai unkai saath, woh meray pati hain, ham nai aik dosray ka hamesha saath nibhanay ki qasam khai thi, mai unhay aisai nahi chor sakti, woh mujhay bhalay bhool gai hoon, hamari shadi, hamara pyar, hamaray saath guzaray hue sukh dukh kai pal, magar mai nahi bhooli hun, Maan mai aap ko wapas khushiyan doon gi, mai aap ko wapas andheray mai nahi janay doon gi, babaji meray Maan pai apni mehr banai rakhna, unhain aur dukh nahi daina, Maan please wapas laut aao, meray Maan ban jao, mai aap ko aisai nahi dekh sakti”

when Maan woke up he saw Geet standing in balcony he walked towards her and saw her sobbing, he listened each and every word if hers and came to conclusion that she is his wife, he is no more bachelor. Geet felt a hand on her shoulder, she don’t need to turn back and look at the face she knew it was Maan, he hold her shoulder and she leaned on him placing her hand on his shoulder, he hold her closely, she hold him tight and sobbed bitterly.

Maan: Geet mujhay bilkul nahi yaad ham kab milay, hamari shadi kab hue, ham kab aik hogai, magar Geet mera dil yeh baat maanai ko taiyar hai keh tum nai abhi jo kuch bhi kaha woh sab sach hai, tum meri ho, us waqt Dev nai bhi yehi kaha tha MAAN KI GEET, Geet mujhay maaf kardo mai sab kuch bhool gaya, hamaray achay buray lamhay, har aik baat bhool gaya hoon, Geet mai wada karta hun keh mai puri koshish karoon ga keh mujhay sab yaad ajai.

Maan hold Geet and took her towards the dressing table, he picked up the sindoor box and filled her maang again.

Maan: Geet tum soch rahi hogi keh mai nai yeh maang kyun bhari, Geet mujhay kuch yaad nahi hai, lakin phir bhi mai tumhay apni patni maanta hoon, meri yaadasht gai hai dil wohi hai, jo tumharay liye hi dharakta tha.

Geet looked at Maan with tears ready to scape, she softly called his name and hugged him tight he hugged her back, she asked him to change and ordered him to stay at home, he did what she said, after some time he came back, Geet helped him to lay down, she sat beside him, he put his head on her lap, she slowly ran her fingers in his hairs, he fall asleep, she looked at him and thanked her stars that their perfect and pure bond does not get affected by memory loss he is with her.

few days passed, Maan was having difficulty in doing office work, as he was completely unaware of what is actually going on in office, latest projects, deals, company position, he sometimes gets frustrated but Geet consols him, and help him with the help of Adi and Dev, soon he gets completely aware of the lastet progress.

one night Maan was sleeping Geet was completing project file, when Maan woke up screming Geet’s name, she left the file and ran towards him, she sat beside him and hold his hand, she wipe the sweat from his face, Maan hold her hand tightly and placed it on his heart, she took glass from the side and made him drank water, he gulped down the water and hugged her, she slowly moved her hand on his back to make him calm, after sometime he calmed down, she cupped his face.

Geet: kya hua Maan, kya baat hai.

Maan: Geet woh jungle kuch log tumharay pechay tumhay marnai kai liye arahay thai, tum pai var kia tha, Geet yeh kya tha, tumhay kisi sai khatra hai kya, bolo na Geet.

Geet: Maan shant hojaiye mai theekh hun, yeh hamari shadi kai bhi pehlay ki baat hai, tab to mai Delhi bi nahi aai thi, mujhay koi khatra nahi hai, Maan aap itna stress nahi lain, chalin so jain.

Geet made him lay down and slide beside him, he hugged her tightly as if he is trying to protect her, she kissed his closed eyes and hold him in her arms, he slept peacefully having his life close to him, after that night Geet was very careful with Maan, she never leave his side, as he gets disturbed when she is not near him, days passed, Maan sometimes gets some flashbacks and he shares it with Geet, and she used to tell him the story related with those flashbacks. Geet and Maan went to hospital, doctor looked really pleased and happy to see the condition of Maan improved really well, and flashbacks proved to be a positive sign.

months passed like this, Maan and Geet getting closer, one day they both were sitting in their room, suddenly Maan stood up with a jerk, she looked at him surprised.

Geet: Maan kya baat hai, kya hua achanak.

Maan: Geet tum yaheen rehna bahar nahi jana, mummyji nai dadi ko jaan sai marnai ki koshish ki hai woh tumhary saath bhi kuch ghalat kar sakti hain, mai hospital jaraha hun.

Geet hold his shoulder.

Geet: Maan dadi ma theekh hain, ghar pai kuch nahi hua, sambhalaye apnay aap ko.

Maan: nahi Geet mai jaraha hai.

Maan snaped her hand and ran downstairs, while decending the stairs he felt severe headace, a series of film ran in front of his eyes, he hold his head firmly between his hands and closed his eyes, he felt everthing getting blur in front of him, he lost his balance and rolled down last two step, Geet was standing upstairs she screamed on top of her voice and ran downstairs, dadi and Dev rushed out hearing her scream, they rushed towards the hospital.


doctor examined Maan and dressed his wound, he came out and asked Geet what actually happened, she gave every details to doctor, he told them he is completely fine, Geet asked him if she can see Maan, doctor gave him permission, she slowly walked towards Maan’s room.


Geet sat in front of Maan and kept her hand on his hand, he slowly opened his eyes and softly called “GEET”, she looked at him with tears in her eyes and smile on her face, she hold his hand and kissed on it, Maan tried to sit, she supported his head and helped him, he looked at her with all love in his eyes, tears flowing down her cheeks, he lifter his hand and wiped her tears.

Maan: Geet kitna roti ho tum, abhi meray pass rumal nahi hai tumhay dainai kai liye, jaisai har baar daita hun.

Geet: Maan aap ko sab

Maan: yeh dusht dhanav apni mishti ko kabhi bhool sakta hai kya Geet.

Geet: Maan

Maan: Geet yeh Maan tumharay bina kuch nahi hai, agar yeh tumhay hi bhool gaya to jiye ka kaisai. Geet aik baat pochoon.

Geet: Maan jo puchna hai pochiye

Maan: Geet jab mujhay kuch yaad nahi tha, tab mai nai tumharay saath koi batemizi to nahi ki na, agar batamizi ki or tumhay pareshaan kiya ho to mujhay maaf kardo.

Geet: nahi Maan, aap ko kuch yaad nai tha phir bhi aap nai mujhay apni patni kai roop mai apnaya tha, aisi batain nahi karain.

Maan smiled at her and hugged her, both lost in hug, dadi looked at them and prayed silently for their happiness.




Rajkumar Maan Singh Khurana, eldest son and crown prince of Khurana Family, married to rajkumari Geet, sitting in his chamber when he heard a knock.

Maan: ajaye

sevant came in and bow in front of him.

Servant: rajkumar ji, rajkumari ji nai aap ko chat pai bulaya hai.

Maan: theekh hai aap jaiye

servant nooded and left from there.

Maan: yeh rajkumari bhi na, shadi ko 1 saal hogaya abhi bhi bachpana nahi gaya.

Maan went to terrace he saw Geet standing near the rim, he walked towards her and took her in his arms.

Geet: rajkumar ji yeh aap kya kar rahay hain, hamain neechay utarain koi aajai ga.

Maan: acha to rajkumari ji ab aap ko sab ki fikar horahi hai keh koi ajai ga aap hi nai to hamain yahan bulaya tha.

Geet: ji Maan woh hamain aap sai aik kam tha

Maan: boliye kya kam hai.

Geet: Maan hamain neechay to utarain

Maan: acha baba utar raha hun

Maan made Geet stand on her foot.

Maan: ab bataiye kya kam hai

Geet: Maan woh mujhay aap sai aik request karni thi.

Maan: Geet aap ko kab sai ham sai request karnai ki zaroorat hogai, aap bas boliye kya baat hai.

Geet: aik minute Maan

Geet went to the table and hold Maan’s violin that is placed on the table and gave it to Maan

Maan: rajkumari ji yeh, aap ko pata hai na keh ham ab violin nahi play kartay

Geet: Maan ham jantay hain aap ab play nahi kartay, magar Maan ham nai aap ko pehli baar yehi violin play kartay hue dehka tha aur aap ki deewani hogai thai rajkumar ji kya aap hamaray liye dobara nahi play karain gai.

Maan: Geet ham janatay hain, aap ko bohat acha lagta hai jab ham violin play kartay hain, magar aaj woh bhi raat ko.

Geet: hamara mann kar raha tha aap ki madhur awaz sunai ka, woh awaz jo shayad hi kisi nai suni ho, Maan aaj hamaray liye dobara violin play karain na

Maan: theekh hai rajkumari ji ham aap ki baat ka inkaar kabhi nahi kar saktay.

Maan started play violin while playing he also sang a song.

Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun,

kehana chahu bhi tho tumse kya kahun

Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun

kehana chahu bhi tho tumse kya kahun

Kisi zaaba mein bhi, woh laafaz hi nahi

Ki zin mein tum ho kya tumhe baata sakoon

Maan playing violin and singing, Geet dancing slowly around Maan.

Maan looked towards the sky as if he is thanking his God for sending Geet in his life

Mein agar kahoon tumsa haseen

Kaayanaath mein nahi hai kahin

Taaref yeh bhi tho, saach hai kuch bhi nahin

Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun

Geet came and hugged Maan from behind, Maan looked towards the moon

Shokion mein doobi yeh aadayein, chehare se zalki hui hai

Zulf ki ghani ghani ghataein, shaan se dhalki hui hain

Lehrata aanchal hai jaise baadal, bahoon mein bhari hai jaise chandini

Roop ki chandini

Maan looked towards Geet, she is looking towards the moon hugging Maan from behind

Mein agar kahoon yeh dil kashi

Hai nahin kahin, na hogi kahin

Taaref yeh bhi tho, saach hai kuch bhi nahin

Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun

Geet looked towards Maan and sang

Tum huwe mehrabaan toh hai yeh daastan

ohhoh tum huwe mehrabaan toh hai yeh daastan

Ab tumhara mera ek hai karwaa, tum jahan mein wahan

Maan kissed Geet’s on her forehead

Mein agar kahoon humsafar meri

Apsara ho tum, ya koi pari

Taaref yeh bhi tho, saach hai kuch bhi nahin

Geet hugged Maan, while Maan continued playing violin

Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun

kehana chahu bhi tho tumse kya kahun

Kisi zaaban mein bhi, woh laafaz hi nahi

Ki zin mein tum ho kya tumhe baata sakoon

both sang together

Mein agar kahoon tumsa haseen

Kaayanaath mein nahi hai kahin

Taaref yeh bhi tho, saach hai kuch bhi nahin

Maan kept the violin, pull Geet closer and looked in her eyes.

Geet: thank you Maan, itnay din baad aap ki aawaz sun kai itna acha laga.

Maan: meri pyari rajkumari ji aap ko hamain thanks kehnay ki zaroorat nahi hai ham aap ki khawhish puri nahi karain gai to kis ki karain gai.



Maan carry Geet and both went to their chamber




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Geet smiled and waved Maan return her wave and drove off towards Khurana Mansion.


Geet walked in with smile on her face lost in her own thoughts failed to notice her parents  who were sitting in lounge looking at her.

Radhika: Miss Geet Singhania stop right there

Geet who was lost in her Maan’s thought came back to life hearing her mom’s voive.

Geet: Maa

Radhika: Kya maa, yeh sab kya hai Geet.

Geet: Maa woh

Radhika: Geet apnai humsai itni bari baat chupai, hum nai kitni baar apsai pocha apnai bataya kyun nahi.

Brijaish: Radhika usai andar toh anai do. Geet beta idhar aaio hamaray pass betho.

Geet walked towards her parents and sat in between them, after a while Geet spoke in low voice.

Geet: iam sorry maa dad, mai ap dono ko pareshan nahi karna chahti thi, mai janti hun meri ghalti hai mai nai sirf Maan ko nahi balke ap sab ko bhi buhat pareshan kia iam really really sorry maaf kardo na.

Brijaish: Pagli 1 baar bol kai toh dekhti hum kya teri help nahi kartai Maan ko dhondhnai mai.

Radhika: Meri yeh smhaj nahi araha usai pata tha tum kis hospital mai job karti ho tumhay pata tha woh army officer hai then problem kahan thi easily dhoond toh saktai thai.

Geet: Maan yeh mera faisla tha, Maan toh usi waqt dadi sai baat karna chah rahay thai lakin mai nai hi unsai kaha tha keh qismat mai milna hua toh hum milain gai.

Radhika: tu sach mai pagal hai Geet, kya hoga tera.

Geet: maa dad apko koi problem toh nahi hai na.

Brijaish: hamain koi aitraz nahi hai sirf teri khushi chahea, hum nai Maan kai baray mai kafi suna hua hai aur Khurana’s ko kon nahi janta tum bachai ek dusre sai pyar kartai ho, khush ho yehi buhat hai.

Radhika: tum Maan sai kab mili theen aur kab.

Geet: kuch months pehlay school mai terrorist attack hua tha na Maan usmai injure hue thai, mai nai unko pehli baat OT mai dehka tha Dr. Shashank ko surjery mai assist kar rahi thi.

Brijaish: oh love at 1st sight not bad Geet Singhania

Geet felt embarassed and looked down. After few seconds she looked at her mom and spoke.

Geet: Maa ap naraz ho mujh sai, aur darji woh toh buhat gussa hoon gai.

Radhika: nahi beta hum mai sai koi naraz nahi hain hum sab buhat khush hain tumharay liye bas thora bura laga tha keh tum nai humsai apni pareshani share nahi kia.

Geet kneeled in front of her parents and hugged them, after few mins they came out of hug and both parents kissed their daughter forehead.

Radhika: Ja ab jakai soja kal fresh lagna hai Maan araha hai na tera haath mangnai.

Geet blushed and went from there Radhika and Brijaish smiled looking at their daughter.


Maan walked in and saw dadi sitting on sofa reading magazine

Maan: dadi ma ap soe nahi abhi tak aur Vicky kahan hai.

Dadi: ap aagai beta, hum apka hi intezar karahay thai, Vicky room mai hai usai kuch kam tha office ka woh karahay hain.

Maan: chalo mai apko room mai chor daita hun apko neend arahi hogi na.

Maan made  dadi stand she smiled and slowly pat his face and walked towards her room with him, Maan slowly made her lay down and tucked her in blanket, softly kissed her forehead and left the room after saying good night. Maan walked towards Vicky room pepped in to see him engrossed in his work without disturbing him he walked towards his room.

Maan’s Room:

Maan stepped in his room locking door behind he walked towards his dresser put his cell, car keys, wallet then walked towards his cloest pulled out his tracks and vest and went to freshen up. After a while he came out wiping his hairs wearing vest and tracks when his cell beeped. He walked towards dresser and smiled looking at sender name. Its Geet’s message “Miss you Maan kal jaldi aaiye ga” Maan immediately replied back, ” Miss you to mishti, tum kaho toh abhi ajata hun” Maan smirked thinking his mishti reaction where as Geet blushed reading his message, Geet replied back ” Major Maan Khurana sharam kijiye thori time dehka hai ” Maan who was combing his hairs smiled looking at her reply he made himself comfortable in bed and replied ” Ap sai kaisa sharmana would be Mrs. Maan Khurana ” after few seconds he recieved her message and laugh reading it ” Maan apna sudhar jao, mai jarahi hun sone good night ” he replied her back ” Acha baba naraz kyun hoti ho, pakka jaldi aaon ga mujh sai bhi sabar nahi horaha jaldi sai tumhay apna bana na chahta hun ” Geet smiled with tears in her eyes ” I Love You Maan ” Maan smiled reading her reply knowing she must be feeling emotional. ” Love You Too Mishti ab so jao kal miltai hain tab tak sapno mai hi milna paray ga, Good night sweet dreams ” Both fall asleep with smile on their face.


In Khurana Mansion everyone was busy in their Dadi was guiding Vicky and servants and doing last mintue preparations as they have to go at Singhania’s for Shagun and lunch as insited by Radhika. Maan walked down to see his family busy they had their breakfast and everyone got busy in their respective work. Similar situation is there in Singhania Mansion, after breakfast Radhika was busy preparing for lunch while Brijaish and Darji looking after other preparation Aditya being youngest just 15yrs old was overlooking decorations. It was almost afternoon when Radhika asked Geet to get ready mean while Khurana’s got ready and leave for Singhania Mansion.

Singhania Mansion:

Khurana’s arrived their grand welcome was planned by Brijaish. Maan walked towards entrance escorted by Dadi and Vicky who were holding thal having shagun in it. Maan bowed down and touched Darji, Radhika, Brijaish feet, they blessed him and Radhika took his aarti and invited them in, they settled in lounge. After formal introduction and casual chat, Radhika went to bring Geet while Maan stood up and walked towards darji and Brijaish, he stood in front of them and joined hands.

Maan: Uncle in kuch mahino mai mai nai jana hai Geet mere liye kya mainai rakhti hai, mai apsai wada karta hun mai hamesha usko khush rakhun ga, janata hun abhi usai meri wajah sai takleef hue thi mujhay usko rokna chahea tha, aj kai baad aisa nahi hoga, mai Geet ko hamesha kai liye apna bana na chahta hun apki ijazat chahea, mai apki beti sai shadi karsakta hun?

Brijash stood up hold his hand and hugged him with smile on his face Darji ruffled his hairs. They broke the hug Brijaish kissed his forehead.

Darji: hamain koi aitraz nahi hai beta hum khush qismat hain keh ap hamari Geet ki zindagi mai aai.

Maan looked behind to see Geet standing with Radhika having tears in eyes, he kept looking at her completely mesmerized she is wearing golden suit with purple emroidry, same is with Geet she was looking at Maan totally lost looking at her prince charming looking dashing in black blazer with purple border on laples and black trousers. Vicky faked cough to grab their attention, both felt shy and looked away, elders hold their laugh to avoid further embarrassment. Radhika made Geet sit with Maan, she did their aarti and dadi gave her shagun, Brijaish gave Maan chain and blessed the couple. After shagun Maan Geet took elders blessings while Radhika left to see lunch arrangement.



Sorry for making you wait so long here is new update of “TU NAI ZINDAGI MAI AKAI ZINDAGI BADAL DI”. Wont make you wait longer this time. Thank you for still waiting for it and hoping that i will write again.

Geet: dadi ma aap pareshaan na hoon mai dekhti hun Maan ko, aur hum log kaheen nahi jarahay hain yaheen rahain gai baad mai chalay jain gai.

Maan’s Room:

Maan sitting on bed looking his parents picture frame with tears in eyes.

Maan: Maa dad ap dono itnai achanak mujhay chor kai kyun chalai gai, itnai saal hogai hain apka maan aj bhi ap dono ko har qadam pai yaad karta hai apki kami har pal mehsoos hoti hai. Maa apkai haath ka khana, apki goud mai sar rakh kai sona, apka anchal mai chup kai apna har ghum bhool jana. Dad Khurana Constrictions apka sapna tha aj jab apkai sapnai nai itna khobsoorat roop lia hai mujhay apki kami buhat mehsoos hoti hai, Khurana Constructions ko apki zaroorat thi, aj bhi apki jagha us office mai koi nahi lai sakta na mai na hi Vicky. Mai nai puri koshish ki hai keh apnai jo sapna dehka tha us mai koi kami na rahay. Maa dad jis tarhan ap dadi aur chotai ka khayal rakhtai thai mai nai bhi pura dehan rakha hai puri koshish ki hai keh woh kabhi udas na hoon unki har khwahish puri ho. I Miss You both so much kash ap wapas asaktai.

Pal, do pal, ki hi kyun hai zindagi
Iss, pyar, ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi
Toh khuda se maang lun
Mohalat main ik nayi
Rehna hai bas yahaan
Ab door tujhse jaana nahi
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai

Saying this Maan break down completely tear which he was trying to hold rolled down his cheeks, Geet who came up looking for Maan stood rooted on her place hearing him talking with parents pic, she was in tears listening Maan’s words didnt want to disturb him after hearing his sob she couldnt stopped herself and walked towards Maan after locking door behind. Geet silently stood near Maan he felt her presence and hugged her tightly from waist hidding himself in her arms, Geet silently stood there softly running her 1 hand in his hairs and other on his back while Maan pour his heart in her arms.

Teri muskurahatein hain taaqat meri
Mujhko inhi se ummeed mili
Chaahe kare koi sitam ye jahaan
Inme hi hai sadaa hifaazat meri
Zindagani badi khoobsurat hui
Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin
Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Jo tu mera Humdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera Humdard hai

After few minutes Geet softly spoke.

Geet: Maan please sambhaliye khud ko, ap aisai toot jao gai toh dadi aur chotai ko kaisa lagai ga aur maa dad woh bhi toh khush nahi hoon gai na apko aisai dekh kai.

Geet softly cupped Maan’s face and made him look up, he lower his eyes unable to look in her eyes, Geet wiped his tears and kissed his forehead, Maan looked towards Geet and again hide himself in her arms, Geet sat beisde Maan holding him close to her heart.

Geet: Maan mai apka dard samhaj sakti hun, jab mai nai apni family ko khoya tha apnai mujhay sambhala tha agar ap nahi hotai toh shayad mai bhi nahi hoti, apnai mujh sai kaha tha na keh agar mai roon gi toot jaon gi toh unko kabhi acha nahi lagai ga, apko apnai liye dadi kai liye vicky kai liye khud ko sambhalna hoga na.

Maan: Geet mai nai hamesha koshish ki hai keh dadi aur chotai hamesha khush rahain. Agar aj maa hoti toh woh tumhai dekh kai kitna khush hoti, dad office ki growth aur progress dekh kai khush hotai lakin.

Maan couldnt complete tears rolled down his eyes.

Geet: Maan woh jahan bhi hoon gai khush hoon gai apnai betai pai garv hoga unhai, ap buhat achai ho, apna har farz pura kiya hai, achai bhai aur potai ho, sab ki khushi ka khayal hai, apnai sai zyada ap apno ki fikar kartai ho unka khayal rakhtai ho, ap ka naam sirf maan nahi hai balkai ap waqea hum sab ka maan ho.

Maan looked towards Geet who was smiling with tears in her eyes he gave her slight smile and hugged her.

Teri dhadkanon se hai zindagi meri
Khwaahisein teri ab duaayein meri
Kitna anokha bandhan hai ye
Teri meri jaan jo ek hui
Lautunga yahaan tere paas mein haan
Vaada hai mera, mar bhi jaaun kahin
Jo tu mera hamdard hai
Jo tu mera hamdard hai
Suhaana har dard hai
Jo tu mera hamdard hai

Geet slowly made Maan lay down by placing his head on her lap and softly pressed his head with other hand slowly running her fingers in his hairs.

Maan: Geet hamesha mere saath rehna kabhi mujhay chor kai nahi jana, mai jee nahi paon ga.

Geet: shu, mai kaheen nahi jarahi yaheen hun apkai pass apkai saath. Ab so jao thori dair.

Maan: Mai theekh hoon Geet pareshan nahi hoon.

Geet: Mai janti hun Maan, lakin thori dair so jao acha lagai ga apko mai lunch sai pehlay utha dun gi apko.

Maan turned hidding his face in her tummy, Geet continue running her hand in his hairs he slowly drifted to sleep, after sometime Geet slowly made Maan rest on pillow , tugged him in quilt, quietly left room after placing kiss on his forehead.

Khurana Lounge:

Vicky was pacing while dadi was sitting on couch when Geet came down, Vicky immediately went towards Geet.

Vicky: Bhabhi bhai kaisai hain, woh theekh hain na?

Dadi: Maan kahan hain Geet?

Geet: Maan theekh hain Vicky woh so gai hain, mai unko lunch sai pehlay utha dun gi.

Dadi: woh kabhi kuch kehtai nahi hain lakin hum jantai hain woh har qadam pai dono ki kami mehsoos karta hai.

Vicky: Han dadi ap sahi keh rahi hain bhai nai hamesha hum dono ko sambhala hai mai chota tha lakin 1 pal maa papa ki kami mehsoos honai nahi di shayad khud ko kho kai hamai sambhala hai.

Geet: Ap dono pareshan nahi ho woh abhi theekh hain hum sab hain na hum mill kai unko sambhal lain gai.

They had a group hug with tears in eyes. After a while Vicky left to look for office matters as Maan is not going office so he supervise few things Geet and dadi left for kitchen.

Maan’s Room

Around 1 Maan slowly opened his eyes and looked for Geet not finding her he realized she must be downstairs, he freshened up and walked dowstairs.

Khurana Lounge:

Maan walked towards dadi who was sitting on couch and sat on floor while placing his head on her lap.

Dadi: Aray Maan beta ap uth gai.

Maan looked towards dadi smiled and again placed his head on her lap. Dadi bend down and kissed his forehead while caressing his hairs and cheeks. Mean while Geet and Vicky came from kitchen agruing on something, dadi Maan looked towards them totally confused seeing irriated Geet and Vicky who was behind her making pleading faces.

Dadi: Geet Vicky kya horaha hai kya baat hai.

Geet: dadi dehkain na isai kab sai pareshan karaha hai mujhay.

Dadi: lakin ap toh khana bana rahi theen na apnai hamain bhi bahar bhej dia tha aur ap Vicky kya problem hai ap phir apni masti karnai lagai.

Maan: kya baat hai Geet, Vicky kyun pareshan karahay ho usai.

Vicky: lo ap dono toh seedha meri class lainai lagai mai nahi bhabhi mujhay pareshan kar rahi hain.

Geet looked towards Vicky in disbelief while Maan & dadi keep looking between both.

Maan: Geet baat kya hai.

Geet: Maan dadi mai khana bana rahi thi but yeh janab beech mai akai kehtai hain keh mai banaon ga bhai kai liye kuch mai isko mana kar rahi hun lakin sun hi nahi raha.

Maan: lakin chotai tumko toh khana bana na nahi ata.

Geet: dehka mai bhi toh yehi keh rahi hun isai aur waisai bhi lunch toh ready hai hi mai abhi aa hi rahi thi apko uthanai but is mai mujhay late karwadia.

Dadi who was looking ping pong match between Khurana son’s and daughter-in-law broke her silence.

Dadi: chup sab, Geet beta ap jakai table arrange karain.

Vicky: Lakin dadi

Dadi looked towards Vicky he quitely looked down, Geet giggled and walked towards kitchen to arrange lunch. Maan walked towards Vicky cupped his face and kissed his forehead.

Maan: chotai tumhai yeh sab karnai ki zaroorat nahi hai mai theekh hoon.

Vicky: lakin bhai mujhay apkai liye kuch karna tha but bhabhi.

Maan looked towards him and shook his head in disbelief, he hugged him and spoke.

Maan: tum mere saath ho wohi kafi hai Vicky, meri family mere saath hai, tumhai woh karnai ki zaroorat nahi hai khud ko hurt karlo gai, mera chota hai na mere saath buhat hai mai janta hun woh apnai bhai sai kitna pyar karta hai.

Maan broke the hug and looked at him he smiled looking at his elder brother who is more like a father to him.

Vicky: shayad mai nai apsai kabhi kaha nahi but i really love you bhai, sab kai liye hamara rishta bhai ka hoga lakin mere liye ap sirf mere baray bhai nahi balkai dad ki tarhan ho. Hamesha khush rehna ap.

Maan smiled pat his face lovingly, dadi looking at her grandsons with tears in her she looked towards Geet who was standing near table with smile and wet eyes. Dadi asked them to have lunch. After lunch Maan asked Vicky to come in his room as he wants to talk with him.

PRECAP: Maan asking Vicky about his feelings.


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Maan smiled and sat beside dadi ma keeping his head on her shoulder and stealing glances of Geet who was looking down trying to hide her blush.

Part 9:

Maan smiled and sat beside dadi ma keeping his head on her shoulder and stealing glances of Geet who was looking down trying to hide her blush.

Dadi ma: Geet betay aap dinner hamaray saath karea ga phir Maan betay aap ko ghar chor dain gai.

Geet: Dadi ma mai yahan kaisia ruk sakti hun.

Vicky: Kyun nahi ruk sakti aap yahan haq hai apka yahan ruknai ka please ruk jao na.

Geet: Woh toh theekh hai Vicky, lakin mom dad. Dadi ma unhay kya bolon.

Dadi ma: Agar hum apsai kahain keh hum already apkai parents sai baat kar chukai hain aur aap hamaray saath dinner pai ruk sakti hain tab toh rukain gi na.

Maan who was sitting on floor hiding his lap in dadi’s lap looked towards her with wide smile.

Maan: Sach dadi ma apnai Geet kai parents sai baat karli woh yahan ruk sakti hai.

Dadi ruffled Maan’s hairs then held his hairs.

Dadi ma: No badmashi Maan beta, han apki Geet yahan ruk sakti hain but dinner kai baad usai jaldi drop kardaina zyada dair nahi karna.

Maan: Ji dadi ma mai jaldi drop kardun ga and no badmashi pakka, ab toh meray kaan chorain na dard horaha hai.

Maan said while making baby face.

Vicky: dadi ma nahi chorna, bhai itna golden chance wapas nahi millai ga, Major Maan Singh Khurana sitting on floor while his ears being held by dadi ma. Yeh toh capture karun ga mai.

Maan: shut up Vicky, dare not do like that. Dadi ma chorain na.

Vicky quickly captured the capture while dadi giggled & Geet looking towards Khurana brothers in disbelief.

Maan: dadi ma chorain na please.

Dadi finally felt mercy on her beloved grand son and left his ears. As he got freehe stood up to catch Vicky who already ran from there to safe himself after sensing Maan’s move. Maan finally caught Vicky and hold his hand in which he is holding cell.

Maan: chotay cell do mujhay ya pic delete karo khud.

Vicky: acha haath toh choro karta hun delete

Maan: pehlay delete karo

Vicky: bhai ap haath choro gai toh delete karun ga na, choro na plz.

Maan left Vicky hand, as he got his hand free he ran from there screaming

Vicky: mai nahi delete kar raha.

Maan: Vicky ruko.

Dadi & Geet burst in laughter seeing Maan’s face

Maan: ap dono ko buhat hassi arahi hai han (Maan said while glaring at them) dadi ma dehkain na usai.

Dadi ma: yahan aain humaray pass

Maan went & sit near dadi keeping his head on her shoulder. Dadi softly moved her fingers in his hairs.

Maan: dehkain na dadi ma kitna pareshan karta hai, ab pic ko laikai tease karai ga.

Dadi ma: nahi karay ga mai mana kardun gi.

Maan smiled and kissed her forhead, Geet smiled seeing the bonding of Khurana’s. Dadi asked Nakul to call Vicky as its dinner time, while Geet help other servants in setting table. Vicky came and teased Maan in return got angry glares from him. They had dinner in light atmosphere while teasing & pulling love birds leg. After dinner dadi asked Maan to show Geet their garden and backyard so that they can spend some time together and stopped Vicky from doing further mischief. Maan placed his hand in front of Geet she softly held it seeing this sweet gesture Vicky whistled Maan softly slapped his head and walked with Geet towards garden holding hands

Khurana Mansion Garden:

Maan made Geet sit on swing and gracefully sat on floor keeping his head on her lap and closing his eyes while Geet softly ruffling his hairs.

Geet: kya hua Maan.

Maan: kuch nahi Geet pareshan nahi ho bas soch raha hun upar walai ka kaisai shukar ada karun keh usnai mujhay meri zindagi sai milwa dia wapas.

Geet: iam sorry Maan.

Maan looked towards Geet balanced himself on his knees & softly cupped her face.

Maan: sorry kyun mishti

Geet: meri stupidity ki wajha sai ap kitna pareshan hue ho Maan. Ap kitna injure thai mai nai yeh bhi nahi Socha bas apnai mann ki ki yeh bhi nahi socha apko physical pain kai saath emotionally hurt kar rahi hun bas sab kuch qismat pai chornai ka faisla kardia jab apko meri zaroorat thi apko pal pal tarap nai kai liye chor dia. Iam really sorry Maan ab mujhay realize horaha hai mai kitni ghalat thi.

Maan: Geet yeh tum kaisi baatein kar rahi ho. Tumhari koi ghalti nahi hai.

Geet: nahi Maan meri hi ghalti thi ap nai toh usi waqt dadi ma sai baat karnai walai thai mai nai apko mana kia tha aur sab qismat pai chora tha.

Maan:  Mai nai kaha na tumhari koi ghalti nahi hai. Maana mai tarpa hoon tumharay bina har pal tumhari yaad ati thi lakin tum bhi toh tarpi ho na tum nai bhi to mujhay miss kia hai.

Geet: Nahi Maan aisa hi hai mai keh rahi hun na mujhay us waqt andaza nahi tha mai kya karnai ja rahi hun…

before Geet could complete her sentence Maan put his finger on his her lips to stop her from saying further.

Maan: Chup bilkul chup, tum nai suna nahi mai nai kya kaha, tumhari koi ghalti nahi hai kab sai khud ko blame kiye jarahi ho ab agar aik aur shabd bola na mujh sai bura koi nahi hoga bhoolo mat mai Major Maan Singh Khurana hun mujhay gussa nahi dilana.

Geet looked at Maan in disbelief.

Geet: hawww  Maan ap mujhay indirectly dhamki dai rahay ho.

Maan: meri itni jurat kahan mishti keh mai tumhay dhamki dun na baba sari zindagi tumharay saath rehna hai ab sherni kai saath rehna hai toh usai panga thori lai saktai hain.

Geet: Maan ap na.

Maan: Mai na kya Geet.

Geet: Maan

Maan: Haan ji

Geet smiled and hugged Maan, Maan smiled and hugged her back. After some time both mutually break the hug.

Maan: Geet dair horahi hai chalo tumhay ghar chor daita hoon.

Geet stood and grabbed Maan’s arms both walked gracefully towards car, he held door for her after setlling her in her seat Maan moved towards his side and drove off towards Geet’s house.

Outside Geet House:

Geet: Maan ap chalo na andar.

Maan: Nahi Geet abhi dair hogai hai tum jao mai kal dadi aur Vicky kai saath aaon ga na is waqt acha nahi lagai ga mai pehlay kabhi nahi mila hoon tumhari family sai yeh sahi time nahi hai.

Geet: Jaisa apko theekh lagai Maan.

Maan smiled and kissed her forehead.

Maan: Good Night Geet.

Geet: Good night Maan.

Both smiled unexpectedly Geet surprised Maan by planting soft kiss on his cheeks he smiled looking at her shy face. Geet opened door and slide outside before closing door she looked at Maan.

Geet: Maan

Maan: Han Geet

Geet: Jaldi ana mai inteezar karun gi.

Maan: tum kaho toh mai jata hi nahi. { winked at her }

Geet: uff Maan ap bhi na har waqt masti kai mood mai hotai ho.

Maan: Acha baba jaldi aaon ga pakka ab khush.

Geet smiled and waved Maan return her wave and drove off towards Khurana Mansion.



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