Maan moved towards the mandap dadi asked Maan to sit there, Maan sat there when Pandit started to chant few mantars, after few minutes pandit asked to call the bride, dadi went upstairs to bring Geet down, after some time Geet came out her face is covered with long veil, hall became dark and only one spot light was on focusing Geet, she slowly descend the stairs all nervous she knows that all eyes are looking at her specially Maan’s eyes, when she reached near Maan, he stood up and walked towards her, he gave her his hand she hold it, Maan hold it tightly and walked back towards madap.

Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah

Shehnaaiyon Ki Sada Keh Rahi Hai

Khushi Ki Mubaarak Ghadi Aa Gayi Hai

Saji Surkh Jodi Mein Chaand Si Dulhan

Zameen Pe Falak Se Pari Aa Gayi Hai

Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah 

Aah Aah Aah, Aah, Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah 

Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah

Maan and Geet stand in front of each other, Pinky and Vicky bought thal having jai mala’s. Pinky handed jai mala to Geet and Vicky to Maan. Geet stepped forward to put mala when Vicky and Adi lifted him up, Maan looked down and smiled while Geet stepped back. Pinky looked towards Adi angrily.

Pinky: Adi aap to larki waloon ki taraf sai thai na.

Adi: nahi ji Pinky ji, mai to Maan sir ki taraf sai hoon

Pinky: haw Adi aap na

Maan: Adi Pinky ghar jakai larna mujhai nechai utaro

Adi: so so sorry sir.

Adi and Vicky put Maan down, Geet came forward to put mala but they again lifted him, Geet felt little angry she stepped back and looked away, Maan shoot an angry glare and they put him down, Maan stepped forward and stood in front of Geet, he slowly bowed in front of her, everyone started capturing their pics, Geet slowly put the mala over his head , Maan lifted his head and smiled looking at her, knowing she must be blushing hard and smiling hiding her face in veil. Maan stepped back a little hold his mala to put but dadi and Pinky pulled her back, Maan looked towards dadi ma and said.

Maan: Dadi ma, aap to meri side thi na.

Dadi ma: aap sai yeh kis nai kaaha mai to meri beti Geet ki taraf sahi hun.

Maan: hmm sahi hai.

Geet straighten herself, Maan was about to put mala when they again pull her back, Maan stepped back and looked down, Geet come forward, Maan looked towards Geet and smiled, he put the mala , camera flashes again fall on them.

Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai

Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai

Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

Palbhar Mein Kaise Badalte Hain Rishte 

Ab To Har Apna Begaana Lagta Hai

Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai

Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai 

Maan and Geet settled down, and pundit started to chant few mantars, after sometime pundit asked to call Geet’s parents for kanyadan, Geet hold Maan’s hand tightly, he hold her hand with his another hand and looked towards Geet, he was about to speak when they heard a voice, everyone looked up and saw Pinky’s father standing there.

Pinky’s father: apni beti ka kanyadan mai karoon ga pandit ji.

Maan smiled looking towards Pinky’s father, Pinky’s father came forward and hold Geet’s right hand and put it into Maan’s right hand, Maan hold her hand and bring his forehead near her hand and touch her hand , while touching his forehead with her hand, he looked towards her and smile, then pandit asked to do ganthibandhan, dadi put the cloth over Maan and Geet’s shoulder and did the ganthibandhan, after this pandit asked them to take pheras, Maan stood and hold Geet’s hand, Geet slowly stood up and Maan hold her hand firmly, they start taking pheras around sacred fire.

Saat Pheron Se Bandha Janmon Ka Yeh Bandhan

Pyaar Se Joda Hai Rab Ne Preet Ka Daaman 

Hain Nayi Rasmein, Nayi Kasmein, Nayi Uljhan

Honth Hai Khaamosh, Lekin Keh Rahi Dhadkan

Dhadkan Dhadkan, Dhadkan Dhadkan 

Dhadkan Meri Dhadkan, Dhadkan Teri Dhadkan 

Dhadkan, Dhadkan, Dhadkan, Dhadkan 

Dhadkan, Meri Dhadkan, Meri Dhadkan

Maan hold Geet hand when pandit asked him to repeat the 1st vachan, Maan looked towards her and repeat after pandit “You will offer me food and be helpful in every way. I will cherish you and provide welfare and happiness for you and our children”, then pandit asked Geet to repeat vachan after him, Geet looked towards Maan and repeat after pandit, “I am responsible for the home and all household responsibilities”. After taking the vachan they moved around the scared fire and took their first phera.

They took 2nd vachan, first Maan repeat after pandit “Together we will protect our house and children”. Then Geet “I will be by your side as your courage and strength. I will rejoice in your happiness. In return, you will love me solely”. They again moved around the fire and took their second phera.

Then they took 3rd Vachan, Maan “May we grow wealthy and prosperous and strive for the education of our children. May our children live long”. Geet hold Maan hand more firmly and spoke, “I will love you solely for the rest of my life, as you are my husband. Every other man in my life will be secondary. I vow to remain chaste”. They took their third phera under the shower of rose petals,

Maan looked towards Geet and took 4th vachan, “You have brought sacredness into my life, and have completed me. May we be blessed with noble and obedient children”. Geet looked toward Maan through her veil and spoke, “I will shower you with joy, from head to toe. I will strive to please you in every way I can”. They took their fourth pehra.

They Maan took his 5th vachan “You are my best friend, and staunchest well-wisher. You have come into my life, enriching it. God bless you”. Geet hold his hand more firmly and spoke “I promise to love and cherish you for as long as I live. Your happiness is my happiness, and your sorrow is my sorrow. I will trust and honor you, and will strive to fulfill all your wishes”. They took their 5th phera lost in each other.

Then Maan hold her hand more firmly and took his 6th vachan, “May you be filled with joy and peace”. Geet stepped little close to Maan and spoke, “I will always be by your side”. Maan smiled and they took their sixth phera.

Then Maan placed Geet’s hand on his heart and took 7th vachan “We are now husband and wife, and are one. You are mine and I am yours for eternity”. Geet also placed Maan’s hand on her heart and spoke, “As God is witness, I am now your wife. We will love, honor and cherish each other forever”. After taking last vachan Geet came in front of Maan and they took their last phera. They completed their 7 phera’s in continuous shower of flowers and camera flashes.

 Mushkil Ashkon Ko Chhupaana Lagta Hai 

Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

Palbhar Mein Kaise Badalte Hain Rishte

Ab To Har Apna Begaana Lagta Hai

Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai

Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

Maan and Geet again settled themselves in from of fire, when pandit forward a thal having sindoor in box and mangalsutra, Maan elegantly put his hand in sindoor box and took sindoor, he slowly moved his hand towards Geet’s forehead and filled her parting without lifting her veil, some portion of sindoor fall on her nose, as soon as Maan filled her parting Geet closed her eyes and a small tear escaped from her eyes, dadi shook her head in disbelief while Vicky giggled knowing his possessive bhai, Maan then hold mangalsutra and bend towards Geet to tie it around her neck, Geet slowly lifted her head and hold the mangalsutra, wedding rituals were finished and pandit announce them as husband and wife. Maan and Geet stood, went towards dadi and touched her feet to take her blessings, then they took Pinky’s father blessings, then Vicky and others came forward and hugged Maaneet.

After all rituals complete someone from media asked Maan to lift Geet’s veil so that the world can see MRS.MAAN SINGH KHURANA, Maan smiled and stood in-front of Geet as he wants’ to see her face first, he slowly lifted her veil and placed it securely over her head, he looked towards her face and completely lost himself in her angelic face which is completely red due to continuous blushing, Vicky coughed to bring them back in reality Maan smiled and moved towards her side, as soon as Maan moved away many flashes fall on them, as every single camera capturing the first look of Mr and Mrs.Maan Khurana.

Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai

Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai

Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

Palbhar Mein Kaise Badalte Hain Rishte 

Ab To Har Apna Begaana Lagta Hai

Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai

Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

As the rituals finished dadi asked everyone to half dinner, dadi aksed Maaneet also to have their dinner, Geet slowly stood up and Maan supported her, they both stepped down the mandap, Geet wore her sandals, where as Maan looking here and there for something.

Vicky: aray bhai aap kya dhoond rahay ho bhabhi to aap kai barabar mai hain.

Maan: Vicky, kabhi to khamosh raha karo, mai apnai jotai dekh raha hoon yaheen to utarai thai mai nai, Geet ki sandal kai saath.

Vicky and Adi shout together: OHH NOO

Everyone looked towards them, when Pinky came from behind holding Maan’s shoes.

Pinky: Jiju yeh rahay aap kai jootay, paisai dain aur jootay lain.

Adi: Pinky yeh kya kar rahi ho, yeh Maan sir hain Maan sir.

Pinky: Adi, yeh Maan sir office mai hain ghar mai meray jiju hain, aur paisai to mai lai kai rahoon gi, warna bina jotoon kai mansion jain.

Geet looked towards Pinky and softly spoke.

Geet: Pinky dai do na.

Pinky: oye Geet tum chup karo, yeh to salioon ka haq hai, kyun dadi ma.

Dadi ma: han Geet betay Pinky sahi keh rahi hai, yeh to haq hai inka, chalain Maan betay inhay paisai dain warna aisai hi ghomna paray ga.

Maan asked Adi to bring his check book, after sometime Adi bought check book, Maan signed a blank check and gave it to Pinky.

Maan: yeh lo Pinky apna haq.

Pinky: Jiju blank check, nahi jiju aap koi bhi amount fill kardo blank check nahi.

Maan {while putting his hand on Pinky’s head}: rakh lo Pinky.

Pinky thanked Maan and give him his shoes, Maan wore the shoes and everyone went to have dinner, Vicky, Adi and other office staff looked after guest while Maan feed Geet first then have his dinner. Finally it’s time for Bidaai though wedding held in mansion only but as per rituals they have to do it.

Main Teri Baahon Ke Jhule Mein Pali Babul

Jaa Rahi Hoon Chhodke Teri Gali Babul

Main Teri Baahon Ke Jhule Mein Pali Babul 

Jaa Rahi Hoon Chhodke Teri Gali Babul

Khoobsurat Yeh Zamaane Yaad Aayeenge

Chaahke Bhi Hum Tumhe Na Bhool Paayenge


Mushkil, Mushkil Daaman Ko Churaana Lagta Hai

Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

Mushkil Daaman Ko Churaana Lagta Hai

Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai

Palbhar Mein Kaise Badalte Hain Rishte

Ab To Har Apna Begaana Lagta Hai

Everyone walked towards the hall entrance, Geet’s eyes filled with tears remembering her family which is no more with her, Maan hold her shoulder and gave her support, Pinky bought thal having rice in it, Geet took some rice in her hand and throw it backward over her head, she repeated it couple of time, then hugged Pinky and crying in her arms, Maan heart cried seeing her life cried, Pinky slowly pull her back and wipe her tears, they moved towards Pinky’s father Maan bend down to take his blessings while Geet hugged him, he patted her and console her, they moved out where palkhi was placed, Pinky’s father made her sit in palkhi and Maan give her the remaining cloth, she hold it and kept it with her, Vicky and Adi lifted palkhi with other office staff and they moved towards mansion, Maan walked with her palkhi.




  1. wowwwwwww loved ur ff
    i read it fully in 2 days n i just loved it
    the way maan supported geet when she needed him the most n the way vicky used to tease maan
    the love dadi,vicky n maan showered on geet n geet being maan’s support when he was sad thinking about his parents n she taking care of him
    n finally the wedding it is just awesome
    plz do update next part soon

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